Dear World,

Two nights ago, I decided to come out as a male-to-female transgender individual. I am so excited I have finally made the decision to embrace myself and the feelings that I’ve been having for many years. I am also very scared of the challenges I am about to face. I already suffer from extreme body dysphoria even within the masculine presence, I know I have a terribly shaped body and I am covered in so much hair and now I’m already starting to have bald spots at only the age of 21, so this is going to be quite a struggle. Most days I will probably feel like shit and hate the body that I have, but at least I will be headed in the right direction. I know I shouldn’t hold such high standards for my body, but this is my brain, my body, my problems. I haven’t officially decided on a name yet; but when I do, you all will be notified. Have a wonderful day!

Anthony Papa