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Everybody loves Soulmate!AUs but I had a thought...

What about ABNORMAL soulmate situation AUs?

  • Person A is blind and once before someone claimed to share the mark but they turned out to be lying just to sleep with them and now they have to sneakily have a friend confirm that Person B’s mark is actually the same
  • Person A is one sexual orientation but they meet the person that matches and it’s wrong for their preferences but plot twist! meeting their soulmate gives Person B the courage to come out as transgender so the sexual orientation matched all along.
  • Person A meets Person B and they have matching soul marks or whatever, but oh no, they don’t speak the same language but they don’t want to miss this opportunity so they fall in love while learning to communicate with each other.
  • Person A is a cop who meets their soulmate after they arrest them while Person B was drunkenly streaking through the streets after their team won the game.
  • Person A is in a relationship that their parents approve of and when they meet Person B they fall in love but their parents would hate Person B so they have some hard choices to make.
  • Person A is hella old compared to Person B and Person B is down with that but Person A has reservations about how it may affect Person B.
  • Person A hates Person B and then finds out they’re soulmates and wonders what the FUCK fate was thinking when they got paired up, but when they get to know each other, they actually realize they just got off on the wrong foot when they met.

The list could go on and on!