papa's palace

The Young Victoria starters
  • "Even a palace can be a prison."
  • "I was born the younger son/daughter of a penniless Duke."
  • "The two of us walking alone...what would mama/papa think."
  • "Hold still or I'll never get your nose right."
  • "You are impossible." (with affection)
  • "I walked."
  • "Is he/she that pretty in person."
  • "You still don't look well."
  • "We've accepted we're going."
  • "I'm not a servant."
  • "We do live in a palace mama/papa we're a lot better off than most people."
  • "He only wants what's best for you."
  • "How was your journey?"
  • "Do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself in a game being played against yourself?"
  • "Then you had better master the rules of the game until you play it better than they can."
  • "I know that it is to live alone inside your head."
  • "May I write to you?"
  • "Those boys pester you."
  • "Are you making a study of me?"
  • "He wants to control you."
  • "Oh, And if you think I will ever for get that you just stood silent and watched him treat me thus you are dreaming!"
  • "He's as slippery as a barrel full of eels."
  • "It will be her/his mistake not mine."
  • "Yes I like him/her...more than I dared hope."
  • "I pray you hear my voice in the music I send."
  • "I am young but I am willing to learn."
  • "I mean to devote my life in service of my country and my people."
  • "I can't marry the man/woman they want me to marry."
  • "You've played with me Baron and I've had enough."
  • "So, are you going to propose?"
  • "There's no need to apologize for being passionate."
  • "Don't look so surprised, a queen/king has many kinds of duties."
  • "We are allowed to make mistakes."
  • "Perhaps I am to young and inexperienced for my position."
  • "As you said before, 'You are stronger than you look'."
  • "You don't have a very high opinion of ordinary people do you?"
  • "I should have worn the red."
  • "I'm sure you are aware of why I asked you to come here?"
  • "I should warn you I am expecting a very large family."
  • "I cannot be away more than three days."
  • "Will the weather be this fine for all of the three days?"
  • "I will tell you what you thought!"
  • "Have you lost your mind?!"
  • "I will not have my rule usurped!"
  • "I wear
  • "If there are to be mistakes they will be my mistakes!"
  • "I'm leaving before you excite yourself and harm the child."
  • "You will go when I dismiss you!"
  • "I order you to stay here in this room!"
  • "There is no need for you to accompany me."
  • "I said I would come with you so I will come with you."
  • "Don't talk to me."
  • "The prince/princess needs rest."
  • "I'm so sorry."
  • "I thought I was going to lose you."
  • "I am replaceable and you are not."
  • "You're not replaceable to me."
  • "You're the only wife/husband I've got and ever will have."
  • "We are told the man was mad, I suppose that's reassuring."
  • "My guidance has always be flawless and I am sorry for it."
  • "He/she is able, he/she is clever, he/she is faithful."

Prince Choi Seung-hyun and Sir Kwon Ji Yong on the set of 쩔어 (Jjeol-ouh) music video. 
By a great number of historians this is considered to be one of the most important days in the history of mankind. It is a well known fact that the blonde hair of Prince TOP brought worldwide peace. 
Astounding and very detailed panting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Light In The Darkness

Summary: A young child just trying to figure out her way in the world. Until she is invited to her first royal ball where she meets the young Prince Loki. A cruel trick sends her running for the hills, that is until she returns when they are both much older.

This will eventually cover the events of Thor, Avengers, Thor Dark World and eventually beyond that.

Rating: M for the future, and eventual violence 

Tags: Loki x Reader, Thor x reader, Avengers, Thor Movies,  

Authors note: When stressed out write. This is going to be a slow build 

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Dearest Charles,

I found a box of this paper at the back of a bureau so I must write to you as I am mourning for my lost innocence. It never looked like living. The doctors despaired of it from the start. Soon I am off to Venice to stay with my papa in his palace of sin. I wish you were coming. I wish you were here. I am never quite alone. Members of my family keep turning up and collecting luggage and going away again but the white raspberries are ripe. I have a good mind not to take Aloysius to Venice. I don’t want him to meet a lot of horrid Italian bears and pick up bad habits.

Love or what you will. S.
—  Sebastian Flyte to Charles Ryder, Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh

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Papa,” came a soft, sweet voice. “Come on, Papa!”

Russo was being led by the hand through a garden. The sky was a dull grey, the trees around them bright green and blooming. He couldn’t make out the face of the child in front of him, leading him and giggling as he toddled across the stone walkway.

All Russo knew inherently was that this boy was his. And that this boy should be dead.

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I was in NC recently at my family’s beach house. It’s a typical old beach house, no frills here. The walls are all either ply-wood and battens, or straight up tongue-and-groove planks. There is no air conditioning, and everything is wet with ocean spray. This year we had four generations of family, 25 people in all, staying. This is a sketch of my room. Some of my cousins got together and gave all of the bed rooms names a few years ago. This one is called “Patriot’s Point” on account of its red, white and blue scheme.

A letter to her little brother Aleksei (Alexei), from 1916:

My darling Aleksei,

It is very lonely here without you and Papa. It was so nice to visit you in Mogelev! The weather is warm. We’re sitting on the balcony. Just came back with Maria and Shvibz from the Big Palace. Tell Papa that Sister Movutsina has crossed eyes. Very strange. There are many wounded. Some old colonel from Siberia, who is your Godfather, sent you his regards and wished you health, etc. Of course I fogot his last name. Tell V.N. that there are many wounded. Forty eight. Yesterday they brought eleven more people and they’re all layng down. They’re from near Riga, the Siberian Regiments. Everyone is all right. All keep asking about you and want to see you. Please thank P.V.P for his letter and tell him he can write again.

Well, good-bye my darling Aleksei. May the Lord protect you all. I kiss you many, many times. I hug you mentally and love you very, very much.

Your Tatiana

I embrace you.