Hello everyone,

We have really busy finishing off the last of the film. And I’m happy to say that we’re almost done!

The photo you see below is the entire film in all its beautiful paper form. This is 8 minutes of footage, and well over 8 months of hard work and dedication has been put into it by a huge number of talented artists and individuals.

It’s incredibly exciting to finally see the end come into play. I’m happy to say that in about two weeks time we will wrap post-production on The Blue & the Beyond, and we can’t wait to share the story of Charlie and Penelope with you all not long after.

Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement, and you’ll be hearing from us again soon in regards to screening dates and details!

Till next time,

Youri Dekker, Director

I will take every thought of you
That barges into my mind uninvited
And put it into words
Or jot it down on paper.
Maybe I will somehow manage
To take you out of my bloodstream -
To make you flow out of my veins,
And into the ink stains on this page.
Maybe I will somehow manage
To write you out of my mind.
Out of my heart.
—  my poems used to rhyme before you left.

Building upon UNICEF’s global platform “Believe in ZERO” (aimed number of preventable child deaths) UNICEF ZERO awards is a new, high-profile property. The brand, centred around a simple logo mark, visually explains the cause with a call to action. A zero “0” is built from hundreds of pluses “+”, with each plus representing the power of individual donations to make ZERO become a reality.


I can’t decide :( I’ve seen both in real life and they’re both gorgeous.

Or I could do the moths on one and the flowers on the other 😻😻😻


Hmm Hiromi has cheaper sheets of kitakata but the color looks a lot lighter but also it’s Hiromi so the quality is probz better… decisions decisions :|