Words that are completely different in Serbian and Croatian

I guess all of you know that Serbian and Croatian are mutually intelligible to a great extent. I won’t be writing about differences between Ekavian, Ikavian and Ijekavian, you can find everything perfectly explained on wikipedia. I also won’t be mentioning words that are similar, like burza/berza (stock exchange). I will focus on some common words used in everyday speech that are completely different.

Croatian - Serbian - English

  • mrkva - шаргарепа (šargarepa) - carrot
  • hlače - панталоне (pantalone) - trousers
  • spužva - сунђер (sunđer)  - sponge
  • češnjak - бели лук (beli luk) - garlic
  • kruh - хлеб (hleb) - bread
  • vlak - воз (voz) - train
  • škare - маказе (makaze) - scissors
  • nogomet - фудбал (fudbal) - football
  • vratar - голман (golman) - goalkeeper
  • zaleđe - офсајд (ofsajd) - offside
  • tisuća - хиљада (hiljada) - thousand
  • kotač - точак (točak) - wheel
  • žlica - кашика (kašika) - spoon
  • rajčica - парадајз (paradajz) - tomato
  • zrcalo - огледало (ogledalo) - mirror
  • odvjetnik - адвокат (advokat) - lawyer
  • tajnica - секретарица (sekretarica) - secretary
  • glazba - музика (muzika) - music
  • tvornica - фабрика (fabrika) - factory
  • knjižnica - библиотека (biblioteka) - library
  • stoljeće - век (vek) - century
  • tračnice - шине (šine) - rails
  • zdjela - чинија (činija) - bowl
  • štednjak - шпорет (šporet) - cooker
  • juha - супа (supa) - soup
  • puhati - дувати (duvati) - to blow
  • žarulja - сијалица (sijalica) - light bulb
  • zrak - ваздух (vazduh) - air
  • zrakoplov - авион (avion) - airplane
  • zračna luka - аеродром (aerodrom) - airport
  • sudjelovati - учествовати (učestvovati) - to take part (in something)
  • štakor - пацов (pacov) - rat
  • papar - бибер (biber) - pepper
  • kino - биоскоп (bioskop) - cinema
  • madrac - душек (dušek) - mattress
  • tvrtka - фирма (firma) - company
  • povijest - историја (istorija) - history
  • ured - канцеларија (kancelarija) - office
  • lokot - катанац (katanac) - padlock
  • klokan - кенгур (kengur) - kangaroo
  • obitelj - породица (porodica) - family


  • siječanj - јануар (januar) - January
  • veljača - фебруар (februar) - February
  • ožujak - март (mart) - March
  • travanj - април (april) - April
  • svibanj - мај (maj) - May
  • lipanj - јун (jun) - June
  • srpanj - јул (jul) - July
  • kolovoz - август (avgust) - August
  • rujan - септембар (septembar) - September
  • listopad - октобар (oktobar) - October
  • studeni - новембар (novembar) - November
  • prosinac - децембар (decembar) - December
Sebastian Stan Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Hello! Can you please write a Sebastian Stan image where the reader is an actress too and they are in a relationship but no one knows and they’re in New York sneaking around and running away from the paparazzi please? Thank you 😊 by the way I LOVE YOUR WRITING ITS BEAUTIFUL

A/N: thank you so much nonny! i love youuu ♥ || it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You slid the last part of your swimsuit on and than a knock came to your door. You walk over towards the door, fixing your hair on the way. When you reached the door, it swung open and hit you right in the face.

‘’Oooww!’’ you howl, holding your nose, stumbling backwards.

You fell right to the ground, still holding your nose, the door hit you hard. You remove your hand from your nose and gasped as you saw blood on your hand.

‘’Y/N?! Are you okay?!’’ sebastian exclaims, rushing in and kneeling down next to you.

‘’Does it look like I’m okay?! You just slammed that door in my face!’’ you whale, climbing back up to your feet.

‘’I’m sorry, it was unlocked and I didn’t know you’d be right there.. I-’’

‘’Just shut up and get me a pack of ice and some tissues please?’’ you ask.

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waveydaysFICS bonus

prompt: daddy kink

sarah’s fic:   papa
rating: m
summary: in which dan has feelings about phil’s holiday selfie.

Maybe it’s the whip of the wind and the smell of the sea and the heat of the sun. Maybe it’s the taste of the salt on Phil’s skin or the way he can see the outline of Phil’s nipples through his thin white shirt. 

It’s not the selfie. He refuses to accept that a stupid instagram selfie of all things after all these years is what’s making him feel like this, what’s making him want to say the kinds of things he’s only ever joked about.

ashley’s fic:   v daddy
rating: m
summary: phil’s most recent selfie brings out an unexpected kink.

“I don’t know if you saw all the responses to your insta post, but the consensus seems to be that you’re v daddy.”

“And do you agree with their assessment?” Phil whispered, nice and low.

“Honestly?” Dan raised an eyebrow.


Dan nudged Phil’s nose with his own, then gently tugged Phil’s bottom lip with his teeth. “Yes, Daddy.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you have any advice for someone looking to buy a used car? I have never owned a car before, and currently live pretty far from my parents, so I am kinda on my own. I don't really know what to look out for, what a good price is like, or what kind of car I should be looking for. I've been saving some money for a while now, and plan on getting a car sometime next year. I have checked your index and read your post/s; but just want some more advice. Thanks a bunch!

Check out this advice from @paparent-oh:


As someone who knows about shitty cars, if you ABSOLUTELY MUST get a shitty car (I know not everywhere has public transit and I live in the country so a car is an unfortunately expensive necessity.) consider the following:

  • Make sure you consider the cost of insurance. In general, the shittier the car, the more it will cost to insure it. Ask around, and make sure you’re not going to be spending more on insurance than your car in the first place
  • The fact of shitty cars is that things will break and you will need to find parts for them. Avoid imports, cars who’s brand has been discontinued and always do a google to try and gauge how hard it will be to find reasonably priced parts for your shitty car. Honda Civics are usually a safe bet, but look for other very common cars (they’ll be easier to find parts for)
  • Try and buy a car from a retiring senior (who is likely selling their car because they’re too old to drive it.) They’re likely to be well taken care of, and have fewer kilometers on them then cars driven by young people and other adults (Plus in my experience they’re more open to negotiation on the price)
  • Speaking of negotiation, always negotiate! Even cars that seem a little out of your price range can be brought into your price range with a little dickering! A bit of rust? Obvious problems that would need to be fixed before you can drive it? Ugly bumper stickers? Ripped or dirty interior? All things that you can point out in order to get them to lower the price.
  • Check the tires. and ask about how new they are! Tires are expensive and it’s a better deal if the ones that come with the car will last you a while! Ask if they’re all season/winter tires (I got a deal on my winter tires because I bought them with the car), check to see if the rims are bent, etc. If they’re in not so great shape, add the cost of new tires to the cost of the car in total.
  • Find someone who knows about cars and ask them their opinion on any car before you buy it! (just saying but teenagers with their own cars are a secret goldmine of knowledge, especially the ones who are into modding and shit!)
  • Ask around to see if your friends or family are selling a car! you might be able to get a better price, and they’re more likely to be honest about the condition of the car!
  • When you’re looking at a car, also do a quick google to find common problems with that car. Avoid cars with common problems that are difficult or expensive to fix, and keep an eye out for cars with easier and cheaper to fix issues because someone who hasn’t done that google might be selling one for cheaper!
  • Also check the laws for selling vehicles in your state/province/territory and make sure you’re not buying from anyone doing anything sketchy!
  • Probably the most important tip: Once you get your shitty car, invest the $70 or whatever (or ask for a membership as a christmas gift!) and get yourself a CAA/AAA membership. Your shitty car WILL break down, you WILL get a flat, and you’ll be really glad to just be able to call and have someone show up to help you. (ALSO my membership pretty much paid for itself for what I saved in tow costs so it’s very worth it)


Sans: * ok.


Sans: * ok.


Sans: * nakakatamad kasi, bro.


Sans: * heh heh heh.



Sans: *ok.


Sans: *ok.

Papyrus: NYEH !! YOU’RE TOO LAZY !!

Sans: *it’s because it’s too much work, bro.


Sans: *heh heh heh.

I made a little drawing of the Skelebros~ ft. tender juicy hot dog and the classic ketsup bottle.

FilipinoTale belongs to 

A Concise History of Medieval Iceland - Lesson 2: Landnámsmenn.

“Floki took three ravens with him on the voyage. When he set the first one free it flew back from the stern, but the second raven flew straight up into the air, and then back down to the ship, while the third flew straight ahead from the prow, and it was in that direction that they found land.” (Landnámabók, 17).

The island was discovered around the year 850, though perhaps earlier, by Scandinavian seamen who had been blown off course. Word spread of free land and soon free farmers from across the Viking realm went to Iceland. Along with them came small-scale chieftains, but they did not come as leaders. There was no large-scale settlement before them, and so they had the luxury of settling anywhere they desired. Later generations called these settlers landnámsmenn (lit. land taking men, or land-takers). This produced a major a “founders” effect.

The first settlers were both men and women asserting self-interest. They journeyed 1,000 km across the sea to discover a truly beautiful land. Most landnámsmenn (a term including women, by the way) came directly from Scandinavia, mostly Norway. However, many settlers also came from Viking encampments in the Celtic lands. In fact, some colonists were completely Celtic. Sagas reveal Celtic names, such as Njáll and Kormákr (Old Irish Níall and Cormac). 

During the landnám period (ca. 870–930), at least ten thousand people emigrated to Iceland, perhaps even twenty thousand. They came on ships called knerrir (sg. knörr), which were loaded with goods and livestock (holding up to 30 tons of cargo each). The land they reached was uncultivated and generally uninhabited, with the exception of some Irish monks who sought solitude. Those monks came in their native ships called curachs and were called papar (sg. papi) by settlers. They left on their own accord once the Scandinavians came. 

By 930, they established a general assembly, called the Althing (Alþingi), and Iceland functioned as an island-wide community.

Next Time: Lesson 3: Language.

Skál og ferð vel,
— Steven T. Dunn.


  1. Jesse L. Byock, Viking Age Iceland. (London: Penguin, 2001), 9-11.
  2. Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards trans., The Book of Settlements (Landnámabók). (University of Manitoba Press, 2012), 17.

akda at guhit ni Det Guiamoy

sa mga eskinitang ‘di naaabutan ng liwanang ng buwan
may mga walang kamuwang-muwang

Walang kamuwang-muwang

sa aspaltong tigmak sa lamig
ang pagdaloy ng ligamgam na dugong pinandilig

Bulag ba tayo para ‘di makakita?
Manhid ba tayo para ‘di makaramdam?

sa balita, sa usap-usapan, sa haka-haka
sa kapirasong karton

Tunay ba itong maituturing na patibay
Na ang nasasakdal sa pagkakasala ay dapat ipapatay?

Walang paglilitis
Walang alinlangan
Walang kinalaman
Walang kaalam-alam
Walang kamuwang-muwang

sa mga taingang bingi
sa mga 'di na maaaninagan ng liwanag ng buwan

Magsasalita pa rin kami
at hinding-hindi mananahimik
hanggang sa ang hustisya ay tayo nama'y lingunin
maulinigan man lamang ang mga boses na 'di na maririnig

paano ka nakakatulog sa kaalamang
may ibang hindi na magigising?

Ang pagbabagong parating
ay hindi na makikita bukas
kung ang mga karapata'y sa gabi pa lamang ay kinukuha
kung ang mga mata'y 'di na mumulat sa susunod na umaga

written and drawn by Det Guiamoy (English translation)

Every night,
in the alleyways never lit by the moonlight
are the unknowing


Every night,
on the cold of the asphalt roads
flows the warmth of pure thick blood

Are we too blind to see?
Are we too numb to feel?

Every night,
in the news, in conversations, in gossip
in weathered cardboard labels

Are guesses and accusations proof enough
That alleged souls be sentenced to their last breath?

No court
No doubt
Just crime
Just death
Unjust, unknowingly

Every night,
to deaf ears
to those who will never see the moonlight

We will still speak
and we will never be silent
until Justice will eventually turn to us
when she hears the voices we will never hear again

Every night,
how do you manage to sleep
knowing they will never wake?

The coming change
will never be seen tomorrow
if our rights are taken in the dark of night
if our eyes will never open the next morning

Para sa mga napagkamalan, napagtripan, napaglaruan, napagbuhusan ng galit na hindi naman karapat-dapat sa kanila.

Lahat ng tao ay may karapatang mabuhay, may karapatan sa pangalawang pagkakataon, gaano man kabigat ang kasalanan. Ituon natin sa paghilom at paglunas ang ating lakas at hindi sa karahasan at pagpaslang. Ang mga mahihirap ang nasasadlak sa walang katarungang pagpatay, mga mahihirap na hindi nabigyan ng pagkakataong mabuhay nang disente at kumpleto ang pangangailangan.

Hindi naman magiging laganap ang krimen kung nakakakain ang mga tao nang tatlong beses isang araw, nakakapasok sa eskwelahan at natutustusan ang mga pangangailangan.

Isang digmaan laban sa mga mahihirap ang nagaganap, at hindi naman ang mga tunay na utak sa pagpapalaganap ng pinagbabawal na gamot ang nahuhuli at napapatay ng mga awtoridad. Ngunit nagsisimula naman ang pagbabago sa pagsuko, sa pag-amin ng pagkakamali, at pagpasok sa rehab upang magbago. Huwag nating ipagkait sa mga nalulong sa masasamang bisyo ang pagkakataong maging mas mabuting tao na maaaring magsilbi sa bayan sa hinaharap.

Kahit naman may mga kasalanan ay hindi dapat pinapatawan kaagad ng kamatayan, sang-ayon man kayo o hindi sa death penalty. Dahil lahat ng tao ay may karapatan sa paglilitis sa hukuman, upang matuklasan ang kanilang mga hinaing, mga dahilan kung bakit nangyayari at ginagawa ang mga bagay-bagay. Kung may pagkakamali ay ikulong at patawan ng karampatang parusa, at ang mga nakakaalam lamang ng dapat gawin ay ang mga hukom at alagad ng batas. (Sana lang ay ginagawa nila nang maayos ang kanilang mga trabaho.)

Kung “anti” man ako sa kahit ano, ako ay anti-human rights violations, anti-vigilantism, anti-summary execution, at anti-extrajudicial killings. Hindi sa kung sino mang tao. Dahil kahit wala tayong ginagawang mali, maaari pa ding ma-frame up or kung anu man upang mapagbintangan. Dahil kapag nasabitan ka na ng karton sa leeg na nagsasabing nakagawa ka ng kasalanan, hindi mo na maipagtatanggol ang iyong sarili. Hindi na nakakapagsalaysay ang patay.

Tayo ang mga natitirang Joven Hernando. Tayo ang kabataan. Tayo ang mamamayang Pilipino. Naniniwala ako sa tamang proseso nang pagsasagawa ng batas. Naniniwala ako na tunay ang paparating na pagbabago.

Naniniwala ako sa due process.

#cardboardjustice #LahatTayoPosiblengDrugPusher #StopSummaryExecution #StopExtrajudicialKillings #SantaPatronaAdrienneOnday


  1. Maging updated sa balita ng PAG-ASA. Mas may pag-asa ka dito kesa sa crush mo. Kelangan mong maging ligtas. Marami ka pang lalandiin.
  2. Kapag alam mong may bagyong paparating, gabi pa lang, hingin na agad ang baon.
  3. Ipagpatuloy ang paggawa ng assignments habang wala pang announcement ng class suspension. Masakit umasa.
  4. Wag ng magmaganda kapag oras ng kalamidad. Maghanda ng emergency kit at hindi Kikay Kit. Hindi kasama jan ang BB cream at pink mong blush-on. Ang sarap mong palakpakan sa magkabilang pisngi. 
  5. Be alert. Baka sa sobrang manhid mo nilipad na yung bubong niyo hindi mo pa alam.
  6. Dalhin sa ligtas na lugar ang mahal sa buhay. Wag sa SOGO huy. May karapatan akong i-hug ka sa leeg kapag sinabi mong mas ligtas sila…’sa pUs0h m0h’.
  7. I-charge ang cellphone na may load at emergency number. Tigilan muna ang pakikipaglandian at pagkaClash of Clan.
  8. Wag gawing hair blower ang malakas na hangin. Kung walang importanteng lakad, manatili na lang sa bahay. Ang kalandian ay may tamang oras at panahon. 
  9. Alamin kung nasaan ang first aid kit. Hindi ka sasagipin ng tunay na pag-ibig.
  10. Magbaon ng maraming tubig, pagkaing de-lata, cup noodles at tinapay para maiwasan ang matinding gutom. Coz that’s the thing kapag naging patay-gutom, may tendency kang tikman at kunin ang pagmamay-ari ng iba. #TwoWivesMode
  11. Patayin ang main switch ng kuryente at siguraduhing nakasara ang tangke ng gas at mga gripo. Ibang ‘spark’ yung hinahanap mo. Dun ka magreklamo sa jowa mong nanlalamig na sa’yo.
  12. Tumungo sa mga itinalagang evacuation centers kung kinakailangan. Dun niyo patunayan ng crush mo… na merong forever.
  13. Kalma lang. Kagaya mo, baka broken-hearted lang din si Mother Earth kaya nagbibitter at umiiyak. Lahat naidadaan sa taimtim na prayers.


Sa tuwing napapakinggan ko tong kanta na to nasasaktan ako. Too much feels ganun, bawat lyrics parang ang bigat sa pakiramdam. 

“Why did you have to leave me.” Bakit nga ba? Dahil ba nagsawa ka na? May iba ka ng nagugustuhan? Nagsawa ka na ba? O sadyang ayaw mo na sakin? Andaming naglalaro sa isipan ko kapag dumating na sa linyang yan ewan ko kung bakit pero ang sakit. 

“And now I must move on. Trying to forget all the memories of you and me” Turuan mo naman makalimot kasi nahihirapan ako, nasasaktan. Ang dami nilang sinasabi na paraan para makalimot ako pero hindi ko magawa kasi masakit at mahirap. Nakakagago kasi bakit hindi ko magawang umabante patungo sa bagong buhay na hindi ka na kasama samantalang ikaw ayan masaya at nakalimot na. 

“Stay forever” Can you please stay with me forever? Pero sabi nga nila walang forever, lahat nagbabago, lahat lumilipas at hindi lahat kayang magstay. Ang sakit isipin na wala ka na sa piling ko, na akala ko tayo na hanggang dulo at hindi na ako yung mahla mo.. Siguro nga yung makakasama ko sa pang habang buhay eh paparating pa lang naunahan mo lang kaya akala ko ikaw na.


Minsan, sa sobrang desperado mong makahanap ng tunay na pag-ibig, sadyang mapapakapit ka na lang sa mga quote na nababasa mo sa internet at mga signage na nakikita mo sa kalsada. “Love is in the air”. Nakita ko sa postcard sa National Bookstore habang pa-ipis ipis na binubuklat ang mga nakaplastic cover na libro sa bookshelves.

“Search for tunay na pag-ibig na ituu!”.

Binuksan ko ang takip ng aircon, wala akong nakitang pagmamahal. Suminghot ako ng fresh air nagkaitim na kulangot lang ako in despair. Naglinis ako ng electric fan wala ring pagmamahal. Puro alikabok lang.( O alikabok talaga yung true love ko? ) Nung sumakay ako sa jeep, wala din yung “Love is in The air”. Puro “Putok is in the Air” lang. Lalo na dun sa katabi ko na mukhang nilulumot na ang damit sa parteng kili-kili dahil ultra “bas-kil”. Yung pwede na atang tubuan ng waterlily ang kili-kili dahil tumutulo tulo pa yung pawis sa balikat ko.

Hanggang sa narealize ko ang tunay na kahulugan ng “Love is in the Air”. Na ang true love ay para talagang hangin, nararamdaman mong paparating na pero kahit kelan hinding hindi mo makikita. Kaya wag ka ng umasang magkakalovelife ka. 

Joke. Basta ang alam ko, nananapak yung amoy ng katabi ko sa jeep kanina. At kung ganon man ang feeling ng true and everlasting love, ayoko ng umibig pa. Lecheng “Love is in the Air” yan.