Reality Bending Curved Origami Made through Challenging Wet Folding Technique

Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết produces incredible paper origami constructions using a laborious technique known as wet folding. This allows the artist to create curves and bends in his paper art which would otherwise be impossible with following typical origami method. Quyết first began making his own paper sculptures in 2008, and has co-authored two books since then in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

The suspense in building the origami art, with pleats and folds and a set plan to making it even more challenging as the artist must use the perfect amount of water to shape the paper under his agile fingers - too much water and the paper will be too brittle to work with and too less could spell disaster as the paper will tear. The marvellous animal origamis that results after this painstakingly intricate process are unique - the curls in their shape taking his artwork to another level of origami making.

Shying away from the usual demand for geometrical origami sculptures, Hoàng Tiến Quyết creates them with an imaginative flair- having unpredictable curves emerge in their rigid forms makes the art more graceful. From roosters to rats, foxes and cats, the artist has applied this new technique to explore the potential within origami art and the results have been rewarding and visually stunning so far. You can find his designs in his Etsy shop

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Combining his own creativity and digital techniques, Dutch artist Bert Simons makes incredibly lifelike sculptures of the people around him out of paper. His paper portraits share an uncanny resemblance, and as the technology has improved over the years, so has the quality of the Rotterdam-based artist’s works. Each portrait first begins with outlining his subject in little black dots (a “dot per dot” reference method) that are then scanned into the open source cad program Bender to create a “map” of the face, to which he applies color and texture. Simons then prints a flat rendering that is like a little work of art in its own right, a mask that he painstakingly cuts and glues back together again into the pieces you see here.

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Japanese Paper Embroidery Notebooks Hold Vintage Science Illustrations

Athens-based boutique Fabulous Cat Papers (previously featured here) showcases a beautiful range of hand-made embroidery notebooks composed of Japanese paper and scientific illustrations. Featuring hand-stiched floral, geometric and anatomical designs, the notebooks are a beautiful contemporary effort with a vintage touch.

Constructed from sewing threads, card stock, European paper, and waxed string, each design is meticulously illustrated by different color threads, which emulate various scientific graphs, which include the golden ratio, the anatomy of the heart, and black hole models.

The artist also pays homage to Japanese culture with the presence of stunning needlepoint compositions of its native flowers, such as bamboo and magnolias. The metaphysical and unique designs are 3D paper manifestations of nature’s obscurity and beauty. Find more of their notebooks in their Etsy shop!

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Little #freehand #doodle inspired by #sktchy

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Some samurai chick
A quick sketch with pen and pencil.

Hello everyone!

So, this is the second drawing by my outrageous boyfriend Hristo Krusteff. You can check out his other creations at newgrounds! Every vote and comment will be dearly appreciated.