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Imagine: Jared and you getting too many paparazzi questions.

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Jared and you walked off the plane hand in hand. You had just spent a glorious week vacationing with him. Just the two of you. Neither of you were ready to face reality. You were sure some scummy paparazzi had taken a photo of you on the beach and you were not ready to face that fact.

Jared’s assistant collected your luggage and the two of you started to walk towards to the exit. “Hold on one sec.” You said, as you dug through your bag for your headphones.

You began to put them in when Jared asked what you were doing.

“I don’t care to hear what the paparazzi has to say.”

Jared squeezed your hand and learned closer to you. “You don’t need those, Cassidy. I’ll be with you the whole time. It doesn’t matter what they say.”

You put the headphone back into your purse and Jared led the way to the arrival area. As soon as the door opened, your vision was flooded by flashing lights coming from all angles. You put on the smile you’d become accustom to and made your way through the crowd.  

“Cassidy, how was the vacation?”

“Do we hear wedding bells for you two?” Jared squeezed your hand again as you tried to ignore what they were saying.

It seemed as though the closer you got to the exit of the airport the worse the things they said.

“Cassidy, do you really think this will last?”

“We all know Jared’s not one for relationships.” You could feel him tense up, but you were almost at the car, only a few more feet.

Once you were in the car if felt like your ears were ringing. Jared didn’t say anything as you left the airport.

“I told you we should have worn headphones.” You said trying to make light of what they said.

“You know this is different, right?”

“What do you mean?” You asked, looking for clarity.

“You’re different, love. This is different. I love you and I’m in this.”

“I know that.” You said, taking his hand. “I’m in this too.”


The Spanish Royal Family in 2016: Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía public outings during the year (minus all those times we saw them going out through pictures taken by paparazzi). In 2016, both girls saw their public schedules grow a bit with two new public outings: to UEFA Champions League games and to the opening of the Spanish Parliament, which means, a new sports engagement and a new political engagement, adding to their religious (Easter Mass) and military (Fiesta Nacional) engagements.

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OMG those anons baiting you about privacy regarding F really are dense. Privacy is just such bullshit if you've approved pictures taken by paparazzi with you and your baby. It really drives the point home if you even let them take photos of your staged family outing, then blur the faces of your siblings but not of your own child. Asking for privacy is just an excuse to not have to be seen with the kid, bc whoever are his parents, Louis ain't one of them.

fredster’s face not being blurred is still so wild

homeward bound//ectoholtzmann


Erin had paced back and forth across her room several hundred times by now, trying to pluck up the courage to go downstairs to the lab. Over the last few months since she and Holtzmann had gone public with their relationship, she had been dreading this day- knowing there was absolutely no way to avoid it. The paparazzi had taken several pictures of them on dates, and even a few of them mid-kiss, and so she knew eventually, her parents would see them. Although she didn’t speak to her parents very often, they had called about a week ago out of the blue. Erin wasn’t surprised when she heard the familiar tone of disappoint in their voices when they asked her about her girlfriend, letting her know that they didn’t approve. Unfortunately for Erin, her parents were very old-fashioned and still demanded to meet her over a dinner. 

Despite her best efforts to act cool about all of this, Erin was a fucking mess. Although she knew Holtzmann would agree to go, and with no doubt a little too much enthusiasm, Erin was so on edge she had almost started to cry. Yes, her parents were nice people. Yes, she still loved them. But no, they were not accepting of her or her profession or her new “way of life” as they put it.

She took a deep breath and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, wiping the few beads of sweat that had formed above her eyebrows. She descended the staircase and walked into Holtzmann’s lab, gently knocking on the doorway as a sign of her entrance. “Hey, Holtz. I need to talk to you.”


[On the paparazzi attention] “It’s just very strange. And it’s hard to say anything’s tough when you’re getting to make a career out of what you love most, but I don’t think that’s anything you can be used to. I like mystery. I like not knowing about my favourite actresses and actors. I love seeing Meryl Streep up there and knowing so little about who she is outside of what she’s playing on screen. But I meet journalists and even young girls who say, ‘Oh, we just want to know more about you.’ I guess it’s become another a character, a role in a way, for actors to play – this version of themselves to present to them. But it is a made-up idea of who you are.” [x]

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I don't like the fact that in the latest candid Tay's trying to sort of hide her face walking sideways and not looking at camera. Why? Does she always have to be perfect in order to smile to the camera and take pics? If she's gained weight and has

no make up on she doesn’t want pictures? I don’t understand her behaviour, I thoight she was much more mature and less shallow than this. So disappointed with her to be obsessed with her appearance :(        

I don’t think Taylor’s aversion to having her photo taken has anything to do with not having makeup on or even how her body looks. Sometimes, I just think she doesn’t want her photo taken by paparazzi and wants her privacy.

Taylor’s been known even while hiking to walk backwards, walk sideways entering/exiting buildings, use an umbrella, put a hoodie up, etc. I’m sure she just wanted to get her workout in and not be photographed for once while she’s laying low.

While you’re definitely free to form your own opinion and maintain it, I’m also going to note that I think women kind of can’t win when it comes to caring or not caring about their appearances. When Taylor cared too much about her appearance when leaving the gym, she got criticized for being vain and too focused on her looks. When women don’t make enough of an effort to look “presentable” in public (how dare you wear sweats and sneakers while out and no makeup??) they are slobs who don’t care about looking good. There’s no win there.

I hope that explains things a little for you.

Luke Hemmings Imagine – You surprise him on tour

// you’ve been dating Luke for a long time now but he has been on tour for the last 2 months and it’s been the longest time you’ve been away from him, so you decide to surprise visit him whilst he is on tour//.

“Doors open in 10 minutes” the security guard outside the concert hall yelled down the queue. You were lining up with a jacket over head to hide who you were.

You and Luke’s relationship had not really be published as you never really felt the need to announce it but you knew certain fans new of your face from pictures taken by paparazzi. You planned on surprising Luke after the show and decided you might as well go and see the show as well.

By the time the doors open all the screaming fan girls crawled in and you were lucky enough to two rows behind at the front, which was close enough for Luke just to make out your face. You stood alone on your phone waiting for what seemed like forever for the boys to come on stand. It didn’t help that the excitement of just being able to see Luke after two whole months of being apart was all that was on your mind. The lights slowly went down and the familiar sound of ‘she looks so perfect’ began and one by one the boys ran on stand making the crowd go insane.
And last of all. Luke ran on.

He looked amazing. It always made you so happy when you saw him perform because you knew it was what he loved most in the world and no matter how far he has to travel and how long he has to be away it never bothered you as you never ever wanted to stop him following his dreams. You sang along with the crowd as the boys played song after song of their tracks, you hid your face as much as possible as you didn’t want Luke to see you till after but as much as you tried it was unstoppable.

“Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight” Michael screamed down the Mike making the crowd go crazy.

“Now let’s put a light on those pretty damn gorgeous faces” Michael shouted, instantly you tried to find a way of hiding you face, as you were only two rows from the front but as you looked up Luke was now looking down on you, mouth wide open and and smile slow emerging onto his face.

“n/a” Luke instantly mumbled down the Mike, as though he had forgotten there was crowd of people.

“Luke what did you just say you fool?” Cal laughed confused. Luke instantly realized he was on stage, snapping out of his phrase but not taking his eyes off me.

“Um this next song is dedicated to some one in this room. Someone well, you know who you are” Luke giggled before begin to play 'what I like about you’.

You spent the rest of the concert singing along and dancing to the music and also having very strong eye contact with Luke, making him giggle every once in awhile with stupid faces. Once the concert ended you headed back stage to find Luke and actually talk to him but he had other plans.

Slowly wandering around looking for him, out of nowhere he appeared grabbing your waist and pulling you into a empty room with a sofa. “Luke what you-” but before you had a chance to speak Luke’s lips pressed hard against yours. “Don’t speak, I’ve missed you so much. God dammit you looked so hot tonight” Luke moaned as he picked you and pressed you against the wall.

“Oh I see how it is” you giggled, finding it hard to resist him. “2 months being apart and all you want is sex” You laughed as he all at once stopped, pulling his head from you neck to look directly into your eyes.

“Well do you want to sit down and have a little tea party then princess” Luke smugly said, smirking as you found no response to his stupid remark. Instantly you grabbed at his collar pulling him deep into a kiss, holding his collar so he was unable to pull away. The kiss instantly began to get intense and before you even realized Luke had carried you onto the sofa, now pressed up over you.

As you slowly felt Luke’s hand being to creep up your shirt towards your breast the door beside you both flung open to reveal a happily shocked Michael and Cal smirking down at you and Luke.

“Didn’t take them long now, did it” Cal laughed as you pulled away from Luke automatically.

“Get your asses up, you’ve got a meet and greet remember?” Michael laughed before holding the door open for Luke to exit.

Luke quickly grabbed his jacket from the sofas edge and whispered 3 extremely attractive words into your ear before winking and exiting the room. You knew, through those 3 simple words that the night to come would be something to remember.

and those words were.

“to be continued”

SO I HAVE SOME NEWS! Namely that y'all are getting NEW BOOKS FROM ME in 2018! (Which is far, I know, but you’re getting Journey’s End in October, and another Middle Grade in Fall 2017, so you’ll be okay, promise!)

I’ll be talking about this a lot more as it gets closer, but for right now, let me just say that this is the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book, and it’s full of castles and kissing and embarrassing paparazzi pics taken at polo matches. It’s the closest thing to my id in book form, and I can’t wait for y'all to read it!

And to tide you over, feel free to peruse the Pinterest board for it which basically looks like my brain threw up everything it loves. :)

When will Harry styles realize that I've been here all along, I'm ready to run™... Away with him to where broken hearts go™ but then float away on a cloud™ as he tells me what makes me beautiful™ and how I'm his girl almighty™. And we will forever be happily™ living in these moments™ because it's gotta be me™ because I want™ him and I wish™ that he would say "I want to kiss you™" and we will live while we're young™ and make some midnight memories™. Why? Because we are fireproof™! And I love him more than this™! And when I turn 18™ he will tell the paparazzi he is Taken™ since they don't know about us™. And when they ask why he's dating me and not some model he'll say he'll never make the same mistakes™ because I stole his heart™. He will always remind me all the little things™ that made him want just one thing™... "You and I™" he says. He doesn't want some Diana™ because nobody compares™ to me because Im still the one™. I made him feel alive™ and we stay up all night™ proving that our love is not an illusion™ and I'm not some fools gold™. I would™ do anything for Harry, even have him rock me™ (😉) when later on in life he will always find me One Way or Another™ if I get tired of the publicity and hate because he has no control™ over his beloved fans he'll somehow come back for me™ and change my ticket™ when the night changes™ and make me change my mind™ and go back to him™. He will remind me all over again™ that he loved me first™ when we had that summer love™ and the spaces™ between us will remind me don't forget where you belong™ and right now™ it's everything about me™ and he saved me tonight™. So I Stand Up™ against the hate of all the crazed fans that want to drag me down™ because I'm half a heart™ without Harry and something great™ comes through the dark™. When we start our family we will have strong™ beautiful children, a baby girl who is better than words™ and a handsome boy who will steal your girl™. Harry will write his daughter a song that she will call the best song ever™. C'mon c'mon™ our children will say as they say as they pull us into our home to look at old pictures of me and Harry. We will nearly have a Heart Attack™ from all the long lost pictures of me in my little black dress™. When our little girl points to a picture of us in Stockholm (syndrome™) she'll ask why don't we go there™. She's not afraid™ to ask questions. Well just tell her a lie™ because nothing's wrong with little white lies™ but Harry spots his son frowning in the corner, does he know™ why we don't go there? Turns out he was only frowning because he lost at flappy bird, but this was the story of my life™ and it only happens once in a lifetime™.

The amount of people who want things from Taylor has to be insane (from tickets and m&gs to using her to further their music career) and can you imagine all the different ways she’s being pulled each day? I mean really, truly think about it. Trying to balance her personal life (her family, friends, boyfriend), her business life (touring, running her management team, making every single business decision (merch, pictures, reading emails, making calls, approving all ideas)), connecting with fans (social media, meet and greets, signing autographs and writing letters/sending thank yous), dealing with the media and THEN somehow trying to find a moment to herself to breathe… How exhausting and overwhelming must that be for someone?

So when she asks for us to respect her boyfriend and not post pictures that the paparazzi have taken after invading her privacy you’re damn right each and every one of us better do it and not think twice about it. Don’t just say you’ll do it and post about it for a like or to go with the majority, really do it. After all she does for US it’s the very least we can do for HER.

Serendipity (A Joshifer one shot)

When I look at my phone screen and see Jennifer’s name lighting it up, surprise is the first emotion that I feel. I haven’t heard from her in years, not because we had a huge falling out but because we moved neighborhoods away from each other and our movies ended and our lives changed a lot. I know, for one, that she had a child with a man she is no longer with, and I feel like that separated us more than anything. I’ve never met her baby, but I’ve seen photos of her taken by paparazzi on the covers of tabloids, and even judging just by that I can tell that she’s stunning. Looks just like Jennifer, is about a year old now.

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The "Happy Birthday Andrew Garfield" Project 2015

Hello! As many of you already know, I’ll be organizing a birthday project for Andrew Garfield and this is how it’s going to work…

This blog: is where I’ll post the pics, edits, and videos you’ll send me. You can send me your gifts to

If you have any doubts you can contact me here on my main blog or on Twitter: @myandrewgarfy or @GwenStacyParker

Ground rules:

1. No paparazzi pics - you all know how much Andrew dislikes paparazzi so I won’t be posting pics of him taken by paparazzi with a happy birthday message on it 😒

2. No weird stuff please - please don’t send any weird photoshop experiment 😑

3. No mention of Stonefield - I love Stonefield as much as you all do but we also know how private and protective they are of their relationship and that they don’t like it when people talk about them so let’s make this about Andrew Garfield and only Andrew Garfield, ok? 😊

Now, the interesting part is Andrew may know about this project. When I met Emma again in January, I gave her a magazine I made with many stuff and fan messages and also… All the information about this project! \😃/ I, of course, included the link and asked her to pretty please let Andrew know about this, and I trust that she’ll let him know about this, or maybe she already did… Let’s stay positive! 🙊

So, there you have it! ♥️ This project is open worldwide and I’m only doing it because I love Andrew Garfield too much and he deserves this! He deserves to know how much his fans love him and fans around the world deserve to have a chance to let him know how much they love and admire him so I hope I can fill the blog with lots of gifts for him! 😘

You’ll have until August 14 to send me your gifts 💝

P.S. This is the magazine I was talking about 🌸

Excuse me whilst I *lose my shit* over this.

What’s this you say? A paparazzi taken photograph, acquired in dubious circumstances, when the people pictured had an expectation of privacy, with the resultant image being taken wildly out of context? No, no, that doesn’t sound familiar, AT ALL…..

(Seriously, and the bit where she ‘no commented’, and stopped Jack from doing so - I’ll tell you this, when I was writing that bit of YACI, I always had a low level concern that it was possibly slightly OOC for Phryne, and that she might just go in with all guns blazing. I’m glad my first instinct was correct. And also that she hints that the press low-level sniff around her, and that you have to learn how to handle them.)

And I’m still trying to get over last week’s ‘English Princes’ mention with the waltzing but not losing all reason - ‘friends with benefits’ anyone?