papa song's

Some asks

AC/DC - What are your favorite bands?

Aerosmith - What are your favorite songs?

Aretha Franklin - Do you have a favorite jazz song?

Alice Cooper - What is your favorite type of music?

Beach Boys - Have you ever been in a concert?

Black Sabbath - A song that motivates you?

Bob Dylan - Do you know how to play any musical instrument?

Bon Jovi - Your favorite song about love?

The Beatles - Latest song that made you smile?

David Bowie - A song that makes you feel happy?

Eric Clapton - Have you ever been in love with a rock artist?

Creedence Clearwater Revival - What is your favorite instrument?

Deep Purple - Do you prefer bassists or drummers?

The Doors - What is your favorite lyric?

Fleetwood Mac - Female or Male vocalists?

The Grateful Dead - What song are you listening right now?

Guns n’ Roses - What song describes your emotions right now?

Heart - Do you know a song that you want at your wedding? 

Iron Maiden - Do you frequently listen to your songs on shuffle? 

Jimi Hendrix - A song that represents “your aesthetic”

Joan Jett - Who do you think when you listen to your favorite love song?

Janis Joplin - What is your favorite 70s song?

Journey - Do you have any famous crushes? 

The Kinks - What is the last single you downloaded? 

Kiss - What is the perfect song to describe your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? 

Led Zeppelin - Do you like loud guitar solos?

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Do you like instrumental songs? 

Metallica - A song that you think everybody should listen to?

Nirvana - A song that breaks your heart? 

Pink Floyd - Name your top three songs in any language.

Pearl Jam - A song to drive to? 

Queen - A song to dance to?

Bruce Springsteen - A song that you would sing in a karaoke?

The Rolling Stones - Your favorite album?

U2 - A artist/band you’re proud of?

Van Halen - Favorite guitarist?

The Who - Favorite bassist? 

Yes - Favorite drummer?

Dusty Springfield - Do you have a favorite soul song? 

The Supremes - Your favorite girlband? 

Simon and Garfunkel - Your favorite acoustic song?

Derek & The Dominos - Do you prefer a cover more than the original song?

The Mamas and The Papas - What’s the song that have a harmony so good that makes you want to punch something?

Santana - Your favorite artist hairstyle?

Ramones - Do you like punk music?

The Temptations - A song that you liked when you were younger?

Cream - A song that you associate with summer?

The Band - A song that you never get tired of?

Steve Miller Band - A song that need to be played out loud?

Sonny & Cher - A song by an artist with a voice that you love?

Wings - A song that makes you remind of yourself?


Arthur: Dear Alfred, what to say to you?
You have my strength 
You have my great king’s name

When I found you in this world, you smiled and it broke my heart

I’m dedicating so much time to you
Domestic life was never quite my style
When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart
And I thought I was so smart

You will come of age as a young nation
I’ll bleed and fight with you, I see the light in you 
If I laid a strong enough foundation
I’ll pass it on to you, I’ll give the world to you
And you’ll blow us all away
Someday, someday
Yeah, you’ll blow us all away
Someday, someday

Francis: Oh Matthew, when you smile I am undone
My son
Look at my son
Pride is not the word I’m looking for

There is so much more inside me now
Oh Mattie, you outshine the morning sun
My son
When you smile, I fall apart
And I thought I was so smart
I know I’m not around…

But I swear that
I’ll fight the world for you

I’ll do whatever it takes

I’ve made a million mistakes

Arthur/Francis: I’ll make the world safe and sound for you
Will come of age as two young nations
We’ll bleed and fight with you, we’ll make it right with you

If we lay a strong enough foundation
We’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you
And you’ll blow us all away
Someday, someday
Yeah, you’ll blow us all away
Someday, someday

anonymous asked:

This may be a bit weird but do you have any songs for Mccree, Reaper, Tracer and Hanzo that are like their and their s/o's theme song? Thanks papa

 Wow okay i love this idea, so much so I did them all~ Hope you don’t mind xD 

Mccree: Drunk on You - Luke Bryan

Reaper:  The Light Behind Your Eyes - My Chemical Romance

Tracer: Rude - Madilyn Bailey

Hanzo: I’ll Keep You Safe - Sleeping at Last

Sombra: More Than Friends - Victoria Duffield

Lucio: When Can I See You Again - Owl City

Pharah - Rather Be - Clean Bandit

Genji - Shut Up and Dance - Walk The Moon

Junkrat: Burning Love - Batmobile

Soldier 76: Rebel Beat - Goo Goo Dolls

Mercy: Like I’m Going to Lose You - Megan Trainor

Mei: I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill

Widowmaker: I Think I’m in Love - Kat Dahlia

D.VA: Here’s to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

Ana: Dream a Little Dream of Me - Mama Cass

Reinhardt: La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong

Roadhog: Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede

Zarya: In The Stars - Icona Pop

Symmetra: When I’m Away - The Colourist


NEW MUSIC: Papa Roach - “HELP”