papa squish


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“But Papa,” Roland whines, squishing his father’s face between his little hands while Robin holds him to his chest.

No, Roland,” Robin replies firmly — or as firmly as he can with his lips puckered out. “You’ll spoil your dinner.”

He pouts, squirming to get down. When his feet hit the ground, he looks up at Regina expectantly with his wide brown eyes and his dimpled grin. Her stomach tightens and she frowns, and she can feel Robin’s gaze boring into her warningly, but Roland’s pleading look wins out. 


She cuts Robin off with a sigh as she crouches in front of Roland, holding her hand out and materializing a sugar cone.

“What flavor?” she asks with a smile.

His dimples deepen as he takes it from her. “Chocolate, please!”

Her hand waves over the top of the cone and a scoop of ice cream appears after a shimmer of purple smoke. His eyes light up in glee but before he can have a lick, she presses down against his wrist. “But you must finish all of your peas tonight, deal?”

He thinks about it for a long time, expression solemn while his eyes flicker back and forth between her and the treat in his hand. Finally he nods and her lips curve up further as she strokes her index fingers over the two dents on either side of his mouth. She’s a sucker for those dimples.

Roland gives her a smacking kiss on the mouth that makes her heart squeeze before he bounds off and rushes into Granny’s ahead of them. Her eyes linger over his little form until he makes it safely inside.

“Softy,” Robin chuckles.

When she turns her head to look at him, she glowers, but is caught off guard by his outstretched hand. She was always a sucker for chivalry too, but she rolls her eyes at him as her fingers curl slip into his palm. Their hands are gloved but the warmth between them is apparent.

“I am not soft,” she replies. “I’m fair. He gets ice cream as long as he eats his peas.”

He makes a noncommittal hum, blue eyes sparkling with amusement while he studies her. She swallows thickly because his gaze is intense and unwavering and Jesus it twists her stomach all in knots when he looks at her like that. She tries to pull away, but his hand is tightens against hers.

“We should…ah, go grab a table.” 

He tugs when she moves again, interlacing their fingers so she can’t go anywhere. “In a minute.”


In a minute,” he repeats, inching closer to her.

Honestly, the man has no semblance of personal space – never has and probably never will but that suits her just fine, even if she’d never admit it. Her breath backs up into her lungs a little, her heart aching in her chest, and she’ll definitely never tell him that either. Not that she really needs to, she is very much aware that he knows exactly what he does to her just by the crinkle of the corners of his eyes and that smug little grin tugging up on the edges of his mouth that make the dimples in his cheeks wink at her. Bastard.

“I like that you’re soft,” he murmurs, free hand grasping her hip and holding her in place as he slides that delicious warrior’s body right up into her.

Something tells her he doesn’t just mean with Roland and damned if heat doesn’t shoot straight down into her center. “Seriously?” she asks. “We’re in the middle of the sidewalk.”

His mouth hovers enticingly over hers, warm breath dancing across her lips as his brow quirks and those insufferable creases in his cheeks deepen charmingly. “So?” he wonders.

She reaches up to stroke over one affectionately — she can’t help it damn it — then sighs again when she gives in and presses herself back against him and their noses bump lightly. “You’re impossible.”

“Impossibly in love,” he replies in that stupid lilting accent of his.

“Yeah, yeah,” she grins. “Get over here, bandit.”

“Gladly, your Majesty.” 

Then his lips on hers, soft but insistent, moving in a familiar rhythm that seeps warmth into her soul and oh, but he was made for her…just as she for him, and when she angles her head to deepen the kiss, and their arms release only to wrap further around each other, she knows that every moment before — the good, the bad, the painful, the shameful, and all those in between — has led to this, and as she melts into him, as she allows his love to heal and soothe, she has the fleeting thought that maybe villains do get Happy Endings after all. 


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Sasaki reacting to his child telling him they want to grow up to be just like him?

-Sasaki: His child is sitting in his lap facing him, the two playing a game of patty-cake, when his child suddenly says with a laugh,

“Papa, when I grow up, I wanna be just like you!" 

The words were innocent, spoken with a giggle and a bright smile, but they reached right into his chest and touched Sasaki’s heart. His face contorted into a strange smile as though he was trying to hold back tears, and he pulls his child to him in a tight hug. 

"Papa! You’re squishing me!” The child complains, and Sasaki relents his hug, instead picking them up and rushing to find his lover.

“DID YOU HEAR WHAT THIS PRECIOUS CHILD JUST SAID TO ME?!” He asks, holding up the child to his confused and surprised lover.