Dinner: Yogurt and fruit! Chobani coconut yogurt with half a papaya, one banana (so perfectly ripe…drool), 4 big strawberries, and a ½ pint of blackberries. I love fruit!
Exercise: 8 mile run.

It’s so rainy outside today…but I like it!

Papaya fruit bowl.

Make this. Devour it. Feel great. Here’s how.

• Cut a papaya in half, then clean out the seeds.

• Cut up a bunch of fresh fruit. I just used pineapple. Feel free to use many, many more: mango, strawberry, kiwi, banana, blueberries…you get the picture.

• Fill up those delicious papaya halves with the cut up fruit mixture.

• Douse in fresh lime juice.

• Chow down.

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