papa wu

EXO Family

Let me introduce you the Wu family (known as EXO).

The papa - Wu YiFan

The mama - Kim Junmyeon (now Wu Junmyeon)

They have 10 retarded adorable kids.

The first born is Kim Minseok. Their first boy, their reason to be proud.

Their first daughter, Luhan. She inherits the beauty from her mother and the coolness from her father. 

The third one and the most awkward Lay. Their 4D son, always high. He has his father’s dance skills and his mothers awkwardness.

The second daughter, Baekhyun. That one child who thinks he’s the best. She inherits from her father the fashion sense and from her mother the singing skills. She always annoys her parents and siblings.

The playful kid, Chen. Baekhyun’s male version. Always trolling his family. He inherits from his mother the “dancing” skills. 

The tallest boy, Yifan’s favourite child, Chanyeol. He is exactly like his father : tall, dumb, super hot and with rap skills and a fucking deep voice.

The child that every parent want : Kyungsoo. The shy, the most obedient kid, with high grades at school. He inherits the voice from his mother and from his father…well…we don’t exactly know what.

The youngest daughter, Zitao. She inherts the fashion sens from her father. She’s that tipical teenage girl, who spends a lot of money on clothes and it’s a little bit spoiled bc she’s the youngest sister.

Jongin, that type of son who is an angel at home but a little beast outside his family. Dancing and rapping skills from papa, beauty from mama.

And the last child of their love, Sehun. The maknae, the little brat, the spoiled one. Like father like son, tall and dumb. Like mother like son, fabolous, looking like an angel with blonde hair.

As parents, Junmyeon and Yifan raised very well their children.

They love their children, they encourage them and are proud with their sons and daughters.

They’re an united family and anything can bring them down. 

This is a post in memory of OT12.