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Sithmas Countdown 2016 - Day 1: Palpatine and Maul + festive cakes

It’s time again for the kitschy festive thing where I do daily star wars characters + winter stuff! More here! Join in and tag your work as #sithmas.

The one AU that I will always be weak for is where Papa Palpatine isn’t a totally awful father figure to Maul. Please let’s have the horned krampus-child get a nicer childhood!


The Star Wars Good Parent’s Guide (Part I, Part II)

Anon asked for papa Palpatine giving child Maul a festive present, so I had to make a comic. Think of this as a super jolly AU where the Sith aren’t complete creeps. (I guess Maul’s present is getting a somewhat normal childhood?)


Daily Advent Sithmas Countdown

December 10/11/12: Palpatine + gingerbread

Today’s prompt suggested by: emperorshand

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One of my favourite things is to make little silly drawings of Palpatine being a moderately good parent to young Maul. It just makes me really happy and it’s legitimately relaxing and enjoyable, and so on.

This is true right up to the moment I have to draw Maul’s tattoo markings, after that it’s internal screaming all the way to the end. I have got to find a way to make that bit easier for me.

Anyway, I would most of all love to make a big enough set of Papa Palpatine™ doodles and comics and stuff to make a pdf collection similar in theme to the books Darth Vader and Son or Vader’s Little Princess. ‘Palpatine’s Tiny Apprentice’, possibly?

(Forgive the random rambling.)