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“My dad is a Chatty Cathy, the social butterfly; friendly; knows everybody in the whole world by six degrees; tells me that every performance is the greatest he’s ever seen, every new outfit is the coolest. Constant cheerleader.”

Favorite Creepypasta Characters

Hello again everyone,

CCC here, Long ago I made a post  that I would make this about my favorite creepypasta characters and why.

Not to be confused with creepypasta stories, that would take years along to put together for there is a ton of creepypasta stories I enjoy.

Moving along….

THESE ARE IN NO ORDER. Just putting them in as I go.

I also should mention, I am not one for words. I find a way to simplify what I write, don’t know how. Just do.

1: The Puppeteer by BleedingHeartWorks.

This is a well- known character, I, personally got into his character after happening on his stories. Him and his stories both have a very dark, and gothic like tone to them. It would be a lie that I wasn’t first drawn into looking into his character but now that I have, I simply love everything about him and How he goes about things.

  Golden strings both unnerving, yet ominously comforting.

I feel mostly unsettled to the set up he seems to build for ones who are lonely, and can reach out to a reader who tends to feel isolated and alone.

2: Jason the Toy Maker by  Krisantyl , Jesterca, and Euphobea

I can hear the cries from the masses either screeching, and giggling or opposed against my personal opinion or thoughts. I GREATLY, love the S**t out of this character but that’s the thing with me. I love those characters that act humble and friendly, while hiding the true intentions and malicious thoughts.

The character has been set up to be good looking to lure his “friends” to him, making them toys, being their number one. or so it seems. Before I continue, I notice there being confusion to who his attacks or goes after. After some investigation, he goes for matured females only. No kids, no males. For both “are too much to fix.” I quote this loosely.

Once he is rejected or rather his true intentions are exposed and the doll refuses, his true form comes about. Decaying skin, white hair. I LOVE this, if faced with something you thought was cute and friendly and they pulled a 180, well not everyone would be freaked out but I would….

3: Papa Grande Di Magico by mysticalbloodymyth

His character is defiantly for those who enjoy gore and over all a character that is semi- realistic but over the top insane. Though I warn you if you go to read his story for its PAGES on PAGES long.

Overall, his decent into his current state flow naturally and his story does add a creepy feel. Maybe because he is an old man and no some teen-pop and his age gives him that already unsettling feeling. He has disadvantageous to his age that are accounted for, back spasms for example.

He is just a man who wanted to have a life doing what his passions were…

4: Candy Pop by Jesterca

Another awesome none human pasta, with (holy h*ll) one h*ll of a set up and levels to his character, which tend to be hinted with both his stories and don’t even scratch the level of unsettling facts about him and the Demon, Night Terrors.

To try to even uncover a faction of him and his set would take so long.
He is defiantly another character that looks to be friendly and nice but quite dangerous. To the soul filled balloons Candy Pop hands out, the hammer made from a female creature who didn’t listen to him and is forced to be his wield weapon.

Night terrors along is a force you wish to never to met, in his desire for power killed all his brother to gain their powers and strengths. All but a handful, Drolsior and Morivin, both forced to fall thanks to him.

I would highly recommend checking both characters out!

5: Nathan the Nobody by IvyDarkRose

An Adult Pasta that I have seen around, while his age isn’t said, its hinted at being around 22 to 25 range.

If you are looking for a realistic creepypasta! THIS is HIM!

While he has had many stories written, one that’s always been around is his origin, or rather the set up to the F*cked scenario his sister and him had before both getting to their current states.

Much like Grande, his decent flowed naturally and it made sense, that is… if you are paying close attention to his story. I LOVE gothic like characters, on top the that his eyes adding the only colors to his appearance, and have been described as having a intense and at times intimating leer to them.

He somehow has managed to keep some sanity… but as the same time has lost it all in a delusion that he has kept his sister safe, that she is fine; She is alive, so on. He has created a world where he doesn’t accept the reality of his failed actions and that if he keeps attacking and killing those who harmed them, he is keeping her alive, avoiding the truth.

When confronted with this reality, his mind shuts off and he goes berserk or leaves, if he can. He also is haunted by the dripping pipes of his nightmare, that he has turned into his own obsession….

6: Hoaxton by dav-ink

Another proxy character that is absolutely built to a solid T. Before I go on for the creator’s sake I must add his note and I quote. “ NOTES ‘bout tis oc: He’s a Slenderverse / Horror Character and absolutely NOT a Creepypasta character. But eh sure he can be part of that fandom, but in character, he’s not.” Which is the case for a good about of proxy characters.

Its clear his creator has so far, put a lot of effort and time into him as a proxy. Including giving him his own set look rather then the standard hoodie and jeans.

While he doesn’t have a story as of yet, I can say that I am greatly impressed about who he is. Its been so long since I have seen a proxy with so much research done.

This is all then energy I have to write about, there are FEW more characters I wish to speak on (again as my personal opinion) that requires more looking into so I can better understand them. Look out for Part 2. for now More confessions!


  • un chat - a cat
  • un chaton - a kitten
  • un chien - a dog
  • un chiot - a puppy
  • un daim - a doe/ female deer
  • un agneau - a lamb
  • un hibou - an owl
  • un panda - a panda
  • un (petit) lapin - a (bunny) rabbit
  • un écureil - a squirrel
  • un alpaga - an alpaca
  • une licorne - a unicorn
  • une poupée - a doll
  • un ours en peluche - a teddy bear
  • une plume - a feather
  • un oreiller (bed), coussin (sofa, seat) - pillow, cushion
  • une écharpe - a scarf
  • une couverture de laine - a woolen blanket
  • une boule de coton - a coton ball
  • un cupcake - a cupcake
  • une guimauve - a marshmallow
  • une barbe à papa - cotton candy/ candy floss


  • enfant (n. f./m.) → child子供(こども)
  • (petite) fille (n. f.)(little) girl女の子(おんなのこ)
  • (petit) garçon (n.m.)(little) boy男の子(おとこのこ)
  • ami(e) (n.) → friend → 親友(しんゆう)
  • copain, copine (n.) → friend, buddy, mate → 友達(ともだち)
  • amoureux, amoureuse (n.) → sweetheart → 恋人(こいびと)
  • jeu (n. m. !pl: jeux) → game → ゲーム、遊戯(ゆうぎ)
  • jouet (n. m.)→ toy → 玩具(おもちゃ)
  • jouer (v.) → to play → 遊ぶ(あそぶ)
  • rire (v.)to laugh → 笑う(わらう)
  • danser (v.)to dance → 踊る(おどる)
  • courir (v.)to run → 走る(はしる)
  • nager (v.)to swim → 泳ぐ(およぐ)
  • sauter (v.)to jump → 跳ぶ(とぶ)
  • sauter dans les flaques (exp.) → to jump in puddles → 水たまりに跳ぶ(みずたまりにとぶ)
  • sauter à cloche-pied (exp.)to hop on one foot  → けんけんする
  • sautiller (v.)to skip → ぴょんぴょんする
  • corde-à-sauter (n. f.)jump rope, skipping rope → 縄跳(なわとび)
  • ballon (n.m.)ball, balloon → ボール、風船(ふうせん)
  • trottinette (n. f.)scooter → スクーター
  • vélo (n.m.)bike, bicycle → 自転車(じてんしゃ)
  • piscine (n. f.)pool → プール
  • piscine gonflable inflatable pool → インフレータブルプール、エアプール
  • bouée (n. f.)rubber ring, float → 浮き袋(うきぶくろ)
  • mer (n. f.)sea → 海(うみ)
  • océan (n.m.)ocean → 海(うみ)
  • rivière (n. f.)river → 川(かわ)
  • lac (n.m.) lake → 湖(みずうみ)
  • sable (n.m.)sand → 砂(すな)
  • pelle (n. f.)shovel → シャベル
  • seau (n.m.)bucket → バケツ
  • râteau (n.m.)rake → 熊手(くまで)
  • parc (n.m.), square (n.m.), aire de jeu (n.f.) park, square, playground →  公園(こうえん)、遊び場(あそびば)
  • fontaine (n. f.)fountain → 噴水(ふんすい)
  • chat(te) (n.) → cat → 猫(ねこ)
  • chien(ne) (n.) → dog → 犬(いぬ)
  • oiseau (n.m.)bird → 鳥(とり)
  • poney (n. m.) → pony子馬(こうま)
  • marelle (n. f.)hopscotch  → けんぱ
  • balançoire (n. f.)swing → 鞦韆(ぶらんこ)
  • toboggan (n.m.)slide → 滑り台(すべりだい)
  • manège (n.m.)merry-go-round, roundabout → メリーゴーランド
  • carrousel (n.m.)carousel  → 回転木馬(かいてんもくば)
  • cabane (n. f.)playhouse, hut → 小屋(こや)
  • dans un arbre → in a tree → 木の上(きのうえ)
  • jouer à cache-cache (exp.) → play hide-and-seek → かくれんぼして遊ぶ
  • jouer au loup/à chat perché (exp.) → play tag → 鬼ごっこして遊ぶ(おにごっこしてあそぶ)
  • pistolet à eau (n.m.)water gun → 水鉄砲(みずでっぽう)
  • bulles (de savon) (n. f.) (soap) bubbles → シャボン玉(だま)
  • faire des bulles (exp.)to blow bubbles → シャボン玉を吹く(シャボンだまをふく)
  • buller (v.)to laze around → ゴロゴロする
  • au soleil → in the sun → 日向に(ひなたに)
  • dans l’herbe → in the grass → 芝生に(しばふに)
  • à l’ombre → in the shade → 日陰で(ひかげで)
  • sieste (n. f.)nap → 昼寝(ひるね)
  • goûter (n. m.)afternoon snack → お八つ(おやつ)
  • chocolat (n.m.)chocolate → チョコレート
  • jus de fruit (n.m.)fruit juice → 果汁(かじゅう)、フルーツジュース
  • crêpe (n. f.)crepe → クレープ
  • barbe-à-papa (n. f.)cotton candy, candy floss → 綿菓子(わたがし)
  • glace (n. f.) ice cream → アイスクリーム
  • gâteau (n.m.) cake, cookie → ケーキ、お菓子(おかし)

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can you please do more skater next door au. I love it and would love if you could do some more

Temper Tantrum

“We should get chocolate!”

Yuuri turned his head towards Victor with an eyebrow raised, earning a bright smile in response.

“Chocolate?” Yuri repeated from beside Victor, clinging tightly onto the older man’s hand.

“No chocolate,” he stated, earning a whine from his boyfriend and a pout from his son.

“But, Yuuri,” Victor whined. He shook his head as he pushed the trolley - half full of groceries - past the candy aisle.

“Papa!” Yuuri paused and glanced towards Yuri, finding the blonde boy staring at him with a serious look at the entryway of the candy aisle, “I want chocolate,” the boy demanded while stomping his foot. He glanced towards Victor - who stood beside him rather than beside the boy - was staring at the boy with a startled look, taken aback by Yuri’s demand.

“No,” he replied, shaking his head.

“I want chocolate,” Yuri demanded again, this time louder than before.

“And I said no,” he repeated before turning back to the trolley and started pushing it.

“I WANT CHOCOLATE,” Yuri shouted loudly, which he chose to ignore as he started going down the aisle beside the candy one.

“Yuuri, shouldn’t we,” Victor said while waving in Yuri’s direction.

“Victor,” he called out, beckoning his boyfriend to follow him. He had barely disappeared out of the boy’s sight when the tears start.

He let out a small sigh as he turned towards Victor with a pointed look.

“He’s crying,” Victor said, a look of panic on his face. Clearly uncomfortable with hearing the boy cry.

“PAPA, I WANT CHOCOLATE,” Yuri shouted from the aisle across between sobs.

“Yuuri,” Victor said while grabbing his hand, stopping him from continuing down the aisle, “He’s crying.”

“Victor, what type of cries do you hear?” he asked, earning a confused look from his boyfriend.

“Type of cries?” Victor questioned softly, clearly not understanding his question.

“Is he in pain? Is he scared?” he prompted. Victor stared at him for a moment before slowly shaking his head.

“He is crying because he didn’t get his way. He is crying for attention,” he explained. Victor stared at him for a glancing over his shoulder, clearly trying to see Yuri from where he stood at the start of the aisle.

“Victor,” he said softly while gently squeezing his boyfriends hand, “It hurts, I know it does. I want nothing more than to scope him up into my arms and hold him. I know it’s embarrassing and people are judging me right now for letting my child have a temper tantrum. But if I give in, Yura gets what he wants and starts to think he can do it every time we come to the shops,” he said with a small smile.

Victor stared at him for a moment before opening his mouth, only to close it a moment later and squeeze his hand gentle.

“What do we do?” Victor asked, as Yuri’s cries got even louder from the next aisle.

“We let him have his tantrum. Yura has never been good at being away from me,” he explained before giving Victor a soft smile, “And you.”

Victor nodded his head, before trying once again to look at the boy.

“You’ll encourage him,” he pointed out while gently pulling Victor into the aisle.

“I just, he’s crying,” Victor explained, voice nothing more than a whisper as they slowly started making their way down the aisle.

“I know,” he ensured Victor.

They lapsed into silence as they slowly made their way down the aisle, both of them keeping a close ear on the cries coming from the next aisle that slowly started to quieten down. When they finally made it to the end of the aisle, they were greeted by a sniffling, red faced Yuri. The boy kept his gaze on the ground as he walked over to him and grabbed a hold of the edge of his shirt.

“Papa,” the boy said quiet between sniffles, “Sorry.”

He started down at the boy for a moment before bending down so he was eye-level with the five-year-old.

“Why are we sorry?” he asked while gently pushing Yuri’s hair out of his face.

“For demanding,” Yuri muttered, eyes still staring at the ground. He let out a soft hum before pulling the boy into a hug, something that Yuri happily fell into, leaning heavily against his chest while clinging to his shirt.

“You are forgiven, Yurochka,” he ensured the boy while planting a kiss on top of his head.

“Now, be a good boy and go apologise to Vicchan, you made him upset.” Yuri nodded his head while letting go of him and moving towards Victor, holding his hands up to Vicchan in a silent plea to be held by Victor.

Victor glanced towards him hesitantly, clearly not sure what to do. He gave his boyfriend a nod in confirmation as he stood up straight.

Victor didn’t waste a moment, scooping the boy up into his arms and began cooing softly while wiping the tears from the boy’s face.

If Yuuri didn’t know any better, he would have been convinced that Victor had been raising Yuri with him from the very start. Victor just knew how to comfort the boy and make him happy.

“How does Katsudon sound for dinner?” he asked the pair as he started pushing the trolley along again with Victor a few steps behind him with Yuri in his arms.

Yuri head snapped towards him with large wide eyes and nodded his head quickly, causing Victor to chuckle softly in amusement.

“That sounds lovely, lyubimyy,” Victor replied with a smile.

“I never realised before, but Yura is rather small for his age,” Victor spoke up as he exited the bathroom, dressed in only a pair of sweat pants. He glanced up from his phone and stared at his boyfriend in confusion, wonder where the sudden realisation had come from. As Victor climbed into bed beside him, he put his phone on charge and took off his glasses, setting them both on the bedside table.

“He is small,” he agreed while turning towards his boyfriend.

“One of the older ladies at the shops thought he was three,” Victor told him while wrapping an arm around his waist. He smiled as he moved to settle himself down beside the skater, who pulled him nice and tightly to his chest.

“He has always been small,” he explained with a sad smile.

“Why?” Victor asked while gently brushing some of his hair out of his face, “Is there a reason?”

Yuuri stared at Victor for a moment before resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder.

“I don’t think Yura’s mother looked after him,” he admitted.

“Think?” Victor repeated, he let out a hum.

“He was so thin and so small when I got him. There wasn’t much else that could explain that,” he sighed, only to let out a soft hum as Victor pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead.

“He is safe and loved and cared for now,” Victor reminded him.

“He is,” he agreed, a smile finding a way to his lips as he let his eyes slide shut and the exhaustion of the day take over him, helping him fade off to sleep while being cuddled by his boyfriend.

Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door

Happy Easter!

So since it’s Easter and I go back to school tomorrow (ugh) I decided to, make a short one shot for my favorite fan artist on here… @bunny-yams ! Hope this doesn’t seem odd I just love your art! 


Nights at the office lately have been long and almost never ending for Alex. Course, to him, it was worth it, saying as he now had Sunday and Monday off to spend with his family. He had arrived home a bit late last night, seeing Thomas asleep on the couch.

He had waited till Pip had gone to sleep, hiding some colorful plastic eggs inside and outside of their house. Alex almost stepped on one, narrowly avoiding it as he placed his case down.

The TV was on quiet, a big purple basket sat on the opposite couch, coloring books, pencils, paper, chocolates and a new little pair of converse in it. A small stuffed puppy sat in front, paws crossed and eyes staring innocently.

Alex smiled at his husband, running a hand through his hair softly, placing a kiss on his forehead. Thomas stirred, eyes peering sleepily at Alex.

“Hey baby,” He sat up, smiling at his husband.

“Hey,” Alex crawled onto the couch, Thomas laying back down as he pulled the shorter of the two onto his chest, wrapping his arms around his waist.

“How early do you think he’ll be up?” Thomas’ voice was muffled, face buried into Alex’s hair.

Alex snorted, “Crack of down? Maybe earlier.” 

Thomas nodded, letting his head lay down on the pillow, Alex’s laying between his collar bones, eyes shutting slowly, the soft sounds of Moulin Rogue playing on the TV.

~     ~     ~

“DADDY! PAPA!” Alex and Thomas jumped, Alex’s head hitting Thomas’ chin, both men wincing as they tried not to fall off the couch in vein.

The two, tangled in the back blanket, sat up, Alex between Thomas’ legs as Philip ran downstairs, giant grin plastered on his face.

“Daddy! Papa! Look! The easter bunny came!” 

Alex smiled, Philip jumping into his arms, curls bouncing around wildly. “I see Pip, look, what did he put in your basket?” 

Looking curiously where Alex was pointing, his eyes lit up and he rushed forward, immediately grabbing the stuffed puppy and holding it to his chest. “I’m naming them Burp!”

Thomas snorted and Alex raised his eyebrow. “Burp?”

Philip nodded eagerly, setting the puppy down carefully to go through his basket. “Ooo! More paper and pencils! Daddy! I can make more drawings for you and - and Uncle Jemmy!”

“That you can darlin’.”


“For dessert Philip!” He pouted, placing all the items in a neat pile. He sat on the couch, bouncing up and down.

“Am I allowed to find eggs now?”

Alex smiled, standing up and stretching, Thomas following suit. “Do you not want breakfast first?” Philip shook his head, determined look on his face.

Thomas laughed, “At least let Papa and I have some coffee.” Philip growled softly under his breath, and Alex laughed.

“My little tiger, it won’t be longer than five minutes.”

“Five minutes is too long! I could find a billion eggs in five minutes!”

“A billion? You think the easter bunny hid a billion eggs!” Philip considered then shrugged.

Thomas and Alex shared an amused look before Thomas gave in. “Alright darlin’, we can go easter egg hunting first, then breakfast and coffee.”

“Yes!” He fist pumped, diving behind the couch to grab his basket, running out already having a pink egg in his Batman basket.

“Daddy! Papa! Let’s go! More candy! And money!” He ran around the living room, missing a few but after Alex and Thomas “subtly” hinted at them. By the time he collected all eight from the living room he’d run into the kitchen.

“Did you put money in any of them?” Alex whispered to Thomas, who shrugged in return.

“Some change, a few ones, maybe a five? C’mon baby, what’s a six year old going to do with money?”

Alex rolled his eyes, following as Philip raced out of the house, running to search in their garden.

“Do you think he buried any?” Philip questioned, voice innocent as he grabbed one off of his swing.

“Um, I doubt it.” Alex brushed it off.

Philip’s eyes widened, “But we don’t know for sure!”

Alex said nothing as he sat back up a few decorations Philip bumped into, turning around when Thomas yelled at Philip.

“What is - “ He cut himself off, laugh busting out of him.

Philip had - in the two seconds Alex had been turned - begun digging in their small flower area, face smudged with dirt, hands filthy as he stared innocently at his dads.

“What?” He wiped under his nose, leaving a smudge of dirt, “We didn’t know if they planted an egg here!”

Alex covered his mouth to keep from laughing as Thomas tried to come up with a way to explain why he knew without giving away the truth. “Um, well I know he didn’t.”

“Yeah but how?”

“Well, the easter bunny, along with Santa and the Tooth Fairy are friends with parents. They tell them what they got the kids and where they hid eggs so the parents didn’t accidentally do the same thing.”

Philip nodded in understanding, standing up and brushing a tiny bit of dirt from him. “Okay! Um, sorry about your garden Papa…”

“It’s okay Pip,” Alex laughed, “Let’s just go finish finding the eggs.”


Hope that was cute! Anyway, I have a few more requests I will get to work on soon!

Also, hope you liked it @bunny-yams sorry it’s not the best (I’m no Lin with words lol)

Sasuke gasped in pain as he clutched his wound. Pulling his hand away he stared at the crimson color that painted his pale hand. He sucked his teeth then reached into his pocket. He only had enough battery for one phonecall. He debated for a while before he dialled that oh so familiar number. He didn’t have to wait long for the phone to pick up.

“Oi Teme! Where are you aren’t you supposed to be home by now?!?” Naruto yelled.

“Sorry… I have to work overtime for a bit… There a lot of paperwork today…” Sasuke opened his mouth in a silent gasp of pain.

The line was silent for a bit before Naruto replied,“ Just hurry okay? Menma’s getting cranky, he’s waiting for you to come back…”

Sasuke chuckled as he heard a noise in the background that sounded like a child yelling. Faintly he heard Naruto say, “Hey baby wanna talk to daddy?”

Sasuke heard a child’s giggle before there were shuffling sounds, “D-daddy!”

Automatically changing into a baby voice Sasuke replied. “Was Menma good today?”

“Yeah! Papa gave me candy today!” Menma exclaimed as he giggled.

“Was it good candy?” Sasuke asked breathlessly as he suddenly felt light-headed.

“Yeah! A-and Papa also took me to the park today! We saw Ms.Sakura today!”

“Did you make any friends at the park today?” Sasuke’s eyelids slowly got heavy.

Menma made a small noise of happiness before replying, “Uh huh, and I also made the bestest sandcastle there!”

“Good job Menma!” Sasuke exclaimed as he closed his eyes, “Hey baby? Can you give the phone back to papa?”

Sasuke didn’t get a reply all he got was the sound of small feet pattering against the floor. Faintly he heard Menma arguing with Naruto before he gave Naruto the phone.

“Hi again Sasuke.” Naruto said chuckling.

“Hey… Naruto I love you…” Sasuke replied breathlessly before his arm gave out.

“What’s gotten into you Sasuke?” Naruto asked, “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Hmm, let’s just say I’ve been reflecting on my life today…” Sasuke slowly laid down on his back and put his speaker on.

Naruto chuckled before replying, “Ne, Sasuke?”

“Hmm?” Sasuke closed his eyes as he relaxed.

“I love you too~” the phone was yanked away from Naruto.

“I love you too daddy!” Menma yelled before giggling.

“I love you too baby and I also love papa a lot…” Sasuke said as his voice cracked.

“Daddy, why you crying?” Menma asked before the phone was pulled away from him.

“Oi Sasuke what’s wrong?” Naruto asked concerned.

“Nothing… Take care of Menma will you? No feeding him ramen everyday…” Sasuke said.

“Oi Sasuke-” Naruto yelled again before he was cut off.

“I love you two…” Sasuke said one last time before passing out.

“Sasuke? Oi Sasuke! Answer dammit! Teme you better not be messing around!”

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oh gosh, with the dorkwin at IKEA comic, I'm not sure if you have this at your IKEA but the one in my city has this bulk candy section right next to where you get the hot dogs. I can just see dorkwin going to town on the candies

I know them…and he knows them too xD

Thank you for the ask :3

The IKEA diaries

Merlin Headcanon
  • Eggsy and Roxy were his favorite of the recruits.
  • After the movie, he runs detailed backgrounds on all their neighbors and hooks up their home alarms to his house so if something happens MERLIN IS ON IT. WITH A MACHINE GUN.
  • So the last new Kingsman before Roxy was Eggsy’s dad, right? 17 years ago? And he was presumable a bit older than Eggsy/Roxy, and now Merlin’s so much older he’s just like-“They’re so young! They’re just bbs!” and he gets in the habit of checking up on them, you know, totally smoothly and unobtrusively, after missions to make sure they’re doing all right.
  • The two of them get in the habit of coming into his office to sit in on each other’s missions, and he gets in the habit of making sure there’s extra tea (of all the brands they like, and he gets Eggsy ginger snaps and makes sure there’s always a box of turkish delights for Roxy, who secretly has the sweet tooth to end all sweet tooths. And when other agents try to eat the cookies he stops them). Eggsy bops in and asks idiot questions when they’re both watching Roxy’s feed - No, Eggsy, don’t touch that- -Yes, Eggsy, the entire Chelsea squad was once kidnapped and held for ransom for four days and Harry rescued them with a fountain pen and a harmonica- while Roxy tends to sit quietly and sometimes meditate and demolishes three plates full of baklava when Eggsy’s in danger. After a while he starts to think it’s too quiet when he’s by himself.
  • A couple of the other agents try to patronize Roxy or be snobbish to Eggsy, but they only try it once or twice because Merlin swoops in like a hawk and decides those agents need to redo their yearly fitness classifications (and watches them jog on treadmills with leads attached to their chests for AGES with his eyes just sparkling with glee behind his glasses -Oh, dear, I’m afraid I forgot to turn the machine on that time, that’s ten more miles for you, Tristan, chop chop- or go do really important missions in the middle of a rainforest where mosquitoes eat you alive until they think about what they’ve done. And he makes sure Roxy and Eggsy never find out.
  • Whenever one of them is in the infirmary, Merlin spoils their dogs horribly and cuddles them while he monitors other missions.
  • He feels just as responsible for Eggsy’s dad’s death as Harry (because he missed the grenade too, and he should have trained Lee to check, should have stopped him, should have known) and has made it his personal mission to see that Eggsy Unwin dies of old age.
DA:I Fic: Hide-and-Sneak (1/1)

OKAY it is twigcollins’ birthday, and NOT ONLY did she have to work overtime because of snow shenanigans early in the week, it meant our dinner plans were disrupted and postponed. SO. If you can’t write sweet fic for your friend on her birthday, WHEN CAN YOU? (Happy birthday, lovely! <3)

(This is AUish, in that I don’t know exactly how things will play out right now, but it’s still the same Rose Trevelyan/Cullen I’ve been writing about. Just… later. In a way that may or may not end up canonically happening. /bases covered)


Cullen blinked blearily awake knowing he’d in no way slept enough, and had no idea where he was or how he’d come to be there. The bed felt wrong, the air cold as if no fire had been lit, and—ahh. The room above his office. It came back to him then. He’d worked late—too late, if he was honest—and had chosen to collapse in the old loft room because navigating a single ladder had seemed infinitely less fraught than making his way across the entirety of Skyhold only to sleep in a too-large, too-soft bed regretfully devoid of the wife who made it bearable. Not that he ever slept particularly well when duty called her away from him. At least he hadn’t actually fallen asleep at his desk. Again.

Still, he regretted his choice of sleeping arrangements as he rose. His knees popped alarmingly, his neck gave an uncomfortable twinge, and he was all too aware how completely he’d adapted to the softer mattress Rose insisted on. He was mid-stretch when the sound of laughter from below made him pause. His back, stiff from too much time spent hunched at his desk and not enough time in the sparring ring, protested the sudden jolt. Forgoing his usual armor—at least he hadn’t slept in it! Rose would be proud—he wrapped his mantle close to ward off the worst of the chill and descended the ladder into chaos.

Frankly, he had no idea how he’d managed to sleep through so much of it. Every book his five-year-old daughter Olivia could reach was on the floor, set up in strange patterns he could make no sense of. Meanwhile, Cassie, the two-year-old, had somehow climbed onto the desk (for a lass of her diminutive stature, she was alarmingly good at scaling objects that ought to have been insurmountable), pushed almost everything off, and was gleefully tearing paper into pieces to make herself laugh. Evidently nothing in all Thedas was funnier than the sound of things tearing. He flinched. She’d made her way through a great deal of it. And he didn’t remember taking the time to put away all the important documents he’d been poring over the day before. His supposedly-faithful mabari watched it all placidly, and when he glowered at her, she merely shook her great head and gave her neck a lazy scratch.

Cassie noticed him at once, letting out a delighted shriek. “Da! Da! Da!” She punctuated each syllable by pounding a paperweight against his much-abused desk. “Hi! Hi!”

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