Funny Monster Drawings Made From Coffee Stains

One day, While he was drinking an espresso, Stefan Hingûkk spilled it up and realized that the brown stain let on the paper took the shape of a monster. The artist then grasped a pencil and drawn the outline, eyes and other characteristics of the creature. From that day, he imagines other little funny monsters based on coffee marks.


“I really love the idea of color and form being one thing. It’s not that I’ve painted on the paper, it’s that the color is the paper. It’s very similar to working with the clay, where the glaze and the clay become one structure—a surface and form.” —Arlene Shechet

Artist Arlene Shechet brings together ceramic- and paper-making practices at Dieu Donné papermaking studio in New York City for a series of cast paper reliefs (some of which are currently on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston) in a new episode from the ART21 Exclusive series.

WATCH: Arlene Shechet: Pentimento in Paper

IMAGES: Arlene Shechet at Dieu Donné papermaking studio, New York, NY, 2014. Production stills from the ART21 Exclusive episode, Arlene Shechet: Pentimento in Paper. © ART21, Inc. 2015.

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‘sloths and sno-cones’ art print by kathrynselbert

sloths?! AND sno-cones?! adorably slow and deliciously cold, combined?!?! i think i’m in love. all of kathrynselbert’s animal-and-food pairing prints are delightful.


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