okay so there’s that scene where makoto sends rin a text right? if it wasn’t important, why would kyoani put it here?


mamakoto as the bad cop, saying to haru what had to be said, for once without caring if it made haru angry

and paparin as the good cop bc makoto knew haru wouldn’t listen to him and they would end up fighting and the only one who understood haru on the same level was rin, so he asked rin to help him


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Happy Birthday Paparin!!!!! Thank you for giving birth to such an awesome girl!!



Good evening!

First of all, today’s Chibi Airin

(Today is Paparin’s birthday. “Paparin, how many years did you pass?”) (T/N: In other words, “How old are you now?”)

(6 years!)

(Happy Birthday Paparin!!
Paparin: 6 years!!
Chibi Airin: *6 years?)



Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Although I also noticed his birthday at 0:00 yesterday

I wasn’t able to say it easily www

Properly, today

I said to him after coming back to home w

I also gave present to him~♪

Well, when I was writing this blog
Before my eyes

Dad is also *clack-clack*-ing on PC w

Probably he will see this blog subsequently….w

I’m not going to appear in the stage performance tomorrow,

but I’ll do my best for work!

Photo with Goudo-chan…(T/N: She wrote Saki’s name wrong AGAIN! When typing “Goudo” on PC, it also pops out “神戸” but it’s usually read as “Koube”)

Huh….There is something behind…..

Is it..Birdy?


Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 101 Spoilers

Furuta: Then please let me rephrase. Ex Special Class Investigator. What do you need today?
Kaneki: It has been such a long time since I see you, Furuta san
Furuta: Such lines, saying things like what a girl would. You are not here for such reason, you are a “busy person” after all
Kaneki: ….if I say I came to ask about “the current top of CCG”?
Furuta: Oh that. The thing about “Washuu clan being killed”…?
Kaneki: That it was the doings of ghouls…that what I heard….
Furuta: I am pretty hurt. CCG has decided that Special wanted criminal HS….Ah, thats you…the voices of capturing you has increased… And I just perform with my clown’s kagune 
Kaneki: …It was you after all…what I wish it….to “talk”…. with the top of CCG Washuu clan….the one who is holding power in CCG is Washuu Matsuri Special Class…is it?
Furuta: It is like that “now. But, soon it will be mine. I have Paparin (Chairman)’s hand written will. So Associate Special Class, our chat will stop here. Ah!
Furuta claps his hands
Furuta: I have a great idea, how do you think about it
Furuta grabs Kaneki by the throat
Furuta: How about you, bearing all the faults and disappear? Killing the Washuu clan, killing with ghouls, the frightening OEK. In order to take him down, we CCG can only work with ghouls. In front of the huge enemy, the human has crossed the boundary for the first time…! Script · Cast Furuta Nimura
Furuta continues
Furuta: How if we go down that line~? Me killing Washuu would be good job dont you think? How about it Associate Special Class?
Kaneki: ….After that, I would not want you to hold on the reins…  (sweat)
Furuta: Then this is discussion failure

Kaneki suddenly looks serious
Kaneki: ….I have one thing I want to ask you
Furuta: ?
Kaneki: That time, the one who dropped the metal beam was you right. Clown’s Souta san. But, why me?
Furuta: Eh?
Furuta starts laughing
Furuta: Ahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahaha!! It is not you that I am aiming for. You are too self conscious, disgusting-
Furuta laughs while holding his stomach
Furuta: You heard about Rize from Takatsuki right
Kaneki: ….that she was a ghoul from V
Furuta: …Washuu family has a few branches, and they are grouped into “seeds” and “mother”, including failures like me and Arima. Everyone here is called V. When creating hybrids like me and Arima who are mixed with human blood, there are still “mothers” who are preventing the Washuu bloodline from ceasing, and that is Rize. If we talk about young Rize, how lovely was she. When I was young, I dreamed of marrying Rize. I was very cute too….

Rize and Furuta were playing on the grass field. Rize hugged Furuta
Rize: …Nimura has such a nice smell, I want to eat you
Furuta: I want to be eaten too
Rize: But then you would die
Furuta: Yes I will die-

Furuta: She will be disgraced by that pervert old man and his children, I could not bear it…. So I helped her escaped. Thats love
Furuta: ….but since she was freed, she completely forgotten about me. If she could remember me a little after she’s free, thinking so, I could not fall asleep at night….In the end, when I was doing my stuff, you were just a college student on scene only *chuckles* Now that the old man’s dead, and if I become the chairman, I will get married with Rize officially! Eek
Furuta said so while holding his cheeks
Kaneki has a white expression
Kaneki: ….I see….but you did it for such reason?
Furuta: I dont need a reason, those who cant do anything without a reason are rubbish. I want to do what I want to do, because I was born with such difficulty after all… Where did you hear about CCG’s situation? Let the topic stops here. Being the “next chairman”, I have a lot of work. If you wish to have someone to talk, please find my cousin Matsuri. Ah, one more thing, The children from me and Rize. Now we already have 101 puppies… We will show out shortly, please do come and play. Ufufu….
After saying so, Furuta left
Furuta: Aburazemi~
Fuka who hid himself on the wall by being transparent comes out
Fuka: King….Shall we not chase after him?
Kaneki: No, its fine. He wont say anything even if we beat him. Now…maybe
Fuka: ….?
Kaneki: Maybe it would be better for us if Furuta really were to gain power

Hirako is having coffee at the counter (bar)
Yomo: …Hirako Take
Yomo: Ken is…naive. He can accept others, but that would cause him danger as well… Perhaps his thoughts on “a world where ghouls and humans can understand each other” is a naivety that is needed…. But…me…and some of the others dont think so…..Arima….killed my sister….she is Touka’s and Ayato’s mother….even if he sides with ghouls now. I…will still kill him if he were to stand in front… I….
Yomo looks fierce
Hirako: When I was still a new recruit….
Yomo: ?…
Hirako: Arima san told me so
Arima: You and me are alike, like me, you are empty
Hirako: …ha
Hirako: …I didnt know what he meant that time. But somehow part of me felt like as if, he was saying about entrusting 0 Squad to me. The people around him work hard to get simple compliment from him. And that is the reason I am here now
Yomo: ….
Hirako: As I have always wanted him to recognised me
Hirako finishes the coffee
Hirako: Arima Kishou is now dead. No matter how much hate you have for him, there is no chance for you to kill him now. Just like how your sister will never come back, Yomo Renji….I believe in “the person that Arima Kishou has chosen”. And you all believe in “Kaneki Ken”. Isnt that fine. I think that “understanding each other” doesnt mean we have to “share everything”
Yomo: …if so then I think I can do it
Hirako: I dont quite understand how us and ghouls have different sense of taste….
Hirako looks at the coffee cup
Hirako: Its good, this coffee

Suddenly, the 0 Squad kids calls Hirako
0 Squad: Take san! Look at the TV!
News: Everyone! There is black smoke coming out from 22nd ward’s CCG building! We also receive reports that 19th ward also has the same incident…!! Is this the doings of ghouls…!?
Touka: ….its not us
Hirako: “Destroying the branches” after “killing the Washuu”. Matching with the appearance of the OEK, they are starting by “cleaning the CCG”
Touka: Is this….”their” way of doing things

22nd: Kuroiwa Squad
The clowns are causing this
Clowns: Kyahahaha! Hyaa!!
Kuroiwa is killing the ghouls with his quinque
Kuroiwa: Mhn!!
Misato: Retrieve the building! Dont let a mouse get away!!
Takeomi: No matter how much we kill, it doesnt change their morale abit….
Itou: Disgusting bastards…

19th ward: Suzuya Squad
Suzuya squad is fighting the clowns
“There is alot, just kill!!”
Hanbee: As I thought its them….
Suzuya uses his quinque and kill a few ghouls
Ghouls: Gya-!!
Hanbee: !
Suzuya: …move your hand instead of your mouth, Hanbee

16th ward: Qs Squad
The investigators are fighting hard
Investigator: Qs! Thanks for the help…we will need your support
Urie: (These extremely fancy bastards…Aogiri bunch was much better if compared to them)
Urie: Release until F3, the time will be 120 seconds, get 300 seconds for support. 
Higemaru: Understand!
Anpei: Ha!
Urie: (Is it you….Sasaki….!!)

Donato’s side
Donato is standing on a building watching the street
Donato: Begin the song..let it soar in all the wards

Control Room
Again a new attack!? Number!?
Investigator: Unknown!! There is 100!!
Investigator: The support squad is!?
Investigator: Where is the Qs!?
Investigator: 16th ward!
Investigator: What do we do!! Deputy Chairman!! Deputy!!
Matsuri is still in a dazed
Investigator: Let the Suzuya squad go!
Investigator: Got it, Suzuya squad please aid urgently…
Matsuri looks blank in the absence of Urie (gosh)

News: According to CCG, the one responsible for the attack on 22nd ward is OEK
….so sad

Miza: If this goes on, we will get unnecessary troubles on us. What shall we do, Kaneki Ken
Kaneki: Tsukiyama san, need your help on something
Tsukiyama: Please tell…but if its money I cant help you with it, we have financial issues to worry about here..
Kaneki: ….
Kaneki thinks
Kaneki: I want a huge number of “white suits”
Miza: ?
Ayato: What are you going to do with it?

Banjou, Nishiki, Takizawa visit Akira
Banjou: ….so hot….
Nishiki: …she is not getting better….Did she get infected while you are healing her wounds….or is her body rejecting RC cells…
Akira has little consciousness
Akira: …mu….ra
Takizawa: ….!
Takizawa looks worried
Nishiki: ….her conscious is weak….if this continues….
Takizawa shouts into Banjou’s ear
Takizawa: Cant you do something!! Oi!!
Banjou: Wha…! Stop that…my hand….
Akira: Ngh…..
Then, the door opens. Its Nico
Nico: Nn fu, Hi Banjou kun
Banjou: !?
Nico: Long · time · no · see

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Good evening!

Today is

Father’s Day!

But it’s because,

I wasn’t at home.

Although I met Paparin this morning

I haven’t been able to do anything yet


I’ll celebrate it an annual illustration♪

Picture 1

Because Paparin is a music lover

I want us to go a live together someday

Papa~ Let’s go to a liveeeeeeeee!!

When I go back home, I’ll talk about music


In an event recently

I’ve received a beautiful flower from everyone
Furukawa is glad ♪

Thank you for everything!

To be honest, my favourite flower looks like this.

But it’s deserted that the flower withers…

The flower that I received
I wish I can preserve it beautifully all the time!

I wonder if a machine like that is impossible~



The last performance was

Ruka’s birthday celebration!

I like this photo of Ruka w

Ruka is really cute cute www

Somehow I want to pet her.

And I consider that it should be this child www

I came to like her more when we’re in the same team w

Ruka~~~Happy birthday ♪

Let’s keep being friends from now on~♪♪


Just from now

After finish working

Let’s go to bedddddddd


Goooood nightttt

Let’s have a nice dream

This photo was taken during the public recording of 2 janai yo.

New hairstyle..

Churi was behind.


Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 82 Spoilers

Furuta: Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ah~~~~~~~ Arent you all beaten up now…. Paparin (Owl Quinque). We are the same. 
Eto is all beaten up
Furuta: …Well, I guess I have made you submit. Iyaa~~ The feeling of ghoul is quite accurate. Kanou’s method is really good. I think I need to thank you? for dealing with V. If they were to see me in this body it will be troublesome
Furuta has kagune
Eto: ….is it Rize’s kagune
Furuta: Yes, the same with Kaneki kun. Rize’s kagune sure is amazing, not even losing to One eyed owl’s. So pretty <3 Chuu Chuu
Furuta kisses his kagune
Eto: …disgusting
Furuta: No, no matter how you think of it, it is not disgusting
Furuta retracts his kagune and turn around
Furuta: It is time for me to go, you can just die conveniently. I still have a few people to kill, I am quite busy you know. Even though I couldnt get to know who is the One eyed king. Well, it is none of my concern now. I will beat the one eyed king too, ahaaha
Eto: Furuta Nimura…. you do not care about V….and Washuu…. Then what are you….looking for….?
Furuta: Super peace
Furuta poses a V sign
Furuta: Just~~~~~~~like that *dancing*
Eto: Haa….whats that…..

Arima: ….
Kaneki: It has ended, your quinque is broken. In that status, fighting is–
Arima leaps towards Kaneki
Arima: –I will continue until the opponent is killed
Kaneki: ~~~~!!
Kaneki attacks using his kagune, but got blocked by Arima.
Kaneki: Its just so like you….
Arima: ….
Kaneki keeps a distance with Arima and attacks
Kaneki: (It is true that…..a broken quinque is enough for Arima to fight… If he insists…then I must restrict his movements….Attack his legs….will that make him unable to move…his hands….)
Kaneki notices Arima’s right hand that is holding quinque
Kaneki: ….
Then, Arima’s quinque pierces through Kaneki’s stomach
Kaneki: ….Winning or losing, is decided…..that kind of thing….is already…..meaningless
Arima: ….
Arima retracts his quinque
Arima: ……………….Are you not planning to kill me
Kaneki: …………………..yes
Arima: …………………………..its a lost huh
Arima looks up to the sky
Arima: I have been an investigator for 18 years, this is the first time that I have no tactics left for my opponent. I ask you one last time
Kaneki: …!
Arima: Do you really not plan to give me the final blow
Kaneki: …..I will not change my mind
Arima: …………..I understand
Arima kills himself in the throat…..

Furukawa Airi Ameba Blog 2014-12-22 16:50:16

Furukawa(゜∀。*) Seitansai!
(*Birthday Stage)

G'day~ Good afternoon~

Yesterday was stage performance! 

The second show was

My, Furukawa Airi’s Seitansai! 

Thank you very much! 

Red, Red and Green, White

During the performance, the light sticks with various colors, shine beautifully,

I was also allowed to do the little puppy (koinu) role w
I ended up becoming a weird dog, though w

And also
During the Introduction, all waving the fan ww 

Nnnn I can’t hold it!! 

I’m so happy!!!

All of the members too
They kindly talk a lot of things about me

Thank you very much(>_<)!

It was really fun it was over in a blink of an eye…

The letter was from Paparin and Mamarin! 

Because Paparin and Mamarin cooperate a lot, that I could make it until here.
Even though I’ve been causing a lot of troubles,
I’m really a good-for-nothing daughter…
From now on, I’ll get a grip of myself more!! 

Paparin and Mamarin
Thank you for the letter(>_<*)

24 years old

I was allowed to be a leader
I got to learn a lot of new things
At first I was filled with anxiety, 
But now, I’ve been helped a lot by the fans and all the members

Thought I’m still not on the level to be called a leader 

I want to be of help for everyone.
I want to be of help for the Team.

25 years old,

From here again
I will create a new charm of myself! 

I’m gonna make lots of wonderful memories with everyone~! ま

The Seitansai was really fun~♩

Churi also took a lot of photos w

Everyone thank you for the very fun time!!!