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Taking a sip of her tea, Kara waded through her research into the Alien Amnesty Act. Her dealings with Mon-El, if nothing else, had given her some more insight into why humans might feel so reluctant to embrace every ungrateful alien who fell to Earth. If he’d been her first impression of humans, she might never have stayed. Growing increasingly annoyed, Kara forced him from her mind.

Snapper had no idea Cat had given Kara an office, one she’d insisted Kara keep after she’d made the choice to become a reporter. Maybe Cat was being kind, leaving Kara one last parting gift with the space, or maybe it amused Cat to know Kara was pulling one over on Snapper since he wouldn’t even let her have a chair. Either way, settling into her secret office made Kara feel closer to Cat somehow.

Out of habit, she clicked her CatCo news tracker to see if her former boss was making any headlines today. Kara missed knowing everything Cat was up to before Cat even knew herself. Her work calendar was blank now, Eve having cancelled all her CEO meetings and trips with immediate effect. All the new articles that cropped up were paparazzi fodder and content generators. Kara barely skimmed them, the pictures too distant and grainy to tell much. Only on the last one did she notice the location. Kahului, Hawaii. Weird. Cat was the only person Kara had ever met who hated Hawaii, and not for a sensible reason like how many damn sharks were in the ocean around the place.

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What are your extremely meta raven cycle movie head canons??

In this extremely meta Raven Cycle movie AU head canons, everyone has the same name as their characters! What a strange and amazing coincidence!

  • The casting calls were long and arduous, but after months of searching, the leads were announced. 
  • Gansey is Welsh, an up-and-coming actor in America but has deep roots in Shakespeare and BBC television shows.
  • Everyone thought he was American up until they hear his real accent in interviews and it blows the fandom’s collective goddamn mind. 
  • Blue is a Hollywood acting legacy. She first appeared in music videos for local indie bands but then clips of the TRC movie start getting released and her acting abilities are like whOA.
  • Now everyone wants her in everything. There are rumors that she’s going to be in the new Alien remake.
  • Adam has the Cinderella story of the group. He has zero professional acting experience except for high school plays. His audition tapes make their rounds and leak onto every noteworthy fandom blog. Everyone is immediately heart-eyes over him. 
  • Every actors goes out of their way to make him feel welcome. 
  • His Virginian accent is genuine.
  • Noah is the acting veteran. He started out as a child actor. You may recognize him from such commercials as the one with the boomerang, and the one with the pony. (Unrelated.) He’s most famous for his Oscar nominated role when he was ten. 
  • Noah constantly finds animals near set and hides them so during takes he can feed squirrels and play with stray cats.
  • “Noah, did your bed just meow?”
  • “CUT!”
  • Ronan is the set clown.
  • He was also nervous about shaving his head. He thought he’d have a weird shaped skull. He was pleasantly surprised.
  • Ronan is from Canada. (”Eh? Eh? Eh?” Blue teases.)
  • Ronan grows his hair out and Blue makes a habit of touching the fuzz while she teases him about the shabbiness of it. 
  • He often picks Blue up and carries her around places. 
  • They are all very active online:
  • Trailer tours
  • Vines
  • Behind the scenes vlogs
  • On Set Q&As
  • Invading co-star interviews with quippy jokes and photobombs
  • Ronan smiles all the time. His favorite thing is showing his Instagram followers his craft services haul.
  • During late-night comedy shows, like Colbert or Conan, they ask Ronan to “turn it on” and he looks at the B-camera in a “Ronan” way and everyone laughs.
  • Game show games!
  • Gifs. Lots of gifs. 
  • gaG REEL
  • They’re running through Cabeswater all dramatically and Adam slips in the grass and friggin’ eats it.
  • And Ronan’s just busting a gut.
  • In fact, Adam is the one that makes Ronan laugh the most both on- and off-set. It’s not hard to get Ronan to laugh, but for some reason, he laughs a lot more when Adam is around. 
  • Blue stumbling over her fast-paced lines, and the boys laugh and make fun of what she said and she pretends to get mad.
  • There’s a running joke that whenever anyone messes up, they have to do pushups. 
  • Gansey is the hardest the crack, but when he does, it’s tough for him to stop the giggles. 
  • Group interviews are a treat because they seem like one big huge family.
  • Interviewers asks, “So does Blue feel outnumbered with all these guys around?” and they’re all unanimously like, ‘No, no no, she runs the show. She’s in charge. We’re terrified of her. Terrified.’
  • And she just sits there smugly, like, ‘I have trained these boys well.’
  • Adam and Ronan are dating IRL. It’s made public after shooting ends. 
  • They are fodder for paparazzi and often hold up signs about various charities they support, because if photographers are going to make money out of invading their privacy, might as well make it worthwhile. 
  • Noah is an unequivocal genius when it comes to avoiding paparazzi. He takes up shelter in oversized coats tucked up to his eyes, wearing low brim baseball caps, and pretending to be as invisible as possible. 
  • Ronan adopted one of the crows that played Chainsaw. She’s awfully fond of him. 
  • Gansey is a huge dweeb and goes on for minutes about his character and gets really excited just talking about it.
  • “So, is Gansey going to die-die in the final movie?” an interviewer asks him. 
  • “I certainly hope not! I want to show up for the spin offs!” 
  • Photoshoots~
  • Magazine spreads
  • Autographs
  • Rumors abound: Are Gansey and Blue a capital-t Thing? They were standing awful close in that one photo!
  • No one knows that Gansey and Blue share a flat in West Hollywood now. They have a dog too. He frequents Blue’s Instagram feed.  
  • Shooting for The Dream Thieves has begun! It’s like a big family reunion. 
  • Blue still runs the show. 

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Under a Dancing Star

A Hiddleswift Fanfic 

While this story is based on real people and events it is a work of fiction. 

Tom smoothed his shirt, gave his hair one last ruffle, and stepped out into the melee. He was by no means the biggest celebrity attending the Met Gala, not even close, but he was still greeted by hundreds of blinding flashes and the usual paparazzi fodder, calling at him to turn this way or that. He marveled that this astounding sort of event was almost old hat by now. Just another night out. He was nearing the end of the press junket for The Night Manager, and whilst it had been an enormous amount of fun he was counting the hurdles until he could return home for a while. 

Tom spotted his costar, Elizabeth, a few meters away and walked over, greeting her warmly. He knew they were not seated together, apparently you weren’t allowed to actually sit with people you knew at the Met Gala, but he was glad she was here. They made their way slowly up the steps, stopping at meticulously selected interviews along the seemingly endless parade of media personnel. Tom didn’t mind the press gauntlet, it was all part of the business and most everyone was in jovial spirits this evening. 

Once past the trial by fire that was mounting the steps, he noticed his friend Idris and the rest of the hosts, waiting to greet all of the illustrious attendees. He looked to the side for Elizabeth, but was informed that she had been held back, more interviews to do or something of the sort. He was on his own, then. Well, as alone as one could be at the most important social event of the New York season. 

He glanced back towards the greeting line and his attention focused on an ensemble so strikingly reflective it demanded notice. His eyes raked over the graceful silhouette, noticing the light blond swoop of hair and a beautifully arched neck, but not able to see a face or other hint of whom she was. He continued his crawl towards the receiving line, sneaking glances in her direction when he could, puzzling over who she could be. As he mentally ran through the laundry list of important people he suspected were in attendance, she turned, eyes almost directly meeting his. 

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Does any senator ren tabloid gold sneak it's way back into the first order ranks or does nobody know that their new ally has made the general paparazzi fodder?

A limited amount of banned Rebel media makes its way to the Unknown Regions, but Hux knows most of the censors so nothing squeaks by to the wrong people. 

The sex tape was a little bit more awkward to explain away, particular since a special meeting was called and the Director of Interior Affairs did a zoom-in on Hux’s tiny hand on Ren’s giant dong, but Hux managed to keep a straight (ha!) face and say, “They’ve gotten very good at doctoring images. As you can see, that penis is unrealistically immense. My hands would never look that small.”