I was a cynical teenager (obviously) but I won’t forget watching that Princess Diana documentary and being truly stunned by the cruelty displayed. “Then the photographers stood around taking pics of her as she was lying there.” (The pictures surfaced later in some Italian magazine, IIRC.)

*paparazzi dude* “We did call for help beforehand! We comforted her. We told her she would be fine.”

*Me* “True, but you’re still nauseating.”

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Countess Coloratura sat in her dressing room with Aloysius until she was called out by her agent who led her into the court room. She was able to bring the tiny chihuahua with her into the room as a special care animal and she wore huge sunglasses upon entry into the room. 

As she crossed the courtyard more paparazzi than even Princess Luna and her family had been greeted with attacked Countess. 

“Countess, do you have a statement?”

“Is it true you saw an alien on the filly?”

“Countess, will you pay the family?”

“Countess?” “Countess?” “Countess?”
“Countess, what is it like to punch royalty! Ponies have a right to know!”

As she crossed into the court hall she caught sight of Prince Monsparkle and swallowed hard. Her fake furs brushed against him and Aloysius barked protectively.

In the courtroom itself all was quirt. 

Princess Luna would be present, Countess knew, and she preferred not to make eye contact with the temperamental Princess. Also the wretched nanny Elegant Step would be there. Whether Inez was there or not she did not know but Luna’s wing was stretched out so she assumed two foals were seated by her for her to nestle in her wing. 

Countess sat where it was rehearsed she would be. The two mares behind, she could almost feel their stares. But sitting beside her she had a mauve earth pony with stars for a cutie mark, digging through a brief case. The lawyer Bluebelle gave a bright, pretty smile. 

“Here in one piece. Good. Let’s stay that way and we win the case. Ha! Just a little joke. A little joke.”


Princess Madeleine arrived at Drottningholm Chapel for the repetition of the baptism with her daughter Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas in the arms of his godmother Katarina von Horn. Later, Chris O’Neill arrived with his sister  Natascha Abensperg und Traun, also godmother of Prince Nicolas. Then Princess Estelle arrived with her grandmother Ewa Westling. Prince Carl Philip, godfather of Prince Nicolas, arrived 20 minutes too late to the repetition.