Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 82 Spoilers

Furuta: Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ah~~~~~~~ Arent you all beaten up now…. Paparin (Owl Quinque). We are the same. 
Eto is all beaten up
Furuta: …Well, I guess I have made you submit. Iyaa~~ The feeling of ghoul is quite accurate. Kanou’s method is really good. I think I need to thank you? for dealing with V. If they were to see me in this body it will be troublesome
Furuta has kagune
Eto: ….is it Rize’s kagune
Furuta: Yes, the same with Kaneki kun. Rize’s kagune sure is amazing, not even losing to One eyed owl’s. So pretty <3 Chuu Chuu
Furuta kisses his kagune
Eto: …disgusting
Furuta: No, no matter how you think of it, it is not disgusting
Furuta retracts his kagune and turn around
Furuta: It is time for me to go, you can just die conveniently. I still have a few people to kill, I am quite busy you know. Even though I couldnt get to know who is the One eyed king. Well, it is none of my concern now. I will beat the one eyed king too, ahaaha
Eto: Furuta Nimura…. you do not care about V….and Washuu…. Then what are you….looking for….?
Furuta: Super peace
Furuta poses a V sign
Furuta: Just~~~~~~~like that *dancing*
Eto: Haa….whats that…..

Arima: ….
Kaneki: It has ended, your quinque is broken. In that status, fighting is–
Arima leaps towards Kaneki
Arima: –I will continue until the opponent is killed
Kaneki: ~~~~!!
Kaneki attacks using his kagune, but got blocked by Arima.
Kaneki: Its just so like you….
Arima: ….
Kaneki keeps a distance with Arima and attacks
Kaneki: (It is true that…..a broken quinque is enough for Arima to fight… If he insists…then I must restrict his movements….Attack his legs….will that make him unable to move…his hands….)
Kaneki notices Arima’s right hand that is holding quinque
Kaneki: ….
Then, Arima’s quinque pierces through Kaneki’s stomach
Kaneki: ….Winning or losing, is decided…..that kind of thing….is already…..meaningless
Arima: ….
Arima retracts his quinque
Arima: ……………….Are you not planning to kill me
Kaneki: …………………..yes
Arima: …………………………..its a lost huh
Arima looks up to the sky
Arima: I have been an investigator for 18 years, this is the first time that I have no tactics left for my opponent. I ask you one last time
Kaneki: …!
Arima: Do you really not plan to give me the final blow
Kaneki: …..I will not change my mind
Arima: …………..I understand
Arima kills himself in the throat…..

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Happy Birthday Paparin!!!!! Thank you for giving birth to such an awesome girl!!



Good evening!

First of all, today’s Chibi Airin

(Today is Paparin’s birthday. “Paparin, how many years did you pass?”) (T/N: In other words, “How old are you now?”)

(6 years!)

(Happy Birthday Paparin!!
Paparin: 6 years!!
Chibi Airin: *6 years?)



Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Although I also noticed his birthday at 0:00 yesterday

I wasn’t able to say it easily www

Properly, today

I said to him after coming back to home w

I also gave present to him~♪

Well, when I was writing this blog
Before my eyes

Dad is also *clack-clack*-ing on PC w

Probably he will see this blog subsequently….w

I’m not going to appear in the stage performance tomorrow,

but I’ll do my best for work!

Photo with Goudo-chan…(T/N: She wrote Saki’s name wrong AGAIN! When typing “Goudo” on PC, it also pops out “神戸” but it’s usually read as “Koube”)

Huh….There is something behind…..

Is it..Birdy?


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Good evening!

Today is

Father’s Day!

But it’s because,

I wasn’t at home.

Although I met Paparin this morning

I haven’t been able to do anything yet


I’ll celebrate it an annual illustration♪

Picture 1

Because Paparin is a music lover

I want us to go a live together someday

Papa~ Let’s go to a liveeeeeeeee!!

When I go back home, I’ll talk about music


In an event recently

I’ve received a beautiful flower from everyone
Furukawa is glad ♪

Thank you for everything!

To be honest, my favourite flower looks like this.

But it’s deserted that the flower withers…

The flower that I received
I wish I can preserve it beautifully all the time!

I wonder if a machine like that is impossible~



The last performance was

Ruka’s birthday celebration!

I like this photo of Ruka w

Ruka is really cute cute www

Somehow I want to pet her.

And I consider that it should be this child www

I came to like her more when we’re in the same team w

Ruka~~~Happy birthday ♪

Let’s keep being friends from now on~♪♪


Just from now

After finish working

Let’s go to bedddddddd


Goooood nightttt

Let’s have a nice dream

This photo was taken during the public recording of 2 janai yo.

New hairstyle..

Churi was behind.