¿Cómo empezaré mis cantos 

en la noche azul que está llegando? 

En la gran noche mi corazón saldrá afuera, 

las sombras vienen hacia mí sonando. 

En la gran noche mi corazón saldrá afuera.

Sortilegio de los Indios Papago

Foto: Robert Frank, Mary, Pablo, Barbara Forst and Dody Muller Holding Sparklers on the Beach, c.1960.


A clip of the behind the scenes video @samortal got from the photoshoot Thursday evening! To check out the whole thing, I’ll put a link to it in our bio! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Keep an eye out for photos to be posted too!!

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Our day in Phoenix started with warm sunshine, coffee, fresh grapefruit juice, and cuddly cats at my mom’s friends house. First, we went on a 2 mile hike at Papago Park, which is surrounded by sculpted rocky structures with holes in them that remind me of Gaudi art. There are saguaro cacti everywhere, and it’s magical. From there, we walked to the desert botanical garden. If I’m good when I die, then my heaven will have a desert botanical garden for me to hang out in whenever I want. There is so much beauty in blooming cacti, with pollen- covered blossoms that carefully nestle bees like a little cup. My mom’s friend used to be a docent at the garden, so she taught me lots of cool stuff about desert plants. Did you know that Snout Weevil beetles lay their eggs inside the trunk of agave plants and rot out their core? Or that Cholla Cacti are like sea anemone for birds? The birds lay their nest in the Cacti to protect them from other predators. We also went to this KICK ASS taxidermy shop called Curious Nature, which was walking distance from the house we are staying at. I have some great pictures of creepy dead things at the shop that I’ll post later. Then, we had ice cream at Churn and watched the sun set under a mesquite tree. I don’t want to leave. Ever.

updating this bucket list

Bucket List

-do ‘shrooms.
-be someone’s valentine
-run a 5k
-take a picture with disney princesses
-get a tattoo
-ride a train
-do a canadian road trip
-be good at the banjo
-make an EP
-do a poetry slam.
-climb a mountain
-climb 5 mountains -Rattlesnake Mountain, NH, Grassy Top Mountain, ID. Oak Creek Canyon, AZ.   South Mountain, Papago, A Mountain 

-travel to every state in the US
-go to a wine tasting
-stay in bed and have sex all day
-go bridge jumping
-go cliff diving
-go sailing
-have a steady group of friends that I can depend on
-read all the classics
-ride in a hot air balloon
-learn to bake really delicious foods
-have fresh flowers in my house most of the time
-be physically fit
-live a healthy life
-take all major public transit options (light rail, subway,the t, the l)
get engaged/married
-go to europe
-go on every habituated continent
-find the best donuts
-take a bath with someone
-have sex in every room in my house
-be held while i sleep
-have someone wipe away my tears
-be carried
-get a manipedi
-get a professional massage
-make my own candles
-tie a cherry stem with my tongue
-watch every episode of friends
-go on a road trip with the person I love most
-do lots of nice little things for people VERY often
-go on another road trip
-spend a summer in paris
-spend a summer in san diego
-spend a summer in san francisco
-drink lots of tea
-buy something amazing for a stranger
-go kite flying
-get lost in the woods
-have a new years kiss
-see a musical on broadway
-learn and be fluent in another language
-make out in a public place
-leave a party early because of sexual tension with the person i have sexual tension with.
-receive flowers from someone I love
-tan a roof
-go star gazing on a roof
-graduate from college
-have an all A semester in college
-go scuba diving
-throw a friend a surprise party
-throw savannah a surprise party
-become friends with a stranger
-dance in the rain
-dance with someone in the rain
-see the northern lights
-set two friends up with each other
-learn the violin
-win the lottery
-book a plane ticket and fly out on the same day
-find fossil creek
-do a picture a day
-fold and give away 1,000 paper cranes
-have a picnic outing with friends
-fly first class
-fly in a helicopter
-meet someone famous
-go on a cruise
-be in love
-run a vlog with savannah
- go to Italy
-buy my mom a truck
-take my dad on an amazing trip.

Stormy, Shetland Sheepdog mix (12 y/o), Papago Park, Phoenix, AZ • “She loves to hold hands. She’ll put her paw right in your palm. I give her glucosamine supplements for her joints.”

anonymous asked:

how do you say "i dont know how to express this feeling" and can you explain the grammar

Okay, so I used the Papago app to translate for me. Since I’m on my work computer I had to type it into google translate which actually got me the same thing. I’m really loving this app you guys, seriously, download it. 

나는 이 감정을 어떻게 표현해야 할지 모르겠다.

Breaking it down, we have the vocabulary first:

나는 - I (with 는 to signify topic)

이 - this

감정을  - feelings, emotions ( with 을 to signify object)

어떻게 - how

표현해야 - comes from the dictionary form 표현하다 which means to express

할 - is a form of 하다 to do

모르겠다 - is a form of 모르다 to not know.

Leading into the grammar and formation of the sentence:

겠다 usually brings with it future tense, however, when used with 모르다 is does not. It’s just a very common and a bit more polite way of saying you don’t know 

-아/어야 하다 is a verb stem indicating that you have to do something. 

I looked towards the great interwebs to help explain the other parts of  the sentence and here’s a little of what I got:

“ When you want to say you don’t know something, you embed a question using 지. In essence what you are saying is “I don’t know the answer to this question.” “  You can find a similar question on the website for a detailed analysis of that example as well.

So following the SOV sentence structure, we have  나는(S) +  감정을(O) +  어떻게(Adv) +  표현해야 할지 모르겠다(V). Which gives you a translation of “I don’t know how to express this feeling.”

- 케이시

the other day i ate some edibles and climbed up these huge rocks in papago park with my friend and we listened to latin jazz while talking about physics and the way the world works and i came home feeling so relaxed….i love my friends

In 1925 Coca Cola made a lucky watch fob in the shape of a swastika with the slogan, “Drink Coca Cola In Bottles 5¢.”.

At that time, the Swastika was still a symbol of ‘Good Luck’ taken from the ’Whirling Log’ used in the US by Native American Navajo, Papago, Apache, and Hopi tribes. 

(Also the symbol used throughout history by the Celts, Indians and Greeks amongst other nationalities and religions).

The word swastika came from the Sanskrit word svastika, meaning any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote auspiciousness, or any piece of luck or well-being.

It is composed of su- meaning “good, well” and asti “being”. Suasti thus means “well-being.” The suffix -ka either forms a diminutive or intensifies the verbal meaning, and suastika might thus be translated literally as “that which is associated with well-being,”.