paparazzi attacks

Imagine: Paparazzi induced panic attack.

“If you go out of the back door sir, that way should be clear.” The owner of the restaurant told us. I was trying to hide the panic stricken look across my face from Justin. He worries so much already that I didn’t want to add to his stress. He always admitted to me how afraid he was that I was going to leave him over stuff like this. 

“Y/N, you okay baby?” I nodded. “I’m going to get us home, just follow me.” He took my hand and the owner led us to the door, showing us the way out of the back alley. As soon as Justin stepped out, they descended. Like vultures, they snapped until could neither see nor hear over the roar of their questions. Congratulating him on my ass, my cup size, when was our anniversary, how was I in bed. Anything to get a rise out of him. I grasped onto his bicep willing him not to react, to give anyone anymore reason to shit all over him. The car seemed miles away. Suddenly I felt light-headed.

“Jay. Jay I c-can’t, i can’t breathe.” I unbuttoned my coat a little, loosening my scarf. Letting go of his hand was a bad decision. They circled around me, they’re flashes becoming more intense. I froze, closing my eyes and ears, willing myself to take a normal deep breath. I was well aware that I was hyperventilating. Strong arms wrapped around me.

“Y/N, baby I’m right here. It’s Jay!” He called into my ear trying to bring me back. I could hear the fear in his voice. He was choking back something he didn’t want the paps to see. “Y/N, I’m putting you in the car, okay?” He must’ve shut the door, because suddenly we were moving. I was still sobbing, trying to breathe, the seatbelt not helping. He carried me inside now, getting me a glass of water. The quiet and the dimness of our house already working. Justin had taken our coats off, and pulled off my shoes, pulling me onto his chest. 

“It’s just us Y/N. It’s just us, I got us out of there.” He was rocking me. “I should’ve never let you let go of my hand.” My breathing slowed, the more he talked to himself. I took more sips of water, comforted by the sound of his heart beating. 


“Please don’t leave me Y/N, I will die before I let them get that close to you again. I should’ve never put you in that situation.” He was crying softly. 

“Shhhh, Jay. You helped me. And it will get better.” He looked down at me, kissing me softly.

“I’ll make sure of it.” He promised. 

Things I need answered in Sense8 s2:
  • Does Joaquin release the photos and out Lito?
  • If so, what is the reaction and/or backlash?
  • How will being out affect Lito personally and in his career?
  • How will Hernando be affected by this? Like paparazzi or homophobes attacking him?
  • Will Lito be attacked by homophobic haters?
  • Will he tell Hernando and Daniella about the sensates?
  • Will Sun get out of prison?
  • If so, how will she make her brother pay for what he did?
  • ^ this question is also important to me if she doesn’t get out
  • Nomi and Amanita are essentially fugitives from justice, so how’s that gonna play out?
  • Like are they gonna stay in California or leave? And where would they go?
  • What happened to Amanita’s mom? 
  • Will they break her out of jail? They so should, Amanita’s mom was awesome
  • Is Capheus still going to work for that guy? Or will he go back to his simple VanDamme driving life
  • Is Will going to be put into a medically induced coma? Seems like the best option to me
  • And what about his dad and partner back in Chicago? I assume they’ll be looking for him
  • How’s Riley going to cope with her PTSD flashes and caring for Will?
  • What’s gonna happen with Wolfgang?!
  • He basically took out a mani mafia, so that’s gotta have consequences
  • Will Kala go through with the marry? I hope not
  • Is Jonas alive?
  • Will he ever be free?
  • Will we learn about his own cluster (or what remains of it)?
  • Will get more backstory of the cluster/sensate phenomena?
  • Are our favorite cluster ever going to meet up in-person?

karlie makes other celebrities look so dramatic like justin bieber has literally attacked paparazzi before and karlie just sticks her tongue out at them with an occasional wave and constant smile like wow i just love karlie kloss