365 Wonderful Paper Crane Creations From The Diary Of An Origami Enthusiast

Cristian Marianciuc is an artist with an obsession for creating origami cranes. As a New Year’s resolution for 2015, the artist had taken up an art project to devise a unique origami crane every day. Rather than focusing on the technical complexity of pleats and folds that go into making these paper birds, the artist has explored making them creative and whimsical. The challenging origami project is a diary for the artist to craft his emotions, experiences and document them on a daily basis through this addictive art.

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Song Kang


Chipboard, Paper, Wood, Canvas, Dried Foods

Shellac, Styrofoam, and Other Recyclable Goods

14" x 14" x 14"

“Imagine a city surrounded by coral…This cube is a study on an imaginary city’s environment. Designed to be turned and viewed all 360°, each face of the cube features a different method of observation; there are slides, a diorama, an accordion book, illustrations, and other specimens. Being a comprehensive collection of the city’s habitat and its species, the cube acts as a something akin to a scientific journal: a tactile and playful storybook.        

For detail image of the blue scrolls: “Blue City”

[ How it was made ]



Model: Rose Crystal

Designed by: Toshikazu Kawasaki

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I know it’s been awhile that I uploaded a picture, but as you can see I’ve been working on a project (thatliterallytookmeaboutamonthtomake) ! There are 100 pieces in total, and I made the frame out of foam board because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money getting a nice frame…:D but it’s only temporary! 

katanagirl17 asked:

Hi you probably answered this but what kind of notebooks do you use? You use fountain pens so the pages would have to be pretty thick right? Oh Have you considered using travel notebooks like midori or hobonichi, a lot of fountain pen users use these

Hey, I did answer this previously, but I’ll add to that message!

By my own notebooks, I meant these ones I made a while back! These designs are out of stock at the moment (planning on restock later in the year), but the designs I collaborated with maruti-bitamin are up on her store! The paper is 80gsm and dotted.

Fountain pen paper doesn’t necessarily have to be thick! I think that’s the misconception some people have regarding using ink is that the paper has to be absorbent, but that’s not the case! On the contrary, the more absorbent the paper is, the more likely it is to bleed a lot because the paper fibres will be absorbing more of the ink from your pen. 

I personally haven’t tried midori or hobonichi, but I believe from posts online that they utilize tomoe river paper. It’s said to be really thin (light to carry around!) so sometimes you may see some bleed-through to the other side, but because the surface of the paper is smooth and won’t catch your nib, it’ll create beautiful shading results that really showcase the ink! 

(^ that last sentence is why people tend to get special paper for their fp, me include hahaha–)