papa titan


One baby for each of them, from each of them, two white bundles cuddled against two firm chests.

The one Erwin holds has a shock of black hair tufting up from the crown of her head, her eyes wide open and the starts of wispy eyebrows furrowed as she examines his chin.

Levi is pressing a kiss to the soft curve of their son’s cheek, breathing in the soft milky scent of baby, and he tries not to laugh as small yet furiously bushy eyebrows arch in surprise.

April 28: Family
I don’t own Nico, Aimee or Jeanelle they belong to the wonderful Miyajimamizy.
I was torn btw Miya family and that of FluteFluffWrites fic Home. But since I always wanted to draw these 3 adorable kids I went with this. I think I will colour it in the near future too.


i swear i’ll be back to prompts tomorrow or smth but i have a paper to write and i just wrote 2k words of fic because im a responsible student


Erwin gawped at the scratch Eren had made on the coffee table. A bit too vigorous with the mini metallic blue Corvette, clearly; the toy car was missing from Eren’s collection, and the little boy was looking up at him guiltily, with puppy dog eyes that never failed to melt Erwin into a puddle of mush. 

“That is a big scratch,” he said to Eren. Eren nodded. 

“We should hide it from Papa.” Eren nodded again, even more vigorously. 

Erwin ran through his thoughts. He had read in one of Levi’s many Housekeeping magazines that rubbing a peanut or something on the scratch would make it disappear, and with a booming voice, he ordered their son to fetch the jar of peanuts from the pantry. 

Levi came back, loaded down with groceries, to find both his husband and son looking up at him guiltily, with puppy dog eyes that had him instantly suspecting something was afoot. The coffee table was piled inexplicably high with peanut shells.

Ok, I feel the need to say this

Erwin is not gonna die. I’m 100% positive about this.
Because of plot -
1) How did his father know? Why did the government leave the kid alive? They didn’t even erase his memory! No plot holes, thanks
2) As Levi said himself, without Erwin humanity is doomed because Levi and Hanji are not able to lead an operation completely alone nor to make important decisions/plans on themselves. If Erwin wasn’t necesary plotwise, Isayama could have easily killed him during the trial, and surely could have avoided showing us his childhood flashback. If Isayama showed it, it means it was important. 3) Come on, the Ape Titan is papa Smith
- and because of popularity -
1) Second most popular character after Levi
2) Editor’s fave
3) Anime director’s fave
4) Dubbed by Daisuke Ono

Let’s say it. Isayama never foreshadowed anything, ESPECIALLY deaths. They usually happen abruptly, without advice.
If we’re talking about a “foreshadowing” of Erwin’s death, we could say Isayama started doing it when he cut Erwin’s right arm, and since then Erwin escaped death TWICE yet.
On a personal note, I also find very suspicious that the serum hasn’t been mentioned at all since ch.70, and not once before the start of the operation = Levi will use the serum during the operation itself. Levi’s worries over Erwin, Erwin’s missing arm and passive suicidal thoughts… I’m convinced they are the perfect setting for titan!Erwin.
Levi will use the serum on him and Erwin will find a new reason to live/fight in the basement, period.