Japanese Paper Embroidery Notebooks Hold Vintage Science Illustrations

Athens-based boutique Fabulous Cat Papers (previously featured here) showcases a beautiful range of hand-made embroidery notebooks composed of Japanese paper and scientific illustrations. Featuring hand-stiched floral, geometric and anatomical designs, the notebooks are a beautiful contemporary effort with a vintage touch.

Constructed from sewing threads, card stock, European paper, and waxed string, each design is meticulously illustrated by different color threads, which emulate various scientific graphs, which include the golden ratio, the anatomy of the heart, and black hole models.

The artist also pays homage to Japanese culture with the presence of stunning needlepoint compositions of its native flowers, such as bamboo and magnolias. The metaphysical and unique designs are 3D paper manifestations of nature’s obscurity and beauty. Find more of their notebooks in their Etsy shop!

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