Raise your hand if you frustrate yourself trying to create the perfect lighting…all the time 🖐 and take too many pictures only to choose the ‘minimal-abstract-artsy’ one to post as a wip?! 👋 OH WELL. Here’s a #wip of what I’m currently working on. Orchids! at least I like these lil green buds 🌱 #buddies #flower #drawing #coloredpencil #carandache —– 🎨 Materials: Strathmore toned tan paper, Caran d'ache Luminance pencils http://ift.tt/2cUgWDv


Frecklefaced29 aka May Ann Licudine aka May Ann Lumbang Licudine aka Mall (Filipino, b. 1981, Dagupan City, Philippines, based San Fernando City, La Union) - 1: Akane  2: Hanako  3: Chihiro  4: Kanako  5: Iwata  6: Ciou  7: Ayumi  8: Yoko  9: Maiko  10: Shiori from Innocent Girls III series, 2013  Drawings: Graphite on Paper