papa tony

  • Steve: What are you doing?
  • Bucky: Child locks.
  • Steve: ??????
  • Bucky: Well, Tony's little, so he really should have child locks on the cabinets.
  • Steve: ...o k...
  • Three Weeks Later:
  • Steve: *sitting trapped under thor's hammer with bucky magnetized to the door behind him* Tony, no no, bad Tony, please do not blow up Daddy's cabinets-
  • Tony: Yes, gonna-
  • Steve: Tony, no!
  • Tony: Tony, yes! *thinking to self* Why would Daddy and Papa put child locks on things??? Fun stuffs inside???? Must be!!!!
  • Steve: Bucky, this is all your fault!
  • Bucky: I just- *both cut off at sound of exploding* ...I just... *picks something up off ground* Huh...
  • Steve: What?
  • Bucky: ...the child lock's still in tact...
  • Steve: *muttering* motherfucking CHILD locks, not child locks, I haven't gotten that cabinet open in THREE WEEKS, glad the little fucker blew it up, ain't gonna put any more of that shit up again.

papa tony telling peter to lay low and stay safe

peter holding the boat together a la daddy steve and the helicopter

realizing superfamily could be alive and real if steVEN GRANT ROGERS WOULD GET HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS


“I think it’d be better if you stopped seeing that Wade Wilson guy,”

In MY mind super family is [Bruce + Tony = Peter]
and of course Peter starts dating Wade in high school and if the age difference wasn’t enough, his foul mouth and the fact he’s a mercenary with dishonorable discharge REALLY doesn’t sit well with Papa Bear Tony.


After a huge fight, you rushed out from Harry’s house and went back to your home, the Avenger Tower. During the important meeting, he can think nothing but how to win you back. He decided to pick you up from the tower by himself but your father, Tony, determined to let him know how pissed he is by designing a series of traps and intrigues.

Do you ever think Clint was such an obvious Dad?

I don’t mean just with his kids, but with the team too. Like he would be the one ruffle Bruce’s hair after a bad run with the hulk, or intervene when Steve and Tony got into an argument. When they were anywhere close to a fire, he’d make Thor go put his hair up because “gosh darn it, do you want to keep your ‘luscious locks of the Gods?’” There’s more than one particular incident of him slipping a blanket over Tony’s shoulders whenever the inventor fell asleep at his workbench.

And they really don’t think anything of it, but that’s before they meet Laura and the kids. By that time it’s pretty much copious screams of 'OH MY GOD WHY DIDNT WE FIGURE THIS OUT SOONER???’