papa's palace

Prince Choi Seung-hyun and Sir Kwon Ji Yong on the set of 쩔어 (Jjeol-ouh) music video. 
By a great number of historians this is considered to be one of the most important days in the history of mankind. It is a well known fact that the blonde hair of Prince TOP brought worldwide peace. 
Astounding and very detailed panting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

I was in NC recently at my family’s beach house. It’s a typical old beach house, no frills here. The walls are all either ply-wood and battens, or straight up tongue-and-groove planks. There is no air conditioning, and everything is wet with ocean spray. This year we had four generations of family, 25 people in all, staying. This is a sketch of my room. Some of my cousins got together and gave all of the bed rooms names a few years ago. This one is called “Patriot’s Point” on account of its red, white and blue scheme.

Dearest Charles,

I found a box of this paper at the back of a bureau so I must write to you as I am mourning for my lost innocence. It never looked like living. The doctors despaired of it from the start. Soon I am off to Venice to stay with my papa in his palace of sin. I wish you were coming. I wish you were here. I am never quite alone. Members of my family keep turning up and collecting luggage and going away again but the white raspberries are ripe. I have a good mind not to take Aloysius to Venice. I don’t want him to meet a lot of horrid Italian bears and pick up bad habits.

Love or what you will. S.
—  Sebastian Flyte to Charles Ryder, Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh