Doyoung’s honesty bringing out Taeyong’s laughter once again ❤️

I know I can’t control it but it really irritates me when people go around spouting crap they aren’t sure is true because that’s how scandals and rumors start. We all know that they check Twitter and vlive and other SSN accounts and you all are just out here throwing out accusations and rude comments like theyre fact and like the members won’t potentially see it. I mean obviously Wonho wants to go by Shin for a reason and to call him a snake or a liar is harsh and juvenile and you should be slapped. I’m not even sure I believe his mom really told them that because why would she? I’m sure she would know if Wonho wanted that shared or not. Also if Wonho’s mother told you that why would your first reaction be to go post it on Twitter? Post the cute moments you had at MoMo but you should stop and use your brain before posting about something even remotely that personal. He already had to deal with rumors and scandals at debut and I don’t want that to happen again over a name. Don’t hurt someone or affect their career over a name choice. He isn’t being shady and he isn’t blatantly lying. He wants to be know as Shin Hoseok and if you respect him then you should respect his choice.

“Jotaro, pose for the photo!” 
Jotaro, however, did not pose for the photo. He was too busy thinking about how Kakyoin talked him in to buying that ugly shirt for him. 

Rvb/Tuckington AU where Tucker gets done with city life and its noise and cashes in a favor from Church because his sister works at a national park that offers some secluded cabins for writers and the kind. Tucker arrives at the national park with only a backpack filled with things he’s gonna need and hikes out to one of the cabins that is the furthest away from anything and anyone. Carolina offered it to him with the catch that he’s to check in with the ranger everyday and that he’s to do some simple repairs if needed so the ranger can focus on more important stuff.

The cabin itself is small but it’s just enough for him. He settles in and establishes a simple routine of wilderness living, chopping wood, repairing the odd thing around the house, fishing etc. He checks in with the ranger, Connie, everyday and befriends her. Then one day she’s not there, the voice at the other end of the radio is gruff and tired and not in the mood for any of his jokes. 

Tucker’s not all too keen on this new guy and has no intention on befriending him, he’s got enough assholes in his circle of friends already. But then slowly they begin to talk more and more, he learns so much about him and he would find himself looking forward to their talks over the radio. 

Until one day there’s a new voice at the other end of the radio. And Tucker’s heart sinks in his chest, he had no idea that that would happen. And his routine is all messed up and all he can think of is that yet another person in his life just left him with no warning.

That afternoon he’s standing outside looking out into the distance deep in his thoughts, not really seeing anything. A rustle in the bushes draws his attention and he turns around and there he is, standing all tousled by the hike, sweat on his brow, hands nervously by his side. And he’s nothing he imagined him to be during all those talks on the radio. But it’s the best kind of unexpected, his imagination hadn’t been up for the task at all. 

“I’ve got a few weeks off from work.” He says and Tucker hears the same voice that had accompanied him for all these months and he lets out a breath he didn’t even know he had held. 

“And you thought you’d like to spend them here? You must be more messed up than you let me know.”

“It’s not about place, it’s about the person.”

hey uh. remember when i beat papa to the punch & blew him the flirtiest kiss possible during cirice and he smirked at me, caught it, and blew one back?

you can’t see the smirk that well, but it was there. and i died. i’m still dead, actually, i’ve been blogging from the grave since november 😭☠️