papa walker

Headcanon that the first time Cross took Allen to a brothel, Allen looked so terrified that before Cross went to a room, he knelt down in front of Allen, gestured to the girls and said “I brought you here because I need you to protect them, okay?”. But because Allen still seemed a little tense, Cross added “You’ll do it for me, right? I know you’re strong enough to do it” and Allen beamed with pride - his fear forgotten - and said that yes, he would definitely protect them.

Ah yes I knew the cuteness was going to be back off with something like this XD after all he is cross ((I’m not sure if I translated this correct so if I’m wrong don’t be afraid to reblog this with a comment I’m in no way a fluent Japanese reader)

Hoshino: #ゴミ箱にあった変な絵②

Translation: #Funny picture ② that was in the trash

Translation& Edit © to me


Where there was an undercover mission to get the Innocence… and Allen volunteered to be Cross´ partner to get his revenge because his mentor loves women and suffers without them. 

Little does the cross-dressed Allen know that Cross is annoyed because other people stare at him like wolves at fresh meat…

Also headcanon: overprotective!Cross!! 


Headcanon: Papa!Cross 2

Or where Cross decided his naive little protégé should finally learn how babies are made… plus some additional facts about the act…

After all, he would not bring an uneducated child into a brothel… 

And this is where the real headcanon begins:  Cross trying to teach Allen about pleasing women when they have a free time during they stay in brothels and the callgirls just end up beating the shit out of him. 

And so, with the help of the women there, Allen ended up more educated than he wished to be, and grew up into what they call “a capable gentleman” or in other words a “beast in the sheets.”

Last Nights Episode of Teen Wolf Went A Little Like This... (Orphaned Edition)

This was probably my favorite episode so far for this season!

Kate in her car listening to a tape about the Hale family four weeks prior.

Kate taking out assassins trying to figure out who The Benefactor is.

The Sheriff taking Violet into custody and her look towards Scott.

Stiles and Derek trying to hold down Liam’s arch nemesis.

“Sun, Earth, Moon”

Oh, It’s a Buddhist thing.

Scott finding a large sum of money and lying to Liam about it.

The power has been turned off in the McCall house cause the bill is 3 months late.

Liam getting hit by Garrett and his fancy SUV.

“I could try catching their scent”

Derek needs Malia’s help to find Satomi’s  pack.

Deputy Jordan “Maybe I should kill myself” Parrish. Forget the fact that you are on a hit list, but you could make muchos money by killing yourself.

Scott receives a call from Garrett telling him that if he ever wants to see his precious Liam again, that he needs to return the money and Violet.

What’s that Lassie? Liam was thrown down the well?

And he’s been stabbed with the poisonous wolfs bane laced lacrosse dagger?

Derek and Malia arrive in the woods and he informs her that Satomi’s pack is hiding from something.

Scott trying to get his dad to release Violet, but instead, Sheriff Stilinski and him are going to transfer her together. 

Deputy limited vocabulary Parrish. 

And then we get the freaking dick of an employee who needs to be fired, but instead is telling Stiles that he is late on paying the bills.

Deputy Parrish pulling though by using what he’s got and blackmailing the jerk face into letting them see Meredith.

Lydia flipping the bird to douche nozzle! 

“I like you, I’m going to keep you.”

Scott when he see’s the car with Violet, the Sheriff and his dad in it.

And of course it’s the Berserkers there to wreak havoc.

Garrett trying to be a bad ass, but instead dying in the process.

Sheriff Stilinski calling out Scott’s name when he is stabbed by the Berserker.

Deaton and Chris are the one’s that saved Scott from the Berserkers.

Malia telling Derek that they need to think like Stiles.

Liam trying to climb out of the well, but falling back down.

Liam using Scott’s word to help motivate him to get out.

Meredith screaming loud enough to make Lydia’s ears bleed.

The Stydia shippers when Stiles touched Lydia’s face.

Chris “Big Guns” Argent

Derek and Malia finding a bunch of dead supernatural creatures.

Braeden is injured!

Chris “Shoot at my Sister first, ask questions later” Argent.

Scott finding a dead Violet.

Kate stopping the Berserkers from killing Chris.

The third keyword isn’t someone who’s dead, but someone who is alive and is going to die.

And the name is… Derek.

Scott and Liams hug after Scott saves him from falling down the well again.

Meredith’s name was on the dead pool, but they were too late and she hung herself in her room.

Stiles hugging Lydia.

Scott vowing that no one else is going to die.

Scott and Stiles deciding to count the money.

Kate and Peter making a deal.

And that is the end of the episode. Next weeks episode looks so intense! Can’t wait to see it! Until next week!

New Carmilla characters?

So the voiceofsilas is written by several “new” people – could that be the characters of the new cast?

Samuel David Ellis –  Corrina McLaughlin Scott –  Nazneen Ramanujan

…who are all editors / reporters / writers / photographers for the “newspaper” and not really fans of Laura Hollis aka the lunatic young woman…described as wiry, verbose, and possessed of a frightening intensity.

sometimes i just sit here and think about young Rick and Kieren 

(how old could they be in that photo that Kieren’s kept? 13? 14?)

going to school together, being best friends, the jock and the art kid (other kids giving Rick hell for hanging out with the wierdo, but Rick always saying that Ren is alright, that they know nothing about him)

knowing about each other’s likes and dislikes (Rick finding out that van Gogh is Ren’s fave and then picking that card for him…)

Kier drawing Rick, while Rick is sitting on his couch in the Walkers’ living room, eating popcorn and watching dumb movies

movie marathones with Ren, Rick and papa Walker

but also, first freak outs, holy shit i’m in love with my best friend, 

first tentative touches, first kiss on the cheek! (suprisignly, it was Rick who kissed Ren first, it just seemed natural at the moment), first dates that weren’t really dates (it’s just a movie, Ren)

stupid teenage crush turning into something more meaningful, more mature (he knows absolutely everything about me, the good things and the bad things, and he loves me nonetheless)

them not getting their first real kiss, not getting to the love confessions, because it was just too scary  

and then Kier writing those letters, hundreds of letters, keeping them going in his head

Rick thinking that Ren has forgotten about them, but that’s okay, as long as he’s happy


i’m going to cry