Recent Coffee shop sketches/ drawings, trying my hand on fountain pen ink, super fun!  Share the art! 

Note: hulk was not in the coffee shop.. although that’s how i feel when the service is too slow :D 

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I had Life Drawing class again last night here at Disney! Here’s some of my drawings from it! These were all 5 minute poses in pencil on paper. You can also see my sketches from the previous class here.

It was also really fun to see classmate stevethompson-art post his sketches from last night’s class as well as the previous class because he sits on the other side of the room and he sees the model from a different side!

New picture frames (ikea €9.50): check ✓ High gloss paper (Tesco €4): check ✓ Inspiration (holiday family pictures): check ✓ Tea (free): check ✓ Printer: needs new ink ✗ cartridges for my Epson 405: check ✓ Up to 54% saved and now back to printing my favorite snaps

CS: What did you learn from working with Michael Fassbender? And he seems like the perfect actor to do Westerns, so you wonder why he hasn’t done more.

Smit-McPhee: Oh, man, so perfect! And he’s a great guy. He’s so down to earth, and he doesn’t mean to, but he just keeps things so lively on set and happy. That’s because he’s really a kid at heart, and I think he has a huge passion for what he does, but he just likes to fun. He does things with a really great energy. That actually just helped every day. It keeps you moving forward when you’re on a project and you’re shooting scenes out of place. It’s just good to have someone with you in that state of mind.