Putting the Hand back in Handpress

While cataloging this title from the Cavagna Collection – Per la facciata del Duomo di Milano (ca. 1657) – I came across something I’ve never seen before in a book from the handpress period: a handprint embedded in the paper fibers! Is it the vatman’s hand, who scoops the cotton rag pulp into the mould? Or the coucher’s, who transfers the drained pulp from the mould to felt beds to be pressed? Or the printer’s, who dampens the dried paper slightly before printing? Read more about this fascinating book on our blog (https://nonsolusblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/putting-the-hand-back-in-handpress/) and let us know what you think! CMO

Waaitt: Bremen Teater is a multi-functional stage venue staging stand-up comedy, theatre performances, concert, film screenings etc.After we created the new visual identity, the client needed some sort of promotional product with the purpose of creating awareness about the new image & initiatives. Our idea was to make a broadsheet newspaper which functions as both image brochure and program. The look and feel of the newspaper matches the oldschool/retro fell of the identity.