(It had been a rather quiet day at Castle Dedede, and, strangely enough, Kirby seemed to have vanished off the face of Popstar… However, the chances of said peace remaining had disappeared once a pair of pastel puffs had shown up in the palace.)

(The puffballs were running around, nubs linked, in a desperate attempt to find Fumu or Sir Meta Knight, either way, someone that could help figure out to fuse again. Escargon was certainly not one of those people they wanted to find.)

(But, as fate would have it, the two ran into the snail.)


(Papapa stammered as Popopo looked up at him, eyes widened. There were three beings neither wanted to see while wandering, and he was one of them.)

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uh here’s the Kirby icon dump

all icons were cropped and/or resized by yours truly

it’s all official art/screenshots from the show so yeah I can’t take credit for that part (aside from one edit I can’t find the source to oops)

most of them are 100 x 100 pixels (one is 100 x 200 and another is 50 x 100)

idk use em if you want I guess, reblog or like if you do

also there’s a shit ton of them so I wouldn’t recommend going through them all unless you’re me and need your icons bc you’re on a different computer

I’ll make another post for Popopo and Papapa bc this one’s too long as-is

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Por mais que eu pense e desista
Por mais que ele venha e queime a vista
Calando a sombra e os sapos
Com seu abraço de sol”

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M!A: Popopo and Papapa are forcibly unfused. And Kirby is still there even though the unfuse happen. (Lasts as long as you want)

(There is a look of panic in the puffball’s eyes. Someone wanted him to reexperience that awful feeling. He tried to turn to run away, but it was already starting.)

(Unlike the last time, where Kirby had been sliced in two, with those halves remoulding themselves like some sort of sentient clay back into Popopo and Papapa, an invisible force seemed to be ripping him in half like a cloth, strings of pink unraveling themselves from each other, back into orange and green.)

(With his last few moments of consciousness, he did all that he could; close his eyes tightly and brace for that final shock.)

(The two collapsed to the ground in a little pile. They seemed to be asleep, remaining there for a while.)

(Then, the green one stood. He was shaky, but he looked around the area. It was all much bigger now, and the lime colour of his nubs combined with that didn’t seem to help ease him any, with his face falling into a worried frown.)


(He gently poked the bow-clad puff beside him. She woke with a start, looking up and around. She knew all too well what had just happened, curious as to where whoever made this occur had gone.)

(The girl jumped to her feet and clung onto Popopo. Their bodies melded together in an attempt to fuse once more, but in those last few moments, the almost-Kirby’s form had destabilized, and the two were thrust apart.)

(They stared, wide-eyed at each other. That had never happened before. They couldn’t fuse again.

that being said i love the sound of that “lets sit down” and “papapa punch!”

that and tototo/gogogo! for the boxing robot inflatable guy!