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Revealing the pregnancy to his family, which ever boy you like. Please and thank you.

[I had to go with Zayn.  Between myself and Hannah, there’ve been so many papa!Zayn feels that I just couldn’t resist…]

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Your stomach is in so many knots you can barely think past the tight and roiling anxiety in it.  Zayn had assured you it was silly to be so nervous; you weren’t teenagers, you’d been married a little over a year.  Babies were inevitable - he’d mentioned from the get go that children were important to him, and you’d agreed you wanted to have them someday.  But that was “someday”, in the future, when Zayn wasn’t still flying off to all corners of the world.  

It just felt… irresponsible right now.

And you were certain his parents would agree.  You’d met Trisha and Yaser Malik long before you and Zayn married of course, and they both seemed like loving, reasonable people.  Trisha had all but adopted you and once you’d heard Yaser whispering he was glad his son had found someone like you to make him happy.  There are pictures scattered along the walls of your house of you and his parents and sisters.  You know they like you.

“Love, you’re trembling,” Zayn mumbles as the two of you putter around the kitchen with his mother, helping out with the family dinner.  Well, Zayn is helping, you’re a bit glued to one counter, on your third glass of water wishing it was wine.

“I know, I’m just… nervous.  What if they’re mad?”

“Why would they be mad?”

Before you can answer him, his mother bustles over, peering at you two with an eyebrow raised.  

“Still sharing secrets, lovebirds?” she teases gently, “Why don’t you two set the table, then?  I’ll be fine cooking.”

“You sure, mum?” Zayn asks, though he can see you’re relieved to escape being in such close proximity at the moment.

“Of course I’m sure, love, go on now.  Not much left to do, I’ll call your father down if I need to.”

With that assurance, you and Zayn gather up dishes and silverware to carry into the dining room and set the table.  It really isn’t long before the food is ready and the seven of you enjoy a wonderful meal courtesy of Trisha Malik.  You absolutely love his mother’s cooking and you’re relieved that being pregnant hasn’t changed that - you had a friend absolutely obsessed with chocolate and in the early months of her pregnancy, she couldn’t even take a sniff of a candy bar without feeling nauseous.  But this you can dig into with gusto, and you almost, almost forget your nerves.

That is, until Zayn clears his throat somewhere around the end, when everyone is finished eating but just sitting around to chat.

“So, um, me and the missus, have got a bit of an announcement to make,” he begins, giving you an affectionate glance out the corner of his eye.

You can feel your face heating up and you don’t really make eye contact with anyone as you agree, “Yup, an announcement…”

“Well, don’t keep us in suspense,” his father teases, eyeing the two of you over his glass.

When Zayn realizes you just can’t speak, he can’t help chuckling, reaching over to grab your hand and squeeze it in his.  Holding it gently on the table, he says to his mum and dad and sisters, “We’re gonna have a baby.”

You’re not quite sure what you expected - outside of something bad - but the squeals that Zayn’s mother and sisters burst into weren’t it.  His father is grinning, and before you know it you’ve got two girls attached to your sides, cheering about being aunts as his eldest sister and mother look on happily.

“That’s so wonderful!  How far along are you, dear?” Trisha wonders.

From there the impending baby is all anyone can talk about and you field his family’s questions, flushed and embarrassed at your own nervousness.

When his parents are making silly jokes about being grandma and grandpa, Zayn leans over cupping the opposite side of your face to pull you gently to him and kiss your temple.  ”See, I told you they wouldn’t be upset…”

“I know, but…” You just give him a sheepish face.

He laughs softly, but kisses you again, nuzzling his nose against your ear before he lets you go.  And you can’t help feeling for the first time since you saw those twin pink lines on the stick, that maybe… maybe everything will be alright.

Meet the Artists: Andre Manguba

NAME: Andre Manguba 

Age: 16


Tradition Artist


Instagram // Twitter // Tumblr

Andre is just a 16 year old boy with a huge passion and dedication to art. Truly inspired by Artistiq artwork he creates these incredibly realistic portraits of celebrities, actors, singers etc. Judge by yourself the huge talent and great future this artist has! 

A comparison picture of how much he has improved, followed by his oldest drawings (from newest to oldest).

So make sure to follow this amazing artist, who will do only but improve and keep surprising people with his talent!

This weeks dose of fanfic pt.1

sorry for the wait guys, here are some fics that have been updated or posted from the month of august till now! :)


Die Young, Stay Pretty

Zayn is happy being a hairdresser who minds his own business; that is, until someone called “Liam” has to come in, dragging his friend on the back of a bet. And, really, Zayn didn’t stand a chance.

Do you have to let it linger?

“We’re married, I swear. It sounds crazy but we are. I was in 2020, and then I woke up back in 2010 and life is very different but there has to be a reason why I found you again, right? Please, listen to me.” Zayn pleads while Liam looks freaked out, “Uhh, sorry mate, but I don’t even know you, you must’ve gotten me wrong for some other bloke.”

between the past and future (we’ll find a forever)

❝ He feels like he isn’t doing it for Zayn anymore, because the interest in his mind starts building a tower for itself and he brings himself not to mind anymore. ❞or where Liam and Zayn fall in love over Bollywood-y things.

Start again

This last 18 months have all been about endings and not just temporary endings, permanent change and Liam just wants to feel like the ground isn’t quicksand under his feet anymore.A story where Liam’s parents head for Australia leaving him with no choice but to find a nanny to help him take care of Hannah. This is what happens next.

Swipe Right

Liam, 26
less than a mile away
“Daddy gets high, but daddy takes care of business"Or the one where zayn gets out of a relationship and decides to try out tinder and meets the one and only Liam Payne.

words will be just words till you bring them to life

He lived in a world where people are born inked with words forearms and wrists. Words that have meaning and reason. The first words your soulmate directs at you.
(Or alternatively, just another soulmate AU)

Tattoos and Superheros

Inspired by this tumblr post:
"AU where everyone is born with a very unique tattoo on their ankle, nobody else in the world has that tattoo. Every time you fall in love with someone, their tattoo appears somewhere else on your body. (not necessarily soulmates, just who you fall in love with)."Zayn Malik, who only has one tattoo on his body that wasn’t his own, and that was enough. He didn’t need anymore than that, it was difficult enough the first time.Liam Payne, the popstar who falls in love too easily, whose body is scattered with tattoos.So what happens when they meet and find a new tattoo on each of their bodies? I blame the Superhero Incident.

Pup Fiction

The lives of two dads, a baby, and a puppy intertwine in a (short) tale of giggling and yapping.–
It’s entertaining to the point of Zayn belatedly realising he’s no longer behind Liam. Instead, he now watches the adorable ‘massacre’ from Liam’s lap, soothed by a gentle warm hand on his back. Gentle circles on the small of his back underneath his shirt. This is certain to make him melt every time."It’s cute, but— we’re watching this 'cos…?”“Obvious, innit?” Liam grins, eyes crinkling up as his whole face lights up with excitement. “Alim’s getting his own dog."Well, Zayn can’t say he saw this one coming.
– Or the one where Zayn should learn how to say 'no’ to Liam.

Zayn, The wonder photographer

“you killed could you do that? I thought we were brothers man.”

Thirst Has No Curfew

Zayn and Liam have a Halloween movie night, but an innocent night turns into something else.

They don’t know we know

Inspired by the Friends episode “The one where everyone finds out.”Liam and Zayn decide to see how long it takes the other boys to figure out they’re together, added to them not allowed to leave their hotel, turns into a battle to see who wins.They don’t know that we know that they know that we know.

I thank God you came (how many more days could I wait?)

Four years ago, Hawkeye saved the Black Widow. Now Zayn has to save Liam.

Zayn + Liam [Romeo and Juliet au]

Romeo and Juliet, their love story is one of the most told around the world, except, aren’t love stories supposed to end with happily ever afters?So what happens when Zayn Malik, son of one of the most well known and richest CEOs in London, falls in love with the son of his father’s rival, Liam Payne?Will their love story end like Romeo and Juliet’s, with poison and blood, or will theirs be different?

Just a four letter word

Zayn’s fine living in this world where love’s unspoken. Not allowed.Till he’s not.

The Money Maker

a fake relationship AU where Zayn struggles to hide his fond for Liam, and maybe–just maybe–Liam has the same problem with Zayn

Sink or swim

Zayn hates swimming pools. He has to go pick up his daughter from one, when he sees her swimming teacher, he may just forget how much he hates them.(a prompt fill from Tumblr for Single Dad/Teacher AU. and another exercise in how I can’t come up with titles for love nor money)

Cupcakes & Confessions

Ethan giggled at that, pressing his little fingers into Zayn’s beard. “Your kisses tickle, papa!”Zayn froze, his lips on the tip of Ethan’s nose. He and Liam had only been together a few months, and Ethan routinely called him ‘Zee’……so this? This was new.

Leave The Past Behind 

Apart from a failed relationship and a secret that he’s not sharing with anyone, Liam likes his orderly life just fine. Zayn hates people like Liam and when a chance encounter throws them together, neither of them are prepared for what follows.

Every Day With You

Liam and Zayn have been married for years, and have three beautiful sons. Liam works from home to take care of the house and the kids, while Zayn spends all of his time working. Dealing with an angsty teenager, a hyper 7 year old, and a quickly growing toddler (mostly) alone is dragging him down to a place he hasn’t been since before he and Zayn met. At least their dog is cute.

Let’s kiss a little instead

Zayn and Liam are the world’s best football players and they both play for opposite teams. Zayn had a hard time growing up and struggles a lot with anxiety and pressure problems and he hates Liam for always being cool and chill and perfect. So when the two rivals finally meet, things go down a completely different road than Zayn had expected.

Temporary Fix

Liam’s boyfriend recently broke up with her and Zayn decides to have a girls night in… just one tender touch leads to a passionate night and Liam can’t help but wonder if this temporary fix can solve her heartache.

Begin Again

Zayn watches Liam everyday on the bus, he has a sketch pad full of drawings, half written songs about the boy with the brown eyes but absolutely no desire to get his heart broken again.

Nobody Compares


I don’t want to be without you anymore

They broke up. He’s broken.


In which Liam’s girlfriend of 2 years breaks up with him, leaving him an absolute pathetic, wreck, so his friends [Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn] take it upon themselves to take him out to a club after weeks of solitude.While they’re there, Zayn unknowingly helps Liam hook up with a girl, which results in Liam begging Zayn to be his wingman and help him hook up with anyone he deems worthy.Zayn agrees [sort of], but unbeknownst to Liam, there’s just a faint problem.Zayn is helplessly, irrevocably, and unbelievably in love with Liam.

Shades of Blue

The moment the sentence drops on the table he notices the way Liam starts to shake before he’s looking into his eyes with this incredulous look on his face. “You’d want that?” He heaves out his tone almost bewildered.
Zayn just grabs his fingers under the table and presses. “If I didn’t – you’d know by now I wouldn’t have stuck around.”
“But you’re so – I don’t really know how to put it – just –”
“Shush it.” He orders maybe a bit too harshly. “You’re one of the best things that have entered my life since she left it. Kiss me.”
He watches as Liam’s eyes divert towards the girls lost in the tablet Liam handed Vi in the car. “Kiss me.” He says again. “From the look of them, they’ll be just fine with the news.”

I Like the Color Red, So I Let It Bleed

(Or the one where Zayn is not interested in thinking about the consequences of making Liam his).

We Are The Worst

Liam and Zayn meet up on Grindr and screw it up the first time. Niall wants to rectify that.

Never Gonna Wanna Let Me Go

Zayn Malik is one of the highest paid escorts in London. He’s good at his job, he knows this. But it’s not his chosen field, it’s easy money so he can have a chance to pursue his chosen field without becoming homeless. His employer Caroline has many rules to keep him safe but Zayn only has one ‘Don’t Get Attached’. Of course, there was always going to be one, the guy who would come in to the picture and make Zayn’s easy job almost impossible.

Guess I always push my luck when I’m with you 

the Tinder AU nobody asked for. 

When I’m with you

They’ve been pushing their luck since the day they met, difference is they do it together.This is canon but of course AU. The lead up to the kiss in 2014 at the NRJs.

amentation (MCD)

What is grief? In technical terms, it is a multifaceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, and philosophical dimensions. My mum likes to say that grief is the invisible anchor that has kept me in my bed, too weary to properly function. Grief is what cause people to look at me strangely when I suddenly can’t breathe because I saw something that forced me to think of him. It shouldn’t be this hard. He was just a boy. A boy with freckled cheeks that crinkled by his eyes every time his frown that would curve upwards and instantly have everyone surrounding him grinning too. To me, grief had very little similiarities to what I have been going through since the day his mum called mine with news that would change my life forever.


Liam’s been blind since he’s eight, and he’s now twenty three. Zayn’s a painter who plays his music too loud, and always wears a collogne that sticks in the hallways. Liam has an imaginative mind, and Zayn has the brushes to paint it. They help each other out.


Zayn and Liam are two complicated and slightly dysfunctional people trying to craft an uncomplicated and functional relationship.


Basically, I wrote this for the first round of the 1D Lyric Wheel on tumblr.
I got Happily and it ends up with poor Liam getting drunk because Zayn goes on a date with someone else.

We came all this way (but now comes the day to bid you farewell)

my angsty take on the "come on then, come on” kiss.

Let’s Be Alone Together

maybe in the end it doesn’t matter so much where you end up, as long as you aren’t alone.

My Bestfriend’s Wedding

Zayn’s getting married.

so come on give me a taste

Liam gets really drunk and when he’s drunk he gets horny.

this dawn monologue

for the first time in a while, zayn allows himself to crumble.

Beyond the sea

This story is played in the mid 19th.. Zayn, Louis and Niall are pirate friends and their captain is Louis. Harry is a British nobleman who will join in by a few chapters.. And the major character is Liam, the captain of a birtish navy ship.
All of them will eventually get together, with Some accidents..

a solid thousand percent

ziam coffee shop au.

chasing something in the night

Another drabble from the SPN universe. I have so many head canons. So many.

sequel  from we’re riding out tonight to case the promised land

A Pirate’s Love for me

In the early 19th century, The two most prestigious packs of London, the Paynes and Maliks hate each other guts. So The Alpha king, who was mostly a peaceful man decided to have an end to this feud by tying an Alpha with an omega of the other pack. Once this agreement achieved the couple would get a tempting prize, but would the two families allow the chosen couple to have some peace?

[The second part to this :) Hope you all enjoy!]

“Y-yeah,” you breathe out.

Zayn silently ticks off three on his fingers and as the last one curls down into his fist, you both look down at the little stick.

Two starkly visible pink lines stare up at the two of you and your breath stutters out at the same time Zayn’s startled laughter fills the room.

It’s no official confirmation from the doctor, but it’ll do, it’ll definitely do. Zayn leans across the space to tug you into his arms and the test skitters off into the tub, but neither of you dive for it, holding on to each other and giving into ridiculous giggling. The noise pulls Khalil from his living room and he appears in the open entrance of the bathroom looking slightly confused and pouting.

“Wha’s so funny?” he demands, and it only sets you and Zayn into fresh laughter.

You only let go of your husband so you can hop up and throw your arms around your little boy and hug him tightly, until he’s squirming and laughing, “Muuuuum!”

“Daddy told me a great joke and we’re going out for dinner,” you tell him, casting a little glance over your shoulder at Zayn. You’re not sure you want to spring it on anyone else yet, just in case, even your baby.

“I want to hear the joke,” Khalil says, between giggles as you lightly tickle his sides. You and Zayn leading him out of the bathroom, the test stick forgotten in the wake of your joy.

“It’s a parent joke,” Zayn claims, ruffling his boy’s hair and Khalil ducks away from his hand. “You wouldn’t like it.”

“Mummy laughed,” he grumps.

“Mummy’s a parent,” Zayn confirms, and he scoops Khalil up, eventually distracting him with more tickles and talk about the show left playing in the living room.

The three of you have an early dinner, somewhere nice but that serves food Khalil will actually eat. You also make a surprise pitstop at Niall’s, where he’s happy to steal your little boy for the night with a lewd grin, letting him off to go play with twins before the two of you say goodbye.

You’ve only just stumbled in the door when Zayn shuts it hard behind you, pulling you to him with his hands on either side of your jaw as he kisses you desperately.

All you can do is grasp at him, a sound somewhere between curiosity and pleasure snaking out of your mouth.

He doesn’t answer with words, only his hands running down your body, snaking up under your clothes until he’s tugging them off of you. You have the hilarious thought that he ought not try so hard, the mission’s been accomplished, but you’re also not complaining about the hot skate of his palms against your flesh, his mouth on yours before it goes biting down the side of your neck. His hand slips straight into your panties, going for your clit with his fingers, the other hand threading back through your hair to tug your hair back while he mouths your neck until the skin is wet and red under his lips.

You make helpless sounds, your hands faltering on his shoulders and arms, tugging at the button-down he’d worn out, until he lets up enough to let you tug the mercifully snap buttons open, pushing it back from his chest so you can map out the lean lines of his chest and abdomen.

The two of you stumble across the living room, nearly falling over the coffee table until you’re on your back on the sofa and Zayn’s kneeling over you, tugging down his jeans and underwear. You’re completely bare beneath him, one leg over the back of the couch, the other pressed up against his warm and sweat slicked side. With sloppy grasps, he tweaks at your nipples while he uses one hand to slip his cock out of its fabric confines and you reach up with eager hands to wind them in his hair and tug him down for open mouthed and moaning kisses.

When he finally pushes into you, the way made easy by how wet and hot are you for him, you can’t help gasping into his mouth, bucking up against him until your bodies settle into that familiar rhythm, one comprised of connecting again and again for so long a time. It’s easy and oh so delightful, like finding the right key to long unopened lock, his body slotting into yours like it was made to. He drags himself along all the sweet spots, mutters heavily accented and mostly incoherent praise into the sweat dappling your skin while you yank at his hair and bow underneath him.

You come with a rasping shout of his name, your hand a fist in the long and silky black strands at the back of his head, as his fingers slipslide in fitful shapes around your clit and his teeth make red and purpling indents in your already tender breast. He follows you over that edge only moments later when his mouth his on your neck and his voice is a long and low whine as his movements stutter and finally peter out. The both of you lay there, warm and panting, entwined with one another, for several moments after, just enjoying the feel of your bodies connected and touching.

Zayn’s lips, still wet and plump, touch your collar as he sighs out and relaxes further on top of you.

“I’m so happy,” he finally tells you, and it’s small, a whisper.

Untangling your fingers from his damp hair, you pet the dark strands down, smoothing your hand out along the tawny expanse of his back after. “Me too,” you tell him, in case he was afraid you wouldn’t be.

You’d been nervous at first, remembering the less than ideal circumstances surrounding your son’s entrance into the world. You wouldn’t trade it though, wouldn’t give your baby boy up for anything, and with the knowledge that another little life is growing inside you, another little piece of you and Zayn and your little family, you wouldn’t change this either.

Habits of the Heart Drabble: Bashar’s First Crush

Zayn watches him from the corner of his eye, every now and then looking away from his sketchpad to take a look at the way his son is fidgeting. He twirls the curls behind his ears, slides his palms against his pajama pants, picks up his sketch pen before dropping it down again and constantly rubs at the back of his neck - a nervous habit that he learned from his Papa. 

Bashar glances up at him, cheeks flushing instantly before he pulls his eyes away and stares back down at his own sketchpad. Zayn wants to ask what is bothering him, but he is at that age now where he acs bothered when Zayn asks too many questions about his life. 

(Zayn reminds himself he is a teen, and that he was the same way with his parents at that age but he can’t help the way it makes him feel sometimes. But Bashar always gives in, curling up with him on the couch and letting Zayn play with his hair as he goes on about school and friends.)

Liam pads into the living room, making Bashar’s cheeks flush even redder as he plops down onto the couch between the two of them. He tugs Bashar’s feet onto his lap, resting his head against the back of the couch with a tired look on his face. He had a rough day at work, but had still insisted on putting the twins to bed since it was his turn tonight.

“How was school, beta?” Liam asks, turning his head to look at their oldest son. 

Bash gives him an awkward shrug, keeping his eyes planted on his sketch pad. He gnaws at his bottom lip, fingers clenching around the pen he holds. 

Liam slides a thumb against his ankle, face crumpling. “What is it?” 

Bashar glances at him and Zayn, shrugging once more. “Um -”

Zayn slides his sketchpad onto the table before curling closer to Liam to look at Bashar. His heart thumps heavily in his chest because he doesn’t like how worried his son looks.

“I um?” Bashar starts, swallowing thickly. He pushes his brows together, letting the pen fall back against the sketchpad. “Was eh - how old were you and Baba when you first kissed?”

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Alright, alright, alright management.

I get it.

You’re trying to control Larry because the fans are believing it, and since it’s true, you have to throw them off the trail..

I mean, what else could you do (Besides let them come out of that stuffy ol’ closet) if things like this

Just keep happening?

But in your certainly, completely, terribly, depressing, hilariously frivolous attempts to thwart the true love that happens to be Larry…



I think you guys…

You failed

To notice


Ziam is a little bit




[Because I am slave to Hannah’s papa Zayn feels :X smuttyscribbles]

You’ve barely made it a step or two inside before Zayn’s got his mouth on yours, pulling you in against him. His beard’s still impossibly soft from the shower he’d taken before the two of you visited Niall and his wife and it tickles under your nose and your cheeks as he pries your lips open with his and dips his tongue in your mouth for a taste.

His hands go rolling over your shoulders, down your back and up underneath your bum, tugging you up against him. He’s not quite hard in his jeans but from the fervor of his affection, you know it won’t be long. Not that you mind - Khalil is staying the night with his Uncle Niall and Niall’s two kids - it isn’t often you get this kind of time alone with zayn anymore. You’re already hot underneath your clothes, moaning into his mouth as he presses you up against the wall in the foyer, grinding his hips into yours, seeking out that delicious friction like he’ll never get enough.

Your hands find their way up underneath his sweater, mapping out the lean, tight muscles underneath, the faint edges of tattoos that scarred a little more than normal. God, you’ll never get tired of touching him. Eight years together and six years married, dreams of golden anniversaries in the future, and you’re absolutely sure of it.

It’s not until he’s got your jeans and panties around your thighs, hastily going for his own zipper that you give his chest a little push, tilting your head back against the wall and panting out, “Wait, wait.”

Zayn pauses, but not without a little groan of frustration. “What is it, babe?”

Licking your kiss swollen lips, it’s a feat to get your eyes to focus. “You’re just… awfully frisky,” you murmur, aware it might sound sort of dumb after you’d been ready to go along eagerly before.

His eyes go skittering away for a moment, even as he claims, “Well, we do have the house t'ourselves for the first time in weeks…”

You can’t help shivering a little, the cool air of the house brushing past your exposed nethers as Zayn hovers inches in front of you, obviously aching to get out of his pants and inside you. “Yeah, but… you were acting kind of weird at Niall’s. With the guys and stuff.”

He doesn’t answer right away, clearly hoping to distract you when his mouth finds the side of your throat, sucking the skin between his teeth for a gentle bite. When his hand finds its way into the space between your thighs, warming you up where it’d gotten chilly before, you almost forget about everything. It doesn’t help that his fingers slip between your folds to touch and play. Still, you find it somewhere in you to grumble out, “Zayn… Zayn, I mean it, you were acting weird.”

“Dunno what you’re talkin’ about,” he mumbles, mouth dropping to nip at the skin exposed by the collar of your v-neck and this time his fingers really do make it inside you, pushing past that one sweet spot only to drag back along it on their way out.

You buck against his hand, gasping out his name, but fist your hands in his sweater and push again.

“What do you want me to say?” he asks, almost grouchy, still fingering you open, thumb slipping along the center of you until it finds and flicks against your clit.

You bow forward, head touching his shoulder as a shuddering moan escapes you. “Just tell me why,” manage to breathe out, “God that feels so fucking good, but- nngh, but I’ll stop if you don’t.”

This time Zayn really does stop, and you lament the press of his fingers gone from your throbbing middle. He takes a moment to suck them clean, before sighing out hard. “I want… I think we should try for another baby.”

Not that you hadn’t considered more kids, but you’re still surprised at the admission, the way his eyes are gone all soft and shy as they meet yours again. A tiny laugh escapes you before you can stop it. “So you were… actin’ all funny because you got to feeling broody?”

There’s no mistaking the scarlet that’s risen in his cheeks. “It’s, um, it’s just watchin’ Penny and Toby…”

The children in question are Niall’s twins, both Khalil’s age, in fact you and Niall’s missus had been pregnant for several months simultaneously, though the twins were born before Khalil. They really are adorable together, interacting in that way that only siblings can. You wonder if Zayn thinks Khalil is missing out on something from it, considering your husband’s own ample amount of siblings. Still, you waffle a little, leaning back against the wall without Zayn pressing you into it now while he looks on anxiously.

“Are we really ready for that though?” you ask, quietly.

A small sigh escapes him, disappointed? You don’t know. But you do take it as your cue to reach between the two of you, tugging your jeans and panties up.

“Why wouldn’t we be? Got room in the house, Khalil’s not a baby anymore…” You’re glad he doesn’t mention that you’ve turned into a housewife - it’s not a bad thing, but it’s not like you’ve got a job to interrupt.

“You’re going on tour again already,” you protest gently.

“But I’ll be back before it’s born, I’ll be home to help.”

It’s not just a plea, but a peace offering. Khalil hadn’t been planned and he’d been born while Zayn was a continent away with no time to spare outside of a day or two’s visit. You’d ended up getting run a little ragged before both his mother and yours had descended upon you and scolded you in the most affectionate way for not asking after help. You wouldn’t trade the time with your baby boy for anything, but it could have been better.

The longer you remain quiet the more Zayn’s hopeful expression seems to become lost and finally you relent with a little breath and an affectionate laugh.

“Alright, okay… we’ll try and see what happens,” you tell him, leaning forward to wrap your arms around his neck.

Zayn’s face breaks out into a smile bright enough to rival the sun, eyes crinkling at the corners. He kisses you, once, twice, over and over until it’s like you were never interrupted. You don’t have to tell him you’re already on the placebo week of your birth control pills - he doesn’t check or keep tabs, but he remembers the cycle - and you don’t stop him to roll on a rubber like you would any other time. Despite the unusual location, there’s something much more intimate about him bare and sheathed inside you, that hot rush when he comes and your body clenches so tightly you see stars as you do the same seconds after, his fingers coaxing you over the edge.

You clean up afterward and have dinner, and later in the evening when you’ve tumbled into bed together, exhausted and sated, Zayn mumbles his love yous and goodnights into your neck. And as he drifts off, he says, “I hope we have a little girl.”

You smother an affectionate laugh, pressing into the warm circle of his arms. “Yeah, me too.”

First steps / Liam centric

Prompt: Baby Liam! You can do what you want with it. xx

Word Count: 2.4k

This is not an ageplay story. Liam is one year old and the others are his fathers.

Harry Styles was sitting on the comfortable couch in the living room, reading the national newspaper. He had woken up early and his boyfriends and his son Liam were still asleep and so he had decided to enjoy the silence until everyone woke up.

It’s wasn’t that Harry didn’t like it when his family was awake but sometimes he really enjoyed the silence and right now he was sitting in the living room, reading the newspaper, a cup of tea standing right next to him and watching the sun go up. It was a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and Harry loved those mornings.

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Liam and Zayn met at the park a month ago as both of them are single parents and brought their kids to play every Saturday and their dogs too!
Their kids -Dianne Liam’s daughter & Sami Zayn’s son- were inseparable since they meet for the day till the time they had to go home Dianne once told him when he had asked her why she likes him “he’s a gentleman” and Liam’s eyes crinkled at his 4 year old daughter. “And you my little angel are a Lady”.


His father is a gentleman too Liam thought. He was kind and so good to his boy and his daughter. He had a lot if things in common with Liam. He was so sweet, cute and sexy! and Liam is so into him. But he doesn’t know if Zayn likes him too or if he’s just being nice. He doesn’t even know if he’s into guys.

He just hopes he is.


It was a beautiful sunny day. Their kids were playing with their bicycles. Zayn and Liam were sitting down on a bench talking about the upcoming movie of Captain America. Liam saw Sami before the boy pulled at his fathers shirt “Baba D-Dee kissed me!” he looked up at his father eyes wide.
Zayn kept in his laugh. “And what’s wrong with that?”
Sami shook his head “she kissed me here” touching his lips and the fond look on Liam’s face turned into shock.
“Dianne!” And Dianne ran to her father.
“Yes Papa”
And Zayn took Sami and walked a bit away from them so they can talk. His sons face is priceless he didn’t know what’s going on.

“What did I tell you about kissing!” He says calmly he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. But he needs to remind her of their simple talk. ‘Kissing on lips is for family only and someone we’re in love with’
She looked at Sami grinning and up at her father innocently and told him “we only kiss family and someone we’re in love with”
“Then why did you kiss Sami?” Liam asked
“I love Sami and he said we’ll get married”
Liam raised both eyebrows.
“Baby you are too young to get married, do you know what responsibility is?” She furrows her eyebrows “no”
“See, you need to have a job, to buy things and pay bills, you need to take care of babies”
Her eyes went wide “woah, I am a baby”
He laughed at that “see too young baby, how about being just friends with Sami till you are old enough and then we’ll talk about marriage”
Dianne looks at him thinking “how old?”
“Thirty” she gasps “that’s older than you! I’ll look like grandma”
He laughs “ok ok twenty” she thinks for about and nods “ok”
Zayn then approaches them “how about we take them for ice cream?”
Both kids jumped yelling Please’s and Say yes!
“Ok let’s go” Liam sighs smiling.
And as they walk holding children’s in the middle they here whispers of “I’m sorry I kissed you” “we can’t get married now we should be old like daddy to do that”
And Zayn looks at Liam raising an amused eyebrow. Liam just shrugs.

After couple of weeks Liam invited them for dinner. It was a great night and as the kids were watching cartoons after dinner. Zayn and Liam were in the kitchen as Zayn insisted on helping him washing the dishes.
When Zayn dried the last dish. Liam smiled at him and Zayn left the towel in the counter and surged forward and kissed him Liam made a surprised “umph” but kissed him back as hard.
Till they heard a gasp “Are you getting married?” And they pulled back completely away from each other.
Zayn huffed out a laugh “No Angel” then he looked up at Liam thinking 'not yet’ “we’re just boyfriends?” Liam blushed at that looking at Zayn who’s waiting for an answer he nods.
Zayn grinned looked back at Dianne “we’re boyfriends” says again louder
She jumped up and down “gonna go tell Sami” She shouted running out of the kitchen.
“Boyfriends then” Zayn brought Liam closer smiling at him.
“Yeah. Boyfriends”

Word Count: 1486

Pairings: Zianourry!Family, Ziam!Parents, Larry!Brothers

Warnings: Abuse, Angst, Strong Language

Additional Note: Hey, so, this isn’t the longest one I’ve done, but it’s something! I know I said I would have it up yesterday, but things kinda got a big weird at home and I was too upset to write. :/ but I’ve finally finished it. :) hope you enjoy and hope it filled your expectations or something close. :) xo

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Troubled nights / Niall centric

Prompt: Niall is five years old, Larrry Brothers (12) and Ziam parents. Niall wets the bed and his Brothers think its funny.

word Count: 2k

Zayn and Liam Malik were living the perfect life. They were fathers of three boys called Louis, Harry and Niall. Louis and Harry were both twelve years old while their youngest son Niall had just turned five. They were living in a nice house in Wolverhampton and neither of them would want to be in another position.

Their sons were their life and Liam and Zayn would never regret their decision of adopting them. They had wanted to adopt one baby but when they had seen Harry and Louis they had known that they weren’t going to separate them and so they had decided to give both of them a place to stay. Harry and Louis were two funny, energetic boys who loved to run around the house or to play soccer in the garden.

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I wanted to make a masterpost of all my writing for 2015, but I’m lazy so here are all of my drabbles instead (sorted oldest to newest)

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