Taylor Momsen escaping paparazzi! THIS IS SO FUCKING EPIC YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!  AND YES THIS IS A FUCKING NIKE AD!!!! for the last time hopefully

Me salen fotos de Willyberto con la chica hasta en la sopa, y yo ni shippeo Willytina XD

Pero independiente de eso, sé que a mucha gente le está afectando la ultima foto (de Willy borroso abrazando a la chica borrosa) y aunque no sé los detalles de esa foto ni la persona que la tomó, mi opinión sigue siendo la misma de antes… MEH!

Yo shippeo a Vegetta y Willy independiente de que tengan novios o novias, o lo que sea, y no me gusta meterme en su vida privada de SAMUEL Y GUILLERMO porque si ellos NO LA QUIEREN COMPARTIR, lo respeto. 

El shippeo es en base a la fantasía y la imaginación. A fanfics, comics, dibujos, ideas locas, teorias conspirativas fantasmas… no a obligar a 2 personas estén juntas por capricho propio. 

A mi me gusta como se ven Vegetta y Willy, me gusta la química de sus videos, sus miradas, sus cosillas cuquis, y con eso nació el shippeo.

Si Willy sube fotos con la chica donde salen en los mismos lugares por voluntad propia: GENIAL! lo hace porque quiere.

Si Willy no nos dice nada sobre la chica ni la menciona en su vida… GENIAL! es por algo (inserte mil razones de porque una persona popular no habla de sus parejas)

Y lo de la foto tipo paparazi me parece muy mal, no porque Willy esté con la chica, si no porque hubiese preferido que ÉL MISMO LA SUBIERA. O lo mencionara en un video, tweet, etc.

Que fuese por voluntad propia de él.

Pero bueno, ya se disparó por todos lados, y no se puede hacer nada más que tomar una decisión en base a lo que sientan al ver la foto.

Consejo mio: Si el shippeo les hace mal, las deprime, las desanima… NO ES SANO, y es mejor que se tomen con calma todo, se tomen un tiempo, y dejen el shippeo hasta que emocionalmente estén mejor :# El shippeo es para subirnos el ánimo y ser felices <3 no para sufrir.

Y si al ver las fotos (como yo) sigue exactamente igual que antes, y siguen amando la pareja de Vegettita y Willyberto, PUES LLENEMOS EL TAG Y LA VIDA DE WIGETTA Y COSAS LINDAS!!! que el ship no se muere, lindos, si lo alimentamos :D

Y… eso.

Pienso muchas cosas más, pero creo que sería seguir con el bardo y no me gusta XD

Pero ánimo, los quiero, y el WIGETTA SIGUE!

PD: Hay que juzgar menos y disfrutar más, que la vida es corta <3

PD 2: Vegettita calvo me da la vida <3

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I did wondering this for a while.. now after bambam interview i am feeling really sad.. do you know how it is in Korea then a idiol (someone famous) is walking on the streets? Are there many paparazis (like typical in America following them) with bunch of fans? I always thought they have more freedom to walk.. because they living there and it's like normal to see someone famous .. but I guess I was wrong :/ hope now after the new rules for their privacy will help them.. sorry for my bad English

Paparazzi don’t exist in Korea. Journalists don’t follow idols unless they broke the law / did something bad. When they’re in front of JYPE / near JYPE fans follow them (which isn’t allowed), take photos of them and film them. 

Everybody loves Soulmate!AUs but I had a thought...

What about ABNORMAL soulmate situation AUs?

  • Person A is blind and once before someone claimed to share the mark but they turned out to be lying just to sleep with them and now they have to sneakily have a friend confirm that Person B’s mark is actually the same
  • Person A is one sexual orientation but they meet the person that matches and it’s wrong for their preferences but plot twist! meeting their soulmate gives Person B the courage to come out as transgender so the sexual orientation matched all along.
  • Person A meets Person B and they have matching soul marks or whatever, but oh no, they don’t speak the same language but they don’t want to miss this opportunity so they fall in love while learning to communicate with each other.
  • Person A is a cop who meets their soulmate after they arrest them while Person B was drunkenly streaking through the streets after their team won the game.
  • Person A is in a relationship that their parents approve of and when they meet Person B they fall in love but their parents would hate Person B so they have some hard choices to make.
  • Person A is hella old compared to Person B and Person B is down with that but Person A has reservations about how it may affect Person B.
  • Person A hates Person B and then finds out they’re soulmates and wonders what the FUCK fate was thinking when they got paired up, but when they get to know each other, they actually realize they just got off on the wrong foot when they met.

The list could go on and on!


Aries: Marry the night

Tauro: Poker face

Géminis: just dance

Cáncer: Alejandro

Leo: Applause

Virgo: Til it happens to you

Libra: Perfect illusion

Escorpio: Bad romance

Sagitario: Telephone

Capricornio: Million reason

Acuario: Born this way

Piscis:  Paparazi

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[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter Thirty Three)
All Chapters

I think the medias have calmed down with last week’s incident. There were no paparazis in front of my house.

Me and Bea are running late, so we’re speeding on our skateboards. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been on Sally. She’s so easy and fast. As we get closer to the school, my heart starts to race. I know people will stare at me and start gossiping. It’s not bad, right? Idly, I wonder if there are people who are mad at me, because Henry killed himself over me. There should be, right?

I wonder if unconsciously, I’m running late on purpose to avoid all the eyes in the hallways. We pass the entrance of the high school, it’s deserted, we’re five minutes late. Suddenly I’m not sure I want to go back to school. Yes, I hate staying at home, and I miss Mark, but now I’m nervous. Maybe I should just go home. I’m not sure I want to deal with all the crazy response. My phone buzzes, a friend request on Facebook. I thought I had deleted m Facebook yesterday. Suddenly, I feel a strong draft around my waist.

“Ah!” I shriek, clutching on whoever’s arms it is around me. I’m swung around in a demi circle, just catching a glimpse of Sally crashing onto the sidewalk beneath someone’s car. Then the person sets me on my feet, and I’m facing Bea who’s wide-eyed and dumbfounded. Woah! What was that?

“Miss Kraige, did you lose your mind?!” I turn my head and Mark is glaring down at me, his arms around my waist. Woah, what is going on?! He let’s me go and faces me, radiating with anger.

“No skateboarding in the school. And surely not while looking at your phone!” He snarls. I was just… Woah.

“I should confiscate both.” He says a little bit calmer. Sally pokes at my foot. Mark sighs heavily and bends, picks up my board and hands it to me.

“Are you okay?” He asks as I take my board back. I was going to crash? My legs give up on me, and I sit on the sidewalk. What is wrong with me? Why was I so distracted? Why do I feel so… numb?

“Hey.” Mark crouches in front of me, his eyes soft.

“Sorry for yelling.” He murmurs. Oh, no, it’s not him. I smile, shaking my head. Why do I feel like this? How do I feel? I’ve never felt like that before. Tears start to moisten my eyes. Why do I want to cry?

“What’s wrong?” Mark asks me. No, I don’t want to cry. I swallow my tears and stand, and Mark does the same. His worried eyes are glued on me.

“We have to go.” Bea says quietly. My savior!

“Sure.” Mark mutters reluctantly. I give him a tight smile and Bea leads me away from him.

“Let’s go get a ticket.” She says, her eyes glued on me as I look down at my feet. I nod, distracted. Maybe it wasn’t the right day to go back to school. Is it the school that makes me feel like this?

“You okay?” She asks, putting her hand on the nape of my neck. I nod though I’m not sure. I take a deep breathe. Come on, Abigail, you can do it.

“Are you coming to cheer?” Bea asks me once we’ve got our tickets. Now we’re going to our first period. Cheer? Shit. I totally forgot about cheer. There are three weeks left until the end of the year, I can’t possibly miss another week of cheering. But am I ready to cheer again? My hip hurts a little bit when I’m not on painkillers, but wouldn’t it be bearable while cheering? Can’t I just try and see after?

“Yep.” I reply to Bea, and she frowns.

“I was talking about coming to watch.” She clarifies. I giggle at her. Well, that’s not what I’m talking about. She narrows her eyes at me, and for a moment I feel like I’m with Mark.


The stares are much more bearable than I though. Since I want to look tough and shit, I always stare right back at people when they look at me, even though I want to hide, but I was surprised that most of the time, people smile shyly at me.


The bell rings, putting an end to the maths class. I rapidly make my bag and get up from my seat with the others. “Abigail.” Mark calls, and indicates me to wait. What does he want? I patiently wait for all the others to walk out next to him.

“What is it?” He asks me after closing the door. I frown. What? What did I do?

“You were strange today.” He says, his voice filled with concern. Oh, he noticed. I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t even know what’s eating me. Silently, I wrap my arms around him.

“I’ve missed you, that’s all.” I murmur, burying my nose in his neck. He smells heavenly. He smells like home. I big hug. That’s what I need.

“You’ve missed me?” He asks as if he knew I was lying.

“Yes.” I frown at him. He thinks I never miss him?

“You were going to leave without saying goodbye to me.” He says Oh, that!

“I have to go to practice.”

“What?” He frowns. Crappy shit! I forgot to tell him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” His tone his flat and stern. Crap!

“I forgot practice started today.” I explain, blushing.

“Abby, it’s way too soon.” He murmurs.

“It’s just to try. I won’t push myself too far.” I try to reassure him. His eyes search into mine, and I know he’s contemplating the idea. Eventually, he shakes his head.

“Abby, I don’t like this.” He says. That’s not a categorical no. Now I only have one option left. Avoid the fight, Abigail, avoid the fight.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I have to go.” I put my hands on his chest to get out of his embrace but he doesn’t let me go.

“Abby, please, don’t do this.” He says. Now that isa no. I part my lips but no sound comes out. What do I say to that? He’s clearly saying no to me, and he hates it when I disobey. I usually don’t want to obey him, but for the first time I understand his concern.

My parted lips are quickly covered by his as he kisses me.  I automatically reply to his kiss, because I love him, and I don’t want to fight with him. He grasps my chin and holds me in place as his tongue invades my mouth. I know he’s trying to convince me to stay, and I should stop him before it works, but his tongue feels so good against mine. He kisses my jaw, my neck, and nips at my bottom lip.

“Stay.” He murmurs, kissing me below my ear. The feeling travels deep, deep down in me. Oh, why does he have to be so skilled?

“I can’t.” I breathe, throwing my head back and relishing the sensation of his lips on me. He backs me up against the door, trapping me, and he starts trailing little kisses from my ear to the outline of my chocker. He takes my necklace between his teeth and tugs.

“Stop, no.” I gasp, pushing him away from me. If he touches my scars, I’ll be lost. Mark opens his mouth to protest but I cut him off.

“I’m sorry.” I murmur. And without waiting for his reaction, I stride out of the room. I meet Bea’s surprised eyes in the hallway as I fix my necklace. Oh, I hope he’s not mad at me.


“One, two, three, four- Oh hey!” Barnes stops counting as we’re all warming up on the mat. There’s a new boy on the team replacing Henry. He’s a runner but volunteered to help us since we have one person missing. He’s an ex cheerleader, and I’ve seen him tumbling, he’s pretty great. But I kinda feel bittersweet about that. No one cared about the cheer team before Henry died. I get on my tip toes to see what’s distracting Barnes, and I see Mark walking in the gymnasium.

“Mr. Tuan!” Annabelle squeals next to me.

“Hi, guys. Hi, Lauren.” He says coolly, joining Barnes behind the guardrail.

“What are you doing here?” She asks.

“Just came to watch. It’s been long.” He says. No, he came because of me, I know it.

“Great to have you here again.” She grins at him before turning to us. Mark leans on the guardrail and scans the crowd, searching for me. I hide behind Jeremy, but Mark’s eyes find mine. I almost gasp. Crap. I expect him to say something to me with his eyes, but he does nothing, and just watches me.

“Alright, let’s get back to it!” Barnes says, pulling me out of my reverie. I compose my self and get back in position.

After working on our jumps we start practicing tumbles. I thought I was bearing the pain okay, but it was just conditioning, tumbling is very painful. I can’t really flex my abs because it hurts above my hip, so I feel like my legs are just cooked spagettis dangling in the air. That must look really messy. That’s the best as I can do, and it fucking sucks.

“Abigail, come here.” Barnes calls me, and Mark watches from next to her. Oh, no. I don’t want her to scold me in front of him. Thank god she walks away from him and joins me next to the mat.

“Abigail, we have a problem.” She says. Oh, oh.

“Is it your wound that keeps you from flexing your abs?” She asks me. I nod, my voice failing me.

“You need to figure out a solution, because it makes your tumbling all sloppy.” She says. I nod, knowing it’s true. This is so frustrating. Today’s really not my day. I want to cry again.

“I know you’re pushing yourself, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to cut you off. But it won’t affect your GPA. Do you understand?” She adds. I nod, joy trusting my voice. I can’t stop the tears from falling. They’re uncontrolled, frustrated, angry tears rushing down my ace.

“I know we’ve had a break, we’re just getting back to it, but I think we should make a decision on Wednesday. So, let’s see until then, okay?” Barnes cajoles, stroking my arms. I can tell it breaks her heart, I can’t be ad at her. I’m mad at myself.

“Don’t beat yourself over this, just do what you do.” She says, and I nod, dashing my tears away. I hope Mark didn’t see this.

“Alright, let’s try again.” She gives me a small smile, and I turn on my heels. On the mat Bea asks me what’s going on with her ryes, but i wave her off, queuing behind Jeremy. Then it’s my turn to back handspring my way, and this time I try as hard as I can, ignoring the pain.

“Good job!” Barnes compliments. I feel a little bit better, but it’s only the start. After breaking down the stunts it’s time to practice group tumbling. During the parade I am with Melanie, Bea and Annabelle. We start with a cartwheel then two back handsprings and finish with doubles. As I finish my doubles, I feel a strong knock on the back of my head. Ouch! Melanie’s just kicked me in the head.

“God, are you okay?” She asks after landing. My first reflex is to walk, walk so I don’t faint. It fucking hurts.

“What happened?” Barnes asks from afar.

“I’m sorry.” Melanie says, and I know she’s sincere. I grab the back of my head, trying yo sooth my pain. My head starts to spin.

“Abigail, what happened?” Suddenly Barnes is at my side, and everyone is crowded around us. I can’t speak. It hurts yo much.

“I was too close to her and I kicked her in the back of the head while landing my doubles.” Melanie explains for me.

“Are you okay?” She asks me. Well, I’m not dead, so I nod.

“Do you feel dizzy?” She asks, and I nod again.

“A little bit.”

“Sit down for a moment.” She orders. I nod and obey, staggering my way out of the mat. Barnes says things to the others while I sit next to Mark in the bleachers.

“You’re mad at me.” I say once I’m seated, my eyes closed. It hurts so fucking much.

“No.” He replies, half sincere.

“Let me see.” He murmurs, and I remove my hand from the back of my head. I gently touches me, and I hiss in pain.

“You’ll have a bump.” He says, but his voice is muffled. I don’t feel well at all. I feel like I’ve been in a centrifuge. I need to throw cold water on my face.

“Where are you going?” Mark asks as I get up.

“I need the toilets.” I explain, climbing down the stairs. Attached to the guardrail, there’s a black trash bag for all the garbage of the people who come watch games. My stomach twists, and I vomit in the trash bag.

“Fuck!” Mark swears, rushing to me. Now I’m throwing up. Do I have a commotion? This time, I give back my breakfast. Mark holds my ponytail as I vomit, and it throws me back to the first tine I went clubbing. He was so mad.

“Here.” He gives me a tissue, and I wipe my mouth. He also proceeds a bottle of eater, and I rinse my mouth.

“See? This is what I hate, you always…” I lock eyes with him, wiping my mouth on the back of my hand. He stops, his words hanging in the air. He shakes his head, resigned.

“I think you’ve had enough for today.” He mutters petulantly, sulkily. I want to laugh at him, but I decide to sit down. As Mark sits doesn’t next to me, Jeremy appears.

“You okay?” Hr asks me, taking place next to me. What does he want?

“Yeah. How is it going with Annabelle?” I reply, by pure politeness, I don’t really care.

“I can’t keep her up during group stunting. She gets heavy.” He grimaces. Heavy? Annabelle is lighter than me.

“How do you lift her?” I ask him.

“Two, three…” He shows me his way of holding her foot, wrists apart, and I cringe. Poor, poor Annabelle.

“That’s not how you’re supposed to do it.” I say to him. That’s some basic basing skills, I thought he was an ex cheerleader. How is Annabelle supposed to stay tight when she doesn’t have a solid base?

“You start with your wrists and your pinky fingers together.” I show him how to place his hands before she steps on them, and he mirrors me.

“Then you twist. Elbows and thumbs together. Middle fingers in.” I show him how to twist his hands while lifting, and he nods, copying me.

“Otherwise there’s space between your hands, and her foot melts in.” I explain to him; and he seems to understand.

“Jeremy.” Barnes calls, walking towards is. She indicates him to go back on the mat, and he turns to me.

“Thanks.” Hr briefly squeezes my knee and gets up. Why does he fee- like he’s allowed to touch me like this?

“Feeling better?” Barnes asks as she comes to my level.

“Follow my finger.” She orders, waving her index finger in front of my eyes. I follow it from the right to the left, then up and down.

“I think you should go home. Enough for today. You were good.” She says. Damn… that’s not a good start at all.

“Thank you.” I reply without dussing. I know Barnes, she’s inflexible. She pats my shoulder before turning on her heels.

“I’ll drop you home.” Mark says, getting up.

“I have Sally.” I reply automatically.


“My skateboard.” I reply. His eyes harden, and I remember this morning’s incident. He’s so going to be against skateboarding now. I’ve spent the worst day of my life, I don’t want him mad on top of that.

“Okay, fine, let me get my stuff.” I toll my eyes at him.

I meet Mark outside the gymnasium.

“Jeremy. He’s a new boy?” He asks me, his brow knotted together.

“He’s a runner volunteering. Ex cheerleader.” I explain.

“He’s very touchy.” He mutters, almost to himself. Of course he is. I want to shake my head at him. Jealous, possessive Mark Tuan, for some reason makes me smile.

“What? He asks me. I grin at him like the lovestruck fool I am. He grins back at me, before kissing me quickly. Thank god he’s not mad, at least it’ll put a happy note to the end of my day.


I’m all sore from cheering. Yesterday again, things didn’t go as I planned. I couldn’t last more than two seconds in the air. I’m not used to have Brody carrying me. I need to push through, Barnes gave me until today’s practice to show I can stay on the team. Today practice starts a little hit later than usual, so i have so time to spend alone with Mark, but he wants to use it to work for the maths test on Friday. I’m not in the mood to work, all I can think of is cheer. I need to stay on the team. I don’t know why it mean so much to me, but it does.

“Get to work, Abby.” Mark murmurs as I trail little kisses everywhere on his neck.

“I am.” I tease, nipping at his jaw. He chuckles, amused.

“No, Abby, I’m serious. There will be a test on Friday, you need to work.” He says.

“About that test,” I trail off.

“I won’t push it back.” Hr days before I can say anything. How does he know?

“Please.” I pout, and he shakes his head no.

“Pretty please?” I ask sweetly, trying to sound as cute as possible. He smiles and kisses my nose, but says no.

“Why?” I frown. It’s really not a big deal, for him at least.

“Because.” He shrugs. Oh, so he has no reason.

“Please, I’m asking you.” I ask a little bit more seriously. He remains inflexible.

“Please, Mark, for me.” I plead. I’m just asking to push the test back, not to get an A. Why is he being so hard?

“Mark, please, not this week, I need to focus on cheer.” I say.

“You need to focus on maths too.” He replies. My jaw drops open. Of course I need to focus on all my classes, but he knows how much I love cheering. And he knows I want to stay on the team.

“Barnes said she’d cut me off. Please, just give me this week.” I plead, but once again he refuses. How can he do that to me? I pull away from him, scowling.

“And you can sulk all you want.” He adds, and I grimace at him.

“Very mature.” Mark mocks me.

“You’re pissing me off.” I mutter, well aware that I sound like a petulant kid, and swing my bag over my shoulder.

“Abby.” Mark calls exasperated, exasperated.

Fuck you.

“Bye.” I mutter, walking out of the room without turning around.


“Abigail, come here.” Barnes calls me off the mat after I messed up my back flip, landing on my knees. My heart starts to race as I walk to her.

“I know you’re doing your best.” She trails off, and gives me a sad smile. I doesn’t take me more to understand and I burst into tears.

“I’m sorry, Abigail. I really am.” She murmur, wrapping me up in her arms. That’s it, I’m out of the team.


“Oh, you’re back already?” My mom says as I walk inside my house. She’s, since I’m jot a cheerleader anymore. She’s curled on the sofa, her phone on her ear, and I know she’s talking to my dad. She’s always in that position when she flirts with him.

“Yes.” She says into the phone. After a beat, she offers it to me.

“Your dad.” She says.

“Not now.” I mutter. He’s the last person I want to talk to. She frowns at me.

“What’s wrong?” She asks, cradling her phone against her shoulder. Everything is wrong!

“Nothing.” I toll my eyes at my inner conflict.

“Then say hi to your dad.” She gives me the phone. No!

“I said not now.” I reply. Well aware that I’m getting myself in troubles, I climb up the stairs, heading straight to my room.

“Abigail!” My mom calls from behind me. I ignore her.

“Abigail Heather Kraige, come back here!” She shouts, but I don’t care. I lock myself in my room and start to weep.


It’s half past nine, and I’m hungry as fuck. I think my mom is in her room now. I tip toe my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, looking for pancakes our doughnuts. After finding my loot, I turn to leave, almost bumping into my mom who stares at me. I though she was upstairs. She looses no time and starts scolding me.

“Abigail, I can understand you’re stressed out. Obviously something happened to you.” She says, and I know she’s going to ask me what’s wrong i don’t want to talk to her, because I don’t know what’s wrong.

“But you do not give me attitude when I give you an order.” She adds sternly. She’s nit really good with discipline.

“Abigail, stop right now.” She orders. I sigh, turning to her. She crosses her arms over her chest and cocks her head to the side.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” I mutter, turning on my heels.

“Abigail, I said no attitude.”

“Then stop nagging!”

“None of this under my roof, missy!” She snarls. Why can’t she leave me alone for once? I’ll apologize tomorrow anyway; tonight I’m angry.

“Fine.” I mutter, taking her word for it. I drop my supper on the kitchen counter and stomp towards the door.

“Abigail!” She calls in anger and shock. I ignore her and storm out of the house.

What is wrong with me? Why am I so mad at everyone? I hate everything. I’m mad, and I don’t know why. My feet wander to an old tree somewhere in LA, and I don’t know where I am. How long have I been walking for? It’s U-shaped and pretty high, and it look comfortable. I start climbing up the tree, and I succeed, surprising myself. I’ll just stay there for a moment. I need to calm down. Yes, I fought with Mark and Barnes kicked me out o the team, buy why do I hate the whole world? I don’t want to see anyone, I’m just angry. I wasn’t ready to go back to school, it was too early. But I don’t understand why it perturbed me. It wasn’t even the stares in the hallways or in the cafeteria, it was just me, I was uncomfortable.

My phone buzzes, it’s Mark. So late at night? Does he know I ran away? Did my mom call him? Or is he just calling because we faught? My mom couldn’t possibly call him, not for that… Oh, I don’t know anymore. Do I pick up? He’ll find it weird if I don’t answer my phone. But then it’s 10 in the evening, maybe he’ll think I’m sleeping. Oh, fuck it. I take his call.


“Abby, where the fuck are you?!” He hisses from the end of the line. Shit. He knows, and he’s mad.

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a stream for a wedding??? no paparazis went to far lmaooo but im sure alice and alvaro will not complain about it

Well, there were many photographers but for now there’s no photos from paparazzi. But I think there will be

Gabriel: If I’m going to let a superhero date my son, I’m going to have to need some assurance that some villain isn’t going to take him hostage for leverage or whatever.

Ladybug: I was thinking we just keep it on the down low.

Gabriel: have you got any idea how many paparazi follow Adrien about? He’s kind of fam–

Gabriel: *overacted shock*

Gabriel: Adrien! What are you doing out here in just your boxers?

Ladybug: *frantically looking* Where?

Gabriel: *nabs her earring* PSYCHE!

Ladybug: Ow!

Gabriel: *running* ULTIMATE POWER IS MINE!

[My Ladrien June day 9–it’s a trap contribution. Also works for day 13.]

Devlet mi nerede söyliyim; Ebru Gündeşin çocuğunun psikolojisiyle ilgileniyor.. zavallı çocuk babasının hırsız, anasınında yolsuzluk paralarıyla almış olduğu hediyeleri paparazi programlarında hava atarken görürse ileride psikolojisi bozulur mazallah.. büyük düşünür Tayibin dediği gibi hırsızlık babadan oğula geçer, oğuldan babaya değil.. onuda kendiniz gibi yaparsınız hiç birşeyi kalmaz alışır.. sen hala televizyonlara çıkıp alkış alabiliyorsan bu ülkede, doğacak çocuğunun psikolojisine hiç birşey olmaz meraketme sen.. en kötü durumda bi kaç ajitasyon hareket gösterirsin çocuğuna, bu halk onu omuzlara alır alkış tutar.. bizim ülkemiz böyledir çok duygusalızdır küfür etsen çıldırırız, ama * aldırmayız.. 

Şimdi soruyorum size çocuğunuz mükemmel ötesi bir yaşam sürecek diye.. aza itimat edemeyen açgözlülüğünüz yüzünden 40 günlük bebekler soğuktan açlıktan ölmek zorundamı.. devlet kendi yandaşına kömür makarna yardımı yapa dururken gerçek yardıma muhtaç kişiler bir gün daha yaşadık çok şükür etmek zorundamı.. alkole haram dersin, kumara haram dersin ama gel gelelim yolsuzluk yaparsın, haram dediğin yerden gelen vergiyle imamın maaşını verir, insanlara vaaz verirsin.. nasıl bir iştir bu..