Back to Hell- I mean school supplies you need.

A backpack to carry the weight of your problems

Notebooks to record your death wishes in

Pens/pencils to write your misery down

Binders to hold your demon-i mean teacher’s notes in

Dividers to separate happiness from life

Paper if you run out of space for your pleas for help

Cold water because heat rises in hell *cough* school. Apparently no schools have air conditioning these days?

Tissues to wipe your tears and sweat away with

An eraser to wipe your embarrassing memories out

A calculator to calculate the amount of fuckboys in your class

Headphones to cancel out the screams around you

Gum because people are dead inside and their breath is probably stank, doesn’t mean yours has to be too.

A textbook cover to prevent the blood of your enemies spilling on it when you smack them in the face with

I think that’s about it, let me just go cry in the corner now.