Cute Names For Your Significant Other
  • significant annoyance
  • my buddy
  • special guy
  • mamacita
  • hunk muffin
  • peaches
  • sack of meat
  • happiness
  • plaguey plaguey plaguey
  • my doctor
  • five terrible syllables
  • paolo’s arms
  • the Beast™
  • indiana banana
  • crotchkicker
  • demon peach baby

The amount of gay in ToA is surprisingly satisfying and I found out that I don’t have bookmark to y’know

match the gayness

So I thought that maybe a Apollo/Lester proudly standing in front of a rainbow would be enough

and I was right

Bonus solangelo because those two are killing me

Feel free to print them and use if you want! (you can also post a pic and tag me *wink wink) but do NOT repost anywhere else

the difference between Percy Jackson and the MCs of Rick Riordans newer series like Magnus Chase and Apollo/lester, are intresting.

Percy is described as being brave reasonably handsome, not booksmart but intelligent. He’s the son of a major god and is a good warrior his companions are: a smart pretty scary girl, goat boy, cyclopes kid, giant hell hound. 

Then we have Magnus, he’s reasonably friendly, but more of a smart ass than is good for him, he dropped out of high school, was homeless then died. he can heal, but all his fighting is done by his sassy talking sword. Also hes so salty. The sassiest. his companions are a scary muslim valkiry, a gay dwarf elf duo (which consists of his def elf and fashionable dwarf), and as I mentioned a sassy talking sword.

Then finally we have lester/apollo, who is flabby, acne prone, egotistical, self pitying, bi as fuck, and gets beat up alot. His powers include: feeling sorry for himself, singing the people around him into depression, regretting stuff, killing his loves, and kinda archery. His companions are: his blunt street urchin back stabbing child girl, his gay ass son, his gay ass sons emo gay ass boy friend, and his hippe grandma.

I see a trend, and I like it

  • Percy:In my first battle, I defeated the Minotaur with its own horn.
  • Jason:In my first battle after losing my memory, I learned how to fly.
  • Carter:In my first battle, I lost my father, but I saved my sister.
  • Apollo:In my first battle I... got help from a 12 year old.
  • Magnus:I died.
  • Percy:
  • Jason:
  • Carter:
  • Percy:Lucky bastards.