papa stilisnki

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include...

-Lots of cuddling

-Sarcastic comments from the two of you

-Forehead kisses

-Long hugs

-Loving Papa Stilisnki like a dad

-Papa Stilisnki loving you like you’re his child

-Comforting him after his nightmares

-At first you two shared awkward kisses with each other

-When you got comfortable with each other your kisses weren’t awkward anymore, if you know what I mean

-Helping him solving cases

-Dates in the jeep

-You and Scott being the only ones allowed driving the jeep

-Movie dates

-You and Liam teaming up together against Stiles just to piss him off

-Always laughing together

-Being apart of the pack

-Having a bad feeling about Theo

-Void Stiles liking you and wouldn’t hurt you

-Trusting each other no matter what

Scott, Stiles, and Allison were all willing and ready to die for their parents- but everything about how Stiles acted made me want to cry. Scott and Allison cringed when they touched the water, they got in the tubs slowly, trying to adjust to how freezing the water was. But Stiles- it was like he didn’t even care about it. He jumped right in and slid all the way down until the water was at his neck, so completely ready to do this, to temporarily end his life and darken his heart if he lived through it, all for his dad. Honestly, I think he would have drowned himself if he had been capable of doing so, if he hadn’t needed someone to hold him down. It’s amazing to see how much Stiles loves his father, buts it’s also heart-wrenching to see how quickly he is ready to sacrifice himself for the good of others, as if he himself doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

It's a bit more than blood (but sort of not)

“So who do I owe my life too?”

“That’s not funny, Stiles,” his dad says, glaring at him as he enters the hospital room. And yeah, ok, it’s really not funny but Stiles nearly died and he’s not really sure how to deal with this situation. So he’s making bad jokes. It’s what he does.

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the overly optimistic conclusion i have drawn from the sheriff going out with natalie martin is that the reason we saw mama mccall smack papa stilinski in the season trailer is that she found out he asked out his son’s ten-year-crush’s mother, and smacked him for being a doof, and he was like well, there’s not exactly a lotta women my age looking for a single dad with a son wrapped up in the supernatural, and melissa’s like really, john? really? and then they kiss