I just finished my back to school shopping for my 3rd year of college and I wanted to share how I keep all my school work organized: 

1 Binder with dividers: Instead of lugging around multiple binders that I never would fill, I decided to downsize to one binder that I will use for all 5 classes, and use dividers to separate between the pages. The binder will be used to hold all hand outs & worksheets. 

Notebooks: I purchased 5 notebooks (1 for each class) which will allow me to keep detailed notes during class. In first year, I used my laptop for note taking but found myself getting way to distracted so paper and pen is definitely the way to go. 

2 File Folders: to hold any loose papers, bring papers/projects to class and generally keep my bag organized. 

A big pad of paper: I like to keep a large pad of paper next to my computer so I can write down things as they come to me. It allows me to keep all my thoughts in one place and then I can choose what to do with them!

Hard cover small notebook: This notebook is for everything that doesn’t fit into a specific class’s notebook. It could be general knowledge, things from my volunteer work or job. It will stay in my backpack at all times. 

Agenda/planner: Honestly my life saver. I like being able to sync my calendars digitally between my computer/phone/tablet BUT nothing beats being able to write down every single detail of my life into a planner. I love this new one I bought because each day has it’s own page (so much room for activities!)

I hope this inspired you to plan your own back to school shopping!

XO Kat



My mommy made DAAL CHAWAL today and didn’t make PAPAR I was like W H A A A A T

I refused to eat without papar.

Then the house girl made me papar and I was happy and now fat :)

Too much biryanis and saalans over Eid bro