etsyfindoftheday 4 | 7.30.15

theme thursday: wrapping paper

two-sheet packs of gift wrap by wrapandrevel // arrows + feathers | faux bois

this colorado-based shop has all kinds of fun patterns, including a host of holiday themes that would be perfect come december.


Have some ANCIENT (meaning from earlier this year) medic drawings.

Not sure I’ve mentioned this before but I have a small (ok it’s not small it’s more like huge, all-encompassing) obsession with the TF2 medic. :3 I don’t ship him with anyone, tho. He’s fine the way he is, no weird pairings needed.

etsyfindoftheday 5 | 7.30.15

theme thursday: wrapping paper

eco-friendly wrapping paper in white molecules by mozaiq

this muted, minimalist molecule design is perfect for the scientist in your life! i love the accenting colorful card and string ties, too.

You’ve got a heart made of glass and skin made of paper and it feels heavy darling, doesn’t it? A paperweight heart can’t beat; as still as stone but smooth like ice. Paper skin can’t feel, can’t touch, can’t fly in the wind, not with a heart of lead. One day it smashes, that fragile glass is crushed into a thousand jagged pieces and now the paper is free, now it’s not so heavy. At first it’s like breathing after drowning and you’re alive now; you can touch, you can feel. But honey it’s lonely without a heart, it’s cold and it’s empty and your skin will always be paper thin.
—  ~Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #49

etsyfindoftheday 6 | 7.30.15

theme thursday: wrapping paper

‘matisse is my muse’ abstract geometric gift wrap by katezarembacompany

i dig katezarembacompany’s bold, graphic prints — they are colorful and inviting and super fun! this gift wrap roll is matisse-inspired, clearly.