papa shot

Ignis: Don’t worry, Noct, we’re okay.
Gladio: He bombed us with lightning.
I: He didn’t see we were there.
G: He almost kills us.
I: It was an accident.
G: Just like he is.
I: Not in front of the kids, Gladio. Do not mind us, Noct, and please stop recording.
Prompto: Mom and dad are fighting again, Noct. :(

Happy Easter!

So since it’s Easter and I go back to school tomorrow (ugh) I decided to, make a short one shot for my favorite fan artist on here… @bunny-yams ! Hope this doesn’t seem odd I just love your art! 


Nights at the office lately have been long and almost never ending for Alex. Course, to him, it was worth it, saying as he now had Sunday and Monday off to spend with his family. He had arrived home a bit late last night, seeing Thomas asleep on the couch.

He had waited till Pip had gone to sleep, hiding some colorful plastic eggs inside and outside of their house. Alex almost stepped on one, narrowly avoiding it as he placed his case down.

The TV was on quiet, a big purple basket sat on the opposite couch, coloring books, pencils, paper, chocolates and a new little pair of converse in it. A small stuffed puppy sat in front, paws crossed and eyes staring innocently.

Alex smiled at his husband, running a hand through his hair softly, placing a kiss on his forehead. Thomas stirred, eyes peering sleepily at Alex.

“Hey baby,” He sat up, smiling at his husband.

“Hey,” Alex crawled onto the couch, Thomas laying back down as he pulled the shorter of the two onto his chest, wrapping his arms around his waist.

“How early do you think he’ll be up?” Thomas’ voice was muffled, face buried into Alex’s hair.

Alex snorted, “Crack of down? Maybe earlier.” 

Thomas nodded, letting his head lay down on the pillow, Alex’s laying between his collar bones, eyes shutting slowly, the soft sounds of Moulin Rogue playing on the TV.

~     ~     ~

“DADDY! PAPA!” Alex and Thomas jumped, Alex’s head hitting Thomas’ chin, both men wincing as they tried not to fall off the couch in vein.

The two, tangled in the back blanket, sat up, Alex between Thomas’ legs as Philip ran downstairs, giant grin plastered on his face.

“Daddy! Papa! Look! The easter bunny came!” 

Alex smiled, Philip jumping into his arms, curls bouncing around wildly. “I see Pip, look, what did he put in your basket?” 

Looking curiously where Alex was pointing, his eyes lit up and he rushed forward, immediately grabbing the stuffed puppy and holding it to his chest. “I’m naming them Burp!”

Thomas snorted and Alex raised his eyebrow. “Burp?”

Philip nodded eagerly, setting the puppy down carefully to go through his basket. “Ooo! More paper and pencils! Daddy! I can make more drawings for you and - and Uncle Jemmy!”

“That you can darlin’.”


“For dessert Philip!” He pouted, placing all the items in a neat pile. He sat on the couch, bouncing up and down.

“Am I allowed to find eggs now?”

Alex smiled, standing up and stretching, Thomas following suit. “Do you not want breakfast first?” Philip shook his head, determined look on his face.

Thomas laughed, “At least let Papa and I have some coffee.” Philip growled softly under his breath, and Alex laughed.

“My little tiger, it won’t be longer than five minutes.”

“Five minutes is too long! I could find a billion eggs in five minutes!”

“A billion? You think the easter bunny hid a billion eggs!” Philip considered then shrugged.

Thomas and Alex shared an amused look before Thomas gave in. “Alright darlin’, we can go easter egg hunting first, then breakfast and coffee.”

“Yes!” He fist pumped, diving behind the couch to grab his basket, running out already having a pink egg in his Batman basket.

“Daddy! Papa! Let’s go! More candy! And money!” He ran around the living room, missing a few but after Alex and Thomas “subtly” hinted at them. By the time he collected all eight from the living room he’d run into the kitchen.

“Did you put money in any of them?” Alex whispered to Thomas, who shrugged in return.

“Some change, a few ones, maybe a five? C’mon baby, what’s a six year old going to do with money?”

Alex rolled his eyes, following as Philip raced out of the house, running to search in their garden.

“Do you think he buried any?” Philip questioned, voice innocent as he grabbed one off of his swing.

“Um, I doubt it.” Alex brushed it off.

Philip’s eyes widened, “But we don’t know for sure!”

Alex said nothing as he sat back up a few decorations Philip bumped into, turning around when Thomas yelled at Philip.

“What is - “ He cut himself off, laugh busting out of him.

Philip had - in the two seconds Alex had been turned - begun digging in their small flower area, face smudged with dirt, hands filthy as he stared innocently at his dads.

“What?” He wiped under his nose, leaving a smudge of dirt, “We didn’t know if they planted an egg here!”

Alex covered his mouth to keep from laughing as Thomas tried to come up with a way to explain why he knew without giving away the truth. “Um, well I know he didn’t.”

“Yeah but how?”

“Well, the easter bunny, along with Santa and the Tooth Fairy are friends with parents. They tell them what they got the kids and where they hid eggs so the parents didn’t accidentally do the same thing.”

Philip nodded in understanding, standing up and brushing a tiny bit of dirt from him. “Okay! Um, sorry about your garden Papa…”

“It’s okay Pip,” Alex laughed, “Let’s just go finish finding the eggs.”


Hope that was cute! Anyway, I have a few more requests I will get to work on soon!

Also, hope you liked it @bunny-yams sorry it’s not the best (I’m no Lin with words lol)

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I challenge you to a drabble of a Reylo lovechild asking mommy and daddy how they met please and thanks

And so Coupdedoop discovered then, that she had no idea how to write a three year old. For she herself, has hardly ever interacted with one. Hope you like this Nonny! It was done pretty quickly but almost too quickly… so I’m hoping it’s alright!

“And so, Cinderella and the Prince were married, and lived happily ever after. The, End.“

“Mama! Read it again!” Rey smiled and hugged the small bouncing child tight.

“Padmé that’s the second time we’ve read you that story! How about you pick another?”

Padmé pouted and shook her head, dark curls bouncing into a mess that Rey would have to brush out before Padmé fell asleep.

“But Mama, it’s my best! I want my princess story!”

Kylo laughed from behind the two-leaning in the doorway.

“Then how about a story about your mother?” Padmé stared at her mother with wide hazel eyes-mouth hanging open in shock.

“Mama? Mama’s a princess?”

Rey rolled her eyes and smirked at Kylo.

“No. Mamas not a princess, my lovely.”

“You’re absolutely right!” Kylo strode over to the bed, sitting down at the end, trying not to take up too much space on the child’s bed. “She’s a queen now. After all, she married a prince didn’t she?”

Rey snorted, giggling slightly at Kylo’s corny expression.

“Prince! Oh, that’s funny.”

Padmé lightly tugged on Rey’s shirt, demanding her full attention.

“Mama! Mama?”

Rey smiled lovingly at her daughter.

“Yes, dearest?”

“How did you and Papa meet?”

Rey raised a brow, and smirked, turning over to look at her husband, who twiddled his thumbs innocently.

“Ask Papa.”

Kylo shot a put-off look at Rey, and sighed, putting on an exaggerated dreamy smile and reaching over to push hair from Rey’s face.

“You see, Padmé, it was fate. I had been having dreams about Mama for a very long time before we met. I knew that we were meant to be together. So one day, Papa went to go find his lovely princess.”

Rey rolled her eyes, sitting back with Padmé who eagerly sat at attention, drinking in her father’s every word.

“I searched high and low for her, but to no avail.”

Padmé wilted slightly, lip trembling.


She instantly brightened up, eager once again and shaking with excitement. Rey couldn’t hold back her grin, watching Padmé bounce with joy.

“I found her. On a beautiful green planet by a large stone castle.”

Padmé gasped and looked at Rey in shock.

“Mama IS a princess!”

Rey shook her head.

“It was Maz’s castle, sweetie. Mama’s not a princess.”

Padmé didn’t seem at all discouraged by this however. In fact she seemed to ignore it in its entirety in favour of believing her mother was true royalty.

“Papa! What happened next?” She demanded, reaching out for her father.

Kylo instantly reached back, taking Padmé into his arms and holding her up above him as he flopped back onto the bed.

“One of Papa’s soldiers told Papa where the princess was, and I went to go find her in the forest. Silly thing was running away, can you believe that, pumpkin?”

Padmé giggled and waved her arms about, enjoying the airtime her father provided.

“Mama ran away? Like Cinderella!”

“Yes! Just like Cinderella!”

Rey groaned, crawling down the bed a bit to sit beside her husband, who looked up at her with a ridiculous grin.

Rey didn’t really have the heart to tell Padmé that she was running from a warlord. Not a prince. That would be a story for another day.

“Finally, I caught up to the princess, and do you know what she did?”

Padmé shook her head, but was clearly enraptured and desperate to find out.

“What? What did Mama do?”

“She shot at me!”

Padmé’s face dropped, and she turned to glare at Rey.


Rey froze, not at all expecting the story to take this turn.

“Oh- uh-”

“Papa was forced to defend himself! And fight his precious princess!” Kylo moaned on, in an over the top voice designed to entertain.

“Mama, why?! Papa must have been so sad!” Kylo sat up, placing Padmé into his lap and nodding solemnly. Expression grave as stone he was about to be buried under should he not shut the hell up.

“I was very sad Padmé. And it didn’t stop there!”

“If papa wants to live it probably should.” Rey hissed.

Padmé shot a dark look at Rey- looking far too much like a younger version of herself.

“Mama should apologise to Papa!”

Rey stared at Padmé, quiet as a mouse. She couldn’t quite comprehend what just happened. Truly she didn’t expect this story to take such a turn. She glared at Kylo.

“I’m sorry Papa.”

Kylo bit back a grin, and nodded.

“Thank you Mama, I appreciate that.” He leaned in to give Rey a kiss, and she turned, lips to his ear.

“You’re the one who will be sorry later.”

INTP: Ok but…. so I see a lot of pictures of KKK people out in the open face to face with civilians and in their hoods and everything and I just.. why not just rip off the hood of the hate criminal trying to stare you down? It’d be pretty hard to be part of the KKK if every person in the world got a good look at your face.

Papa: It doesn’t work that way.

INTP: It really could work that way.

Papa: People would get shot trying to take off the hoods.

INTP: Ok but they’ve been killing people for a long ass time so that’s not anything new. But even if that’s too much to ask, why not make being affiliated with the KKK illegal? They’re a hate group that have been linked to severe hate crimes for decades. If they got arrested every time they tried to come out then a lot of shit would be solved.

Papa: It doesn’t work like that.

INTP: It really could work like that. Could just shoot them. Bet a lot less white folk would sign up for a hate group if they were going to be treated like the terrorists they are.

Papa: *sigh* this is why you’re awake at midnight when you need to get up at 4? Thinking about the KKK?


Papa: GO TO BED!!!

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Hey, Neko. If your son, Palette and anger son, Goth have a child. Doesn't that make you both a grandmother or something?? 😐

I’m not his mama-

and just yesterday I realised I’m not exactly his babysitter either..


If your muse ever manages to get his old heart he’ll give them free food.