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breakfast cereal field guide card by seasandpeas

i could eat cereal (or breakfast-y things) for every meal … so this card is calling my name. nom. the only one missing that i love to munch most? cinnamon toast crunch, yo. GOOD morning!!

DIY: Marbled Paper Goods

You can use your marbled paper for so many things! I choose to make some cute little name cards as well as some little stir sticks.


  • Cardstock
  • 4 Colors of Acrylic Paints
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Mini Clothespins
  • String
  • Water
  • Liquid Starch (you can buy it right near the spray starch at the store)
  • Alum (found in the spice aisle, used in pickling)
  • Dishsoap

Step 1: The preparations

ONE mix together 2 cups of liquid starch with 1 teaspoon of alum and pour in the bottom of a cake pan.

TWO water down a little paint so that the paint is just slightly thinner.  Add a tiny drop of dish soap to it, this helps the paint to float on the starch. mix well.

THREE construct a ‘comb’ with wooden dowels cut to 2 inches, or with toothpicks.

FOUR using a paint brush, shake drops and splatters of paint onto your starch. Do this with all colors you’d like to include.

FIVE using your comb, comb the entire pan in one direction.

SIX Then repeat in the perpendicular direction.

Carefully place your cardstock onto the top of the paper.  Lay it down starting at one corner instead of straight down so that air bubbles don’t get trapped underneath. Once the paper has made full contact, lift by one of the corners and remove from the paint/starch mixture.

Dunk the swirled paper into another pan of clean cool water (don’t worry!  The paint will stay on). Then hang on a string with clothespins over newsprint to dry.

* Photo & Design Credit: House of  Earnest

DIY Doily Backer Card with Free Lace Wedding Invitation



Download the free invitation template and save it to your computer. Download the free fonts listed below and install them on your computer.


Open the template in MS Word or Mac Pages and add your wedding details. Check. Check. And recheck your details. Just to be safe. Print the invitations on white or off white card stock.

Hint: I find paper between 65 lbs and 90 lbs works best. It’s a nice heavy weight, but not too thick to jam your home printer.

You can also send the file to an online printer or take it to your local FedEx Office store for printing.


Using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut along the dotted lines. A paper trimmer will produce straighter cuts and will be faster, you can trim more than one sheet at once. Scissors will do the trick though.


Trim the backing card to 5 x 6.75”. If you use a paper trim you can measure using the ruler on the trimmer. If you use scissors you will need to measure and mark with a ruler and pencil and cut along your marks. Once you have one cut you can then use this as a template to cut the rest to size.

All the paper pieces are now cut out. You will have invitations trimmed to 3.875 x 5.625" and backing cards trimmed to 5 x 6.75”.


Use the corner punch to punch the corners on each backing card.


Use the long punch to punch along the straight edges. Use the guide on the punch to line up the doily indentations neatly.

Note: If you use a different punch set you may need to adjust the size of your backing card to accommodate the size of the punch. You don’t want any half punches throwing off the symmetry of the design.


Adhere short strips of doubled sided tape around the back edge of the invitation. You don’t need a ton of tape! Press the invitation firmly onto the backing card, eyeballing it to make sure it’s centered and straight.

You now have a gorgeously detailed wedding invitation that was made on the cheap, ahem, I mean made on a budget. Now use the punch to detail the envelope flap and pop everything in the mail.

                                  DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE

***  A very special Thank You to Download & Print for sharing this fun tutorial with us. 


Name: Magnolia
Birthday: ???
Catch Phrase: lune
Greeting: Good Gravy!
Personality: Peppy
House: Mixture of items from the Regal Series with some random space related items. Wallpaper is Regal while the flooring is Lunar Surface. She will always have a mochi pestle in her house. If given a stereo it will play K.K. Milonga.
After the player has wished on stars 10 times, Magnolia can potentially move in just like any other villager.

Paper issues

fiftythreenyc georgp
Hi there! After the latest update my Paper brush tool behaves very strange - especially when I use the zoom. The last strokes suddenly disappear and sometimes the color is not shown in the right way when I use a very light shade of the color that is supposed to lighten up the color beyond it darkens instead. When I use the rewind and try it again it works again. adoodlinby Jay, is this the phenomenon you described in your message???

Very mysterious! Anyone with the same experience?

My Wishlist for Fiftythree's Paper & Pencil

- onion skinning (so you could export a journal as an animation)
- more durable tips for Pencil
- selective Mix: sharing a drawing with specific users only (but maybe visible for everyone?)
- adding a license to a Mix, so you don’t loose all copyright when sharing something
- pressure sensitivity (when Apple releases pressure sensitive iPads, maybe later this year)