1. Abortion is held by the Catholic Church to be a sin, because it defines embryos as human individuals. 

2. The Catholic Church has NEVER held this to be some kind of UNFORGIVABLE SIN, unlike what many headlines are implying.

3. In the Catholic Church there are not only Sins against morality, but Crimes Against Canon Law. Sins can be forgiven via the sacrament of confession or via an act of perfect contrition. Crimes against canon law have various associated sentences. 

4. Abortion is also held by the Catholic Church to be a CRIME. It incurs penalty of latae sententiae excommunication. 

5. Latae sententiae excommunication basically means that at the moment of the act you are automatically excommunicated. 

6. Excommunicated doesn’t mean DAMNED ETERNALLY. It means that you are no longer considered in communion with the Catholic Church and cannot participate in its sacraments until you’ve jumped through the hoops to get back in. So the sin isn’t UNFORGIVEABLE, you just have to jump through hoops before you can actually go to confession.

7. Slapping the pope is also a crime which incurs latae sententiae excommunication. 

8. In this case the hoops are pretty much contacting your bishop and telling him you’re super sorry that you went and excommunicated yourself. 

9. The bishop can actually appoint people to receive this apology, and in the US (and many other countries) pretty much all bishops have decided that all priests in their dioceses can accept this apology already.

10. Popes sometimes declare a “Year of _______” for the entire Church to focus on. 

11. Pope Francis has declared a “Year of Mercy,” and further that all priests can receive people who have had abortions back into the Church. 

12. Because of 9, most priests were able to do this anyway. 

13. Also, Canon Lawyers aren’t really sure that people who have had abortions have been ACTUALLY incurring excommunication, even if in the abstract Canon Law says that abortion incurs excommunication. 

14. Moral Theologian  Charles Camosy says this about 13: “Not every sin is a crime according to Canon law. The crime has a higher bar to meet: an intentional and free choice to kill the innocent. Any such acts (whether abortions or something else) are serious crimes and would mean automatic excommunication. …[Canon Lawyer Edward Peters and others] argues that women “rarely, if ever” commit the crime of abortion. This view stands on strong moral-theological ground. Many women are physically coerced into having abortions, and almost all women are coerced by patriarchal social structures which force them into ‘choices’ for which they do not have the same resources as do men.”

15. By “patriarchal social structures” I believe Camosy means everything from “conservative families will freak out if their teenager is pregnant” to “pregnancy costs women AN INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY” etc etc. 

TLDR: Abortion has never been an unforgivable sin, Pope Francis is practically changing very little. 

Wayward Scandi Bitches Award

So get this! There are these two dorks, nerding it up in the cold, unfriendly climate of Scandinavia, and they just hit follower milestones at the same time! Definitely fishy, but don’t mind that for now, thing is they’re doing a tumblr award to celebrate!

Of course we are those dorks, @winchesterswoonathon (Maggie) and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Karina), and are merely talking about ourselves in third person, like the nerds we are.

To enter you must do the following two things:

Must follow both adorable dorks.  

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1: Impala ‘67 Award: Over all best SPN

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4: Moose Award: Friendliest Blogger Award

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6: Donna Hanscum Award: Up and Coming Blogger Award (to be considered for this, submit a screencap of your follower count, which must be under 500, to one of us)

7: Woman/Man of Letters Award: Best URL

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10: Monster of the Week Award: Best Theme

Winners will be announced August 8th

Winners get one aesthetic and one drabble and one shout out from both of us.

Runners up get their choice of either a drabble or an aesthetic.

We’ll co-judge all categories except for number 2 and 3.

Maggie does the drabbles and aesthetics for the odd numbers - Karina for the even.

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Arranged Marriage AU//Open RP

“But Father! This isn’t fair!” Jean exclaimed throwing his hands out in frustration, then running a hand through his hair, trying not to cry. “Papa, you can’t do this to me…you believe in love!” A glare was thrown his way that silenced him quickly.“ Jean you are acting like a small whiny child.” The boy glared back crossing his arms over his chest.“I am a child! I’m only sixteen and you’re marrying me to some random person just because it’ll bring you a profit and a title as  a Lord and just because that person isn’t desirable enough to find a husband or wife of his own? That is simply mad Father…that is…not unlike prostitution but I will be forced to spend the rest of my life with this person.” Jean sighed and looked down his lip quivering a bit. “Do I even have a choice, Papa?” The man, an exact copy of the younger boy, just older shook his head, a brow raised. “No Jean, now get dressed in your nicer clothes. The family is coming with your partner now. He is very excited to meet you.”

In Time

168 Hour Fic Challange Entry

Genre: Historical/Epic; Location: Montréal, QC

by ladycanuck

Montréal, Québec 1910

Delphine sighs, as she hops from the streetcar and continues towards the office. She’d rather go back home, and repose herself with a filling meal and a good book. Instead, she must return to assist her father.

“Vieille fille.” She mutters grumbling to herself. “Vieille fille.”  Why would this client of her fathers have brought that up? Especially before the construction was completely negotiated?

She wasn’t unaware of her status, which was partially by choice anyway. Papa needed her help with the business, especially her English skills, and although turning down two marriage proposals was rare but what else was she supposed to do? She didn’t want to be a wife, did not want a child every year until age finally relieved her of that burden, she wanted to study, to learn. By now she was used to her life of spinsterhood, so used to it she could not imagine her life any other way.

It had been six years since the last one, when she’d been twenty - her papa had looked at her in disbelief. Healthy young man, good family, good prospects, and a small but growing business Delphine would have had a hand in running. He hadn’t understood.

“Qu’est-ce que je ferai avec une vieille fille?” Papa had sighed, shaking his head.

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