I was a cynical teenager (obviously) but I won’t forget watching that Princess Diana documentary and being truly stunned by the cruelty displayed. “Then the photographers stood around taking pics of her as she was lying there.” (The pictures surfaced later in some Italian magazine, IIRC.)

*paparazzi dude* “We did call for help beforehand! We comforted her. We told her she would be fine.”

*Me* “True, but you’re still nauseating.”



I have known Jonas for a really long time and we’ve been wanting to work together again (…) But the way we usually work is he likes to download from me all the visions of the song. I took him from a bunch of different scenarios and he helped to weave it together into a story. That’s what I like about him too, he has a very cinematic approach, but he doesn’t forget to make it a real music video.