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anonymous asked:

Imagine the wrath Optimus Prime would install upon kobd once he sees what they've reduced Jack to be. Papa Wolf OP/Big O is done fucking around boys, get ready for a world of P A I N.

You done fragged up now, son…  :|

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I've seen your Ace daughter hcs and I was wondering, if you could come up with son hcs for him?

Of course I can :DDD

  • his son is absolutely adorable
  • he’s Ace’s splitting image, except that his son has bangs and his black hair is tame and shorter
  • And I can see Ace’s son totally wearing glasses
  • He’s very shy and well behaved and always hides behind his father’s legs when he meets new people
  • Sabo and Luffy LOVE him
  • He’s thrown off a bit by Luffy’s ready-to-fight-beasts-and-monsters-nature, but damn he loves his crazy, badass uncle
  • Dadan can’t fucking believe her eyes, because she full on expected Ace’s kid to be nothing short of an angry little punk
  • But then Ace’s son turns out to be this sweet, gentle, freckled, adorable lil’ boy who calls her grandma and she’s over the effing moon
  • Garp too
  • He’s already comissioning a mini marine uniform
  • Ace is soooooo proud of him since his son is pretty book smart and overly protective of his little boy
  • Did I mention that he’s practically Whitebeard’s new treasure?
  • Ace and his boy are so close man, so damn close, Ace would never in his life leave his baby boy behind

slswhitefire  asked:

I know you don't do angst scenarios but maybe some angst HCs? Ace, Sabo, Sanji and Law with their S/O who suffered a miscarriage (by accident, health, by natural reasons, whatever, you decide the limit).

oh this horrible to think about D:

Ace, Sabo and Sanji

  • This will hit them very hard
  • They were looking forward sooo much for the baby, they really wanted it so, not only now their s/o is in pain but like…dude their child is gone
  • Sanji and Ace take it harder than Sabo
  • Lots of crying and lots of cheering up and being there for their s/o
  • I believe Sanji would be saddest here, but he will try to make a happy face because he puts his s/o’s needs over his
  • Ace would be visibly the most upset, rarely smiling, even if he’s there for his s/o
  • Sabo would be the quickest to get over it and the first to make a careful step towards his s/o for trying again


  • I think he would be upset and blame himself entirely
  • Like thinking it’s his fault that he didn’t notice anything being wrong with the kid
  • He was definetly looking forward to his baby and this is just another painful blow
  • Would put his s/o’s health over his own feelings and treat them and try to cheer them up