papa's silhouette

Character profile for @noblerosetyler

Name: Alex

God Tier: Mage of Void

Land: Land of Lagoons and Shade

Moon: Derse

Symbol: Black paintbrush silhouette

Guardian: Papa

Strife Specibus: Explosiveskind

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blue

Clothes: Jeans, grey sneakers, grey t-shirt with symbol

Pesterchum: wanderingCourage

Typing Style: no capitalization

Personality: Caring, lonely, self reliant

Bio: Alex works backstage in a theatre, mostly on set design. They tend to go unnoticed, and therefore overhear a lot of conversations. They know everything about everyone, but they won’t usually tell. Who is there to tell anyways? They talk to people, but they don’t have anybody they would call a close friend. Nobody knows their secrets, although they know lots of people’s. When Alex was a kid, their Papa nearly drowned, giving them a firm resolution to become a swimmer to keep it from happening again, but also causing them to realize at a very young age the suddenness and unpredictability of death.