papa squish

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Sasaki reacting to his child telling him they want to grow up to be just like him?

-Sasaki: His child is sitting in his lap facing him, the two playing a game of patty-cake, when his child suddenly says with a laugh,

“Papa, when I grow up, I wanna be just like you!" 

The words were innocent, spoken with a giggle and a bright smile, but they reached right into his chest and touched Sasaki’s heart. His face contorted into a strange smile as though he was trying to hold back tears, and he pulls his child to him in a tight hug. 

"Papa! You’re squishing me!” The child complains, and Sasaki relents his hug, instead picking them up and rushing to find his lover.

“DID YOU HEAR WHAT THIS PRECIOUS CHILD JUST SAID TO ME?!” He asks, holding up the child to his confused and surprised lover.