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I like to imagine that Trucy is literally the only person in the world who could get away with this :’)

Papa’s home!!

the “unrealistic but makes you smile anyway” au where phoenix and miles adopt siblings trucy and apollo, miles is fiNE, phoenix doesn’t lose his badge, and papa miles is welcomed back from his important overseas lawyering by the sound of their children’s laughter - sit down shut up and let them be happy

Blake’s voiceovers are important in Outlast 2

When I was first playing the game I sometimes wondered why Blake is narrating the obvious. Many a times, he did do that. We are able to discern for ourselves most of the video content that he is recording. However, you will realise as you keep on playing the game that this was actually important in the whole narrative. It takes time to realise this as I also realised this recently. If you realised this before than more power to you. 

Basically, the first videos Blake takes talks about the crash and not remembering the pilots name. Then he talks about the mysterious town. This is all things that happens in real-time. He also shows confusion when he goes to the school and cannot understand why the images are not recording though he is seeing them. He talks about things he does actively remember. An example, is Jessica’s suicide note, which he says he remembers. You will also notice that the first time he is in the school he can actually run outside. As in, he can leave. Also, the TV is not directly on. He has to move the TV to get in on. And, it surprises him. These little gestures matter; they are crucial to the game. 

As someone mentioned, the demon keeps on getting progressively more violent. At first, Blake sees Loutermilch as Loutermilch. As in he is not a demonic entity. But as he keeps on getting indoctrinated with the signals Loutermilch mutates into how his true perception is. Loutermilch becomes a watchdog who seems to not want Blake to live or even find out the truth.

This is where the dissociation starts taking place. You will see that what Blake videotapes and comments on are not concomitant with each other. When Laird and Nick dies he talks about his parents dying. When Knoth dies he talks about Loutermilch dying. This means that the game wanted to use his voiceover for videos as way to show the deterioration of his mind. As one site deftly put it (I think Polygon) — documenting your own mental breakdown. Basically, by those voiceovers, we, the players, aer seeing Blake’s gradual dissociation and detachment from the present. 

When he talks about even his new child he does not talk about her as a being separate to himself. He actually considers her to be Jessica reborn. Then by the end the white light consumes him and he stuck in the gateway as though in purgatory/limbo between that dimension and the real world. This is why the ending is so tragic alongside the death of Lynn and the devastation Murkoff caused. Blake has completely lost his sanity, which is as terrible as Miles losing his body to the Walrider.

 In this way, the game tried to show us that Blake’s narratives mattered to make us question him and question his perceptions. There could have been things we would notice as another character that Blake won’t really. As in, when you met Corgan who is the guy who has “Consume the flesh, and spice it well” when you go to that area before you will see that it is boarded. Question is, Blake went around it — but that part was in the gateway. Or, rather the gateways allowed him a different path to go through. 

In this way, Jessica is like a saviour to Blake as she helps him in many ways. Like in that section where you follow her voice alone it’s like she is helping him move forward. In that way, she is like Father Martin in the first game, only she doesn’t seem to have nefarious intent, not that we know of (personally, when I first played the game I wonder if Jessica intentionally wanted Blake to stay with her making her a villain in some respects). So, the Jessica Blake sees may not completely be a hallucination. She may be in some ways real. 

So, yes, Blake’s narrative is important. Perhaps, in the DLC we will play as another character who actually sees how Blake went through those things or even disappear in the gateway and be shocked. This is an important insight to the game and the overall mythology.

Thanks for reading. 

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Narumitsu prompt - Can be silly or serious. It's family movie night at the Wright house. Trucy wants to watch Disney movies because Papa Miles hasn't seen any of them. Lion King gets a little too real for him. Phoenix has to deal with the fallout. (That stampede scene tho...) Alternatively: Narumitsu Tangled AU where Miles is Rapunzel and Pheeny is Eugene. I'm in a Disney mood rn.

ok so I wrote both


[Disney Night]

“You’ve never seen any Disney movies?!”

That was the first thing Phoenix heard as he walked back into the living room. He spotted Trucy and Miles sitting on the couch, which was where the surprised gasp had come from. 

“Daddy! Papa’s never watched Disney movies!” Trucy practically yelled when she noticed Phoenix.

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Eres Muy Guapo

a/n: so, I wasn’t very sure how you wanted this written out but I did my best! I hope you enjoy it and sorry for any errors you might see. 

prompt: The reader speaks Spanish and it makes Nick feel some type of way ;);)


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Just last week, you were excited for your new future in the States. After years, you finally gained permission to gain your visa to legally be in the States, and you were extremely happy to the point in merry tears. When you boarded off the crowded plane and into L.A.X, you felt so overwhelmed with emotions, you almost cried again. Everything in Los Angeles was so different, colorful, and lively. It was so different from your sleepy, village life back home; although, the people were a bit rude.

People weren’t exactly kind in the States but you didn’t let those people bother you. Your Tia Griselda and Tio Daniel had picked you up from the airport; genuinely happy to receive you for the first time in a very long time. You hadn’t seen them since you were five years old. You didn’t speak a lot English but they reassured you that your cousin, Ofelia, would happily teach you.

Things were great, hell, they were better then great; they were amazing. Life in the States was exciting! The food was the best, though. It was a bit difficult learning English but Ofelia had a great amount of patience.

Everything was fine until you noticed the shift in the air…the shift in the animals…the shift in everything. It was weird…no one else noticed but you…you were sure that your Uncle had noticed it too, but for some reason ignored it. It made you wonder if you, too, should’ve ignored it, but you didn’t.

A couple of days after you noticed the shift; the rumors of some sort of virus were spreading onto the streets of Los Angeles. Your Uncle and Aunt had assured it was nothing that it happens all the time but you knew they were lying to you.

It was on a particular evening, that you knew something was going to happen. You were fidgety and nervous as Daniel was finishing up the last costumer of the day. There was an apparent riot going on and a family sought shelter in the shop, much to your Uncle’s dislike. You were curious as to what was going on and why the people were being so violent, and it wasn’t until the man of the small family of three, Travis, was his name, started babbling about people coming back from the dead and attacking the living, and that it wasn’t safe outside or in Los Angeles anymore.


Your Uncle didn’t believe him…until the rioters began setting the store next door on fire and you were all forced to evacuate the barber shop and into the street…and the moment you stepped out the door, chaos was everywhere. Young thugs shoved past your Uncle and into his shop just destroying everything for no reason, police were desperately trying to calm down the situation but failing. Cars were on fire, people were yelling and shouting, and it was just a chaotic scene.

Then you saw it.

A police officer walking funny…with a bullet wound plain on his forehead…and attacking his fellow officer…and by attacking I mean…digging his teeth into flesh and blood splashing everywhere. You were horrified, hell, you had seen worse back home but still, the fact that it had happened so violently, and no one even bothered stopping made you believe that Travis had been right, and your Uncle knew it too.

It wasn’t long until that chaos almost ended your Tia’s life. Things were falling apart and they were falling apart fast. You were anxious as Travis drove through the streets like a madman towards the hospital but the…the hospital was worse. The police were there shooting at what you were sure were those who were sick.

The sick wouldn’t die until a bullet struck through its head, no amount of bullets any where else would cease their existence, unless it was to the head. When you saw the hospital and how everything was losing its control, you knew the end of the world was here.

The world was ending and you weren’t with your mama or papa…you were thousand miles away and there was nothing you could do to reach them. If the sickness was spreading, you knew it was only a matter of time before it reached your village…and you were unsure whether your parents would survive such a thing.

You wanted to cry because the realization of your parents possibly dying made your heart clench in a bad way. Ofelia was scared and doing her best in fighting back her tears. Daniel was holding onto Griselda, who was doing her best not to show how much pain she was in. It wasn’t long until Travis reached a neighborhood that was eerily silent and untouched by the chaos of downtown.

Or so you thought, because lingering in the house that Travis rushed into was one of the monsters. It almost managed to bite Travis even with the two shotgun shots to its body from your Uncle. You were lucky that you saw a kitchen knife lying about because you picked it up and shoved it into the monster’s head saving Travis’s life.

Travis was upset that you had done such an act to his friend.

Anyway, they were intending to leave the following morning. The woman, who lived there, Madison and Travis’s girlfriend, granted Daniel permission to stay in the house as long as they wanted. You protested, along with Ofelia, that maybe it was best to leave with the two families. Daniel didn’t agree. He was wary of strangers and had a right to be but…he knew it wasn’t safe in the city but he made all of you stay behind.

Now, it was a two days later and the military had barricaded the neighborhood and taken control. Things were meant to be looking up, but you didn’t trust these men. Madison’s family and Travis’s family were forced to return, and now, all three families were smashed into one house.

You didn’t like how everyone acted like everything was going to be fine, because it wasn’t. It would only get worse…and it was because of those men in uniforms. They were hiding something. You knew it.

Travis was out jogging. Madison was waiting for the power to come back on. Alicia and Ofelia were getting ready to go get their rations for the day. Alicia was Madison’s daughter. She was a bit snobby at first but you liked her. It wasn’t until you found her crying in her room when everyone else was out, that you saw through her blank, indifferent façade. You couldn’t speak good English, only a few words, but you knew how to comfort someone in need. That was something known internationally, and you knew Alicia was grateful for what you did that night and even began teaching you English since Ofelia was out with her secret boyfriend.

You were unsure what to do. You weren’t exactly on Travis’s good side since you stabbed his neighbor in the head. Madison seemed to like you enough. “Hey, Y/N, have you seen my son? Nick?” Madison was standing on the front porch, hands on her hips and with a worried expression on her stern face.

You blinked lazily up at her and set aside the children’s book Alicia gave you earlier. You shook your head and gave her an apologetic look. She sighed in a stressful manner and gave you a pleading look, “Can…can you go get him, please? I have to cook dinner before the power goes out. He’s probably in the neighbors’ pool again.” Her steely, blue eyes were on you and you knew you couldn’t say no. Madison had offered her home to your family even when she was forced to come back, you did owe her for that.

You gave a small smile and nodded, “Sure.”

Madison gave you a relieved look, “Thank you so much, Y/N. I know it’s a lot to ask you but thank you.” She said with a smile before disappearing back inside.

You got up and stretched. It was quite but further down the street, you could see most of the neighborhood getting in line for their rations. You moved towards the one of the neighbors empty houses and moved towards the backyard. You smiled slightly at the sight of Nick. He was just floating in the slightly dirty pool water without much care in the world with sunglasses on.

“Nick,” You called out standing on the edge of the pool gazing at the leaves in the water.

Nick turned his head your way, his light brown hair spreading around his head like a halo. “Oh hey, Y/N. What’s up, chica?” He grins at you cheekily.

“Tu mama te está buscando.” (Your mother is looking for you.) You spoke going over to grab one of the long nets to start cleaning out the leaves in the pool. Alicia did mention that Nick took a semester learning Spanish, or tried.

Nick pushed his sunglasses firmly over his head and gazed at you, “You know, you don’t talk much, do you?” He questioned you curiously watching as you began to leisurely clean up the dirty pool, “Why is that?”

You smirked slightly trying not to blush at the intense look in his light brown eyes that were almost child-like, “No hablo Inglés, Nick, duh.”  (I don’t speak English.) You state obviously making him laugh.

“But Alicia is teaching you right? What have you learned so far?” Nick asked floating behind you as you walk around the pool picking up the trash in the pool.

You smiled, “Um, how are you? What is up? I am hungry. Nick is a loser.”

“Hey, she did not teach you that last one!” Nick protested but had a smile and a laugh on his face.

You giggle, “No, but she calls me a loser when I say a word wrong.” Nick was slightly impressed at how well you spoke in English, even though it was a small amount. He definitely liked your accent and how you spoke Spanish. To his ears, your voice combined with the foreign language was music to his ears. You were different with your long curly hair and wide eyes. You were quiet…you barely ever spoke…you preferred being quiet and observing. He liked to think you were a snake in some past life because you were silent but you were deadly.

He had seen the way you killed his undead neighbor.

He rather liked you from afar and thought you were a lot better up close. Hell, you were beautiful.

”Tell me something in Spanish.” Nick announced with a kiddish grin.

You laughed amused by his demand, “Como qué?” (Like what?) You asked softly going over to dump the trash into the garbage can nearby before resuming what you were doing.

Nick hummed thoughtfully before shrugging, “Doesn’t matter. As long as I can hear you talk in Spanish.” He says and smugly smiles seeing the flustered expression on your pretty face.

“Well,” You perused your lips, “Vamos a tener un hermoso día . Estás nadando y yo estoy limpiando esta piscina sucia . Los muertos están caminando . Tu eres muy guapo. Me gustaría tener mi Ipod.” (We’re having a beautiful day. You’re swimming and I am cleaning this dirty pool. You are very handsome, and I wish I had my Ipod.)

Nick almost fell out of his floatie trying to look at you, “W-What did you say?!” Nick demanded with wide eyes. Had he heard you correctly!?

You grin mischievously, “Que?” (What?) You questioned innocently.

“What did you just say?” Nick demanded getting out of his floatie and swimming towards where you were standing.

You tried not to blush as you recited, “Me gustaría tener mi Ipod.”

He laughed and shook his head, “No before that, Y.N.”

You looked at him gently and said, “Tu eres muy guapo.”

His beautiful brown eyes were now wide with awe, “Say it again.”

You repeated it again with a blush on your face. He smiled up at you, “You know what would make you even more beautiful?” He suddenly asks randomly. 

You gazed at him curiously, “Que?” (What?)

Before you could understand what was going on, he was lunging out of the water and pulling you into the cool water. You squealed in shock before gasping as you reached the surface. Nick was dying of laughter but had an arm around you waist pulling you close to his laughing form.

“Nick, por que?!” (Nick, why!?) You sputtered pushing you hair away from your hair although you couldn’t help but to laugh.

Nick grins at you still laughing before breathlessly saying, “Eres muy Hermosa.” (You are so beautiful.)

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a/n: So I hope that was okay, I honestly think I did a shitty job x: I will get started on the next Nick Clark Imagine tomorrow. I’ve been strangely busy these past few days XD

Standing Strong

An Ace Attorney/Edgewright Family FanFic

Ace Attorney belongs to Capcom and Ryland belongs to the lovely thebunnyartist/blue umbriel.  Thanks for all your help with Tumblr, friend!

“Now you’re sure that you want to do this?  We can wait another year…or two.”

“Papa!  I really want to do this!  You promised!”

“I know I did, but…”


           Phoenix Wright sighed. He looked up from bed at his youngest child, Ryland, who was all geared up with his backpack and a nice outfit put together, courtesy of his dad.  He smiled softly at the young boy who was pouting ever so slightly.  Phoenix had homeschooled Ryland ever since the boy had been little and planned on doing so until the boy protested that his older siblings got to go to school and how it was “completely unfair” that he didn’t get to meet other kids.

“Alright, alright.  I’ll get up.”  Phoenix sat up and stretched and yawned.  He smiled at his son, putting a grin on the boys face.

           “Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!” Ryland said and then ran out of the room.

           Phoenix stretched again and then scratched his head, getting out of bed.  He sighed and looked at his bedroom door.  There was another reason that Phoenix was nervous; he looked at the magatama at the side of his bed.  Supernatural things seemed to surround him and his family.  He had the magatama, a gift from Maya Fey, and it provided him with the ability to see people’s hidden secrets.  No one could hide anything from him as long as that was around.  Then there was his oldest son, Apollo.  Apollo was adopted by Phoenix a few years ago, along with his only daughter Trucy. Apollo had a bracelet that he had long before Phoenix had known him that allowed him to perceive tension in people through subtle hints.  Trucy was a magician, and a very talented one at that too.

           And then there was Ryland.  Ryland was born with a unique ability to see and feel people’s emotions.  This was Phoenix’s main concern.  It was hard on the boy’s body and mind to feel and see such strong emotions.  Overwhelming even in new situations.  He knew that the boy had what looked like an endless amount of energy, but he would need more than just energy to get through school.

           “Phoenix!  Get up!”

           Phoenix grumbled and sighed.  He walked to the master bathroom and began to wash up.  Miles, of course, wouldn’t show if he had a problem with Ryland going to school.  They had discussed it a few times before reaching a definite decision.  Miles was worried with Ryland’s abilities but he was confident that the socialization and friends that he would gain would help him better control those powers.  Phoenix argued that Ryland was sociable enough and that he hung out with plenty of friends to be social.  Miles then countered saying that Ryland would be taught many different fields of study in school and in fields that Phoenix was weak in teaching, a.k.a. math.

Although that was true, it didn’t change Phoenix’s mind. He continued to be worried, but put a smile on his face for Ryland. He didn’t want to panic too much in case the boy caught onto his emotions and panicked himself.

After Phoenix got himself cleaned up and dressed, ignoring the familiar blue suit in the closet that was collecting dust, he walked into the kitchen.  There seemed to be quite the commotion at the table because everyone seemed to be talking, Ryland the most.

           “What’s it like at your school, Trucy?  Is it any different than mine?  I can’t ask Apollo cause he’s in college.”  Ryland asked his sister before eating a spoonful of cereal.

           Trucy shrugged and smiled, “I dunno, like school I guess.  Lots of hallways and classrooms, a library, and a cafeteria.  Not much different from what you’ll be experiencing except that we’ve got sports teams.”

           Ryland nodded letting it all sink in, taking in another spoonful, “Do you think they’ll have a band at my school?  I wanna learn to play an instrument like papa and dad!”

           Phoenix smiled at his son as he entered the room.  Miles tapped Ryland on the shoulder with a hint of a stern glance, “Ryland don’t talk with your mouth full.  It’s rude.”

           Ryland swallowed and smiled sheepishly at his dad, “Sorry.  I’m just so excited!”

           Miles smiled at his sons enthusiasm, “As for musical instruments, it would be wonderful for you to play something elegant like the flute.  I just hope you didn’t inherit your papa’s musical…talent.”

           Phoenix scratched his head and laughed, “What talent?  I can play maybe hot cross buns.”

           Ryland smiled, “But you still play a little, papa.”

           Phoenix ruffled Ryland’s hair, “I appreciate the compliment.”

           Trucy smiled, “You weren’t the best but you did what you had to do to keep going, Papa.”

           Phoenix grinned, “Thanks Trucy.  You’re always so…magical.”

           “Please tell me he’s not doing dad jokes this early.”

           Ryland grinned and ran to the door, “Polly!”

           Apollo grinned and caught his brother, “Hey there, Rye.  I came to see you off for your first day of school.”

           Ryland grinned, “I’m really excited!  Dad packed me a lunch and Papa is gonna walk me to school.”

           Apollo smiled, “That’s great, Rye!  You’re going to have an awesome first day.”

           Ryland nodded and returned to his cereal.  He glanced up at his dad, who nodded back at him, letting his dad know he was going to finish his breakfast.

           “So, Apollo, where were you last night?” Trucy grinned slyly and rested her chin on her folded hands, elbows on the table.  Apollo sat down ignoring her sly question.  “Normally you sleep here.  Were you at a certain rock star’s place?  Or maybe it was the future astronaut.”

           Phoenix leaned towards Trucy, tuning in carefully, “Yes, where were you, son?”

           Apollo turned a small shade of red; “I-I wasn’t doing anything before you make any suggestions! I was just with Klavier studying.”

           Phoenix squinted, “A likely story.”

           “I smell a nugget.” Trucy grinned.

           Ryland laughed and nodded, “Yeah me too!”

           Apollo was blushing a dark shade of red at this point, “N-No!  It wasn’t anything like that!”

           Miles sighed, “Alright you three, ease up on him.  He called me last night and informed me it was going to be a late night and he wanted to hang out with Klavier anyway.  I gave him permission to stay.  Although he is twenty years old, he doesn’t need to be babysat.”

           Apollo threw his arms towards his dad, “See?  Dad knew what was going on!   It was no big deal.”

           Trucy looked away still smirking, “I still smell a nugget.”

           Apollo sighed in defeat with Ryland still giggling.

           Phoenix stood up and looked at the clock, “You done there, kiddo?  It’s about time we left to get you to school.”

           Ryland drained the milk in his bowl and wiped his mouth with his arm, “Ready!”

           Phoenix grinned and went to the door to put on his shoes, “Then let’s get going.  Trucy you coming with?”

           She nodded, “Let me grab my bag!  I’ll be right there Papa!”

           Miles handed Ryland his lunch and fixed a few misplaced hairs on his head, “Now you’re ready. Have a good day, OK?” He kissed his forehead.

           “I will dad!  I promise!”

           Phoenix looked over at Apollo and caught his son’s eyes; “We’ll continue this discussion when we get home.”

           Apollo sighed which made Phoenix chuckle.

           Ryland tugged at Phoenix’s sleeve, “C’mon Papa!  Let’s go!”

           Trucy ran up to them and smiled, clutching her side bag, “Ready too!”

           Phoenix stood, “Alright, I’ll see you in a bit Miles. Apollo.”

           Miles smiled, drying a plate in one hand, “Have fun you three!”

           Phoenix smiled and shut the door behind him and the kids, “Later!”



           “See ya, Papa! Have a great day, Ryland!  You’ll do just fine!”  Trucy shouted and waved as she went across the crosswalk heading towards her high school.

           Both waved after her. Phoenix smiled, “Bye Trucy-baby!”

           Ryland waved jumping up and down, “You too!”

           Phoenix smiled and looked down at Ryland, “Ready?”

           Ryland nodded and turned to look at the Elementary School.  It was much larger than he had expected.  He held tightly onto his straps, swallowing down any of the nerves he had.  He absolutely was going to have a great day! So far, it was starting off great! But looking at all the kids running around outside before school started and looking at the parents all together conversing, it made it difficult for him to be calm.

           Phoenix smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder, “You ready?”

           Ryland shrank a little into his dad’s side but nodded, “Uh huh.”

           Concerned, Phoenix knelt down to his level, “Would you like me to walk you to your class?  I can do that you know.”

           Ryland shook his head, “I’m OK, Papa…”

           “You don’t sound it.”

           Ryland turned and grinned at his Papa, “It’s just new!  Sometimes new things can be scary at the beginning, but they can end up being OK!  That’s what daddy said.”

           Phoenix laughed and smiled, “You’re right.”  He stood up, “So you’re all good to go?”

           Ryland looked back at the school as the bell began to ring, “I’m good!  I better get going, Papa!”

           He gave Phoenix a quick hug and ran towards the school. “Bye Papa!” he yelled waving.

           Phoenix waved back and watched him run into the building, “Bye Rye-baby!”

           He sighed and then turned to walk back home.  Just as he went to cross the road a horn honked at him.  He looked up to see Mile’s familiar car.  He smiled as it pulled next to the sidewalk.

           “Hey stranger.” Phoenix grinned as the window rolled down, “Willing to give a poor bum a ride?”

           Miles sighed, “Please don’t make a scene and get in the car Phoenix.”

           Phoenix laughed and got in the passenger seat, “What’s the occasion?”

           Miles shook his head, “No reason.  Just thought it would be faster to pick you up.”

           “Well thanks, hun.” Phoenix teased.

           “I will make you walk, Wright.”


           Ryland looked around the classroom in awe.  It was so big and decorated, an improvement from his dad’s study for a classroom. The kids were all in their different cliques talking and catching up from the summer break.  Ryland suddenly felt very small, but was comforted in the joyous aura he found by everyone in the classroom.  If everyone was this happy, then he was bound to make some new friends.

He sat down in the desk that had his name on it, spelt wrong but that didn’t bother him.  There were a few kids sitting in front of him talking about a beach event they ended up going to together.  He silently wished he had someone to talk to, but figured that there would be an icebreaker activity to introduce everyone.  At least that’s what daddy had said.

An average sized woman walked through the door in a maroon dress and black heels, she stood at the front and clapped her hands a few times, “Alright class let’s get settled down.  Please find your assigned seats and sit.”

The students dispersed from their groups and did as they were told.  Ryland ended up being third desk in the middle row, the middle of the class.  Two girls were on either side of him and two boys were in front and behind him.  He felt like the center of attention.  Where he was used to this at home, here at the school it was a little uncomfortable. He shrugged the feeling off though, such a petty emotion wouldn’t bother him.

           “OK class my name is Mrs. Rowland and I welcome you to your new fourth grade classroom.  I’m excited to be your teacher this year.” She smiled, “We will be doing an ice breaker activity here first, so we’ll start at the beginning of the row by the window and move down.”

           She turned and wrote a few questions on the board, “Think of answering these questions for a few minutes and then we’ll get started.”

           The students watched as she wrote on the board three questions: What’s your name?  What do you want to be when you grow up?  What did you do over the summer?


           There were a few groans from the students.  Ryland figured they were used to starting off the year like this, and they probably all knew each other.  Ryland thought it was odd that the teacher would ask their names if she wrote them on their desks, but figured he’d go along with it.  After all, he was the one new with this and if this was traditional, then who was he to question it?

           A few minutes later, the icebreaker activity started.  Up and down the row he heard people’s names, what they wanted to be when they grew up, and summer vacation activities.  Ryland felt a little embarrassed that his family hadn’t done anything exciting or extravagant like going on a cruise or going to an amusement park, but Papa didn’t like heights.

           Finally it was his turn. He stood up and swallowed.  The teacher smiled at him nodding and all the children stared at him.

           “Um, my name is Ryland Wright.  I want to be a defense attorney when I grow up and we didn’t really do anything exciting this summer, except go and tour my brother’s college that he got accepted to.”

           He went to sit down when the teacher cleared her throat, “One moment Ryland.”

           He looked at her, a little nervously since he was being called out, “Yes ma’am?”

           She smiled sweetly, “You’re our new student here, correct?  Why don’t you say a little more since most everyone knows each other? It’ll be a better way for us to get to know you.”

           Ryland nodded, “Yes ma’am.  Uh, what would you like to know?”

           She shrugged, “Anything really.  Just a few little tidbits, like something you enjoy doing or your favorite color.”

           “O-OK.”  Ryland thought for a moment, “Well, my parents are both attorney’s, or were.  Papa doesn’t really work anymore.  My favorite color is blue.  Umm..”

           “Why is your hair two different colors?”  One girl asked from the back.  Ryland turned to face her.  He blinked a little as he watched her aura change color.  What once was a pretty light blue was turning slightly green, “We aren’t supposed to have dyed hair in class.”

           “Uh, well, it’s always been like this.  I don’t know why-”

           “You said your last name was Wright, didn’t you?” the boy that sat in front of him asked.  Ryland nodded, “As in Phoenix Wright, the attorney that got disbarred a few years ago for forging evidence?”

           Ryland shrank a little at the aggression, “Yeah, but that’s not what really hap-”

           “Does your mom work then? What’s she do?” asked one girl who’s aura was still normal, the question just made him more nervous being on the stand.

           “I, well, it’s…”

           The teacher stood up, “That’s enough children!  This is very rude of you all to put him on the spot like this.”

           Everyone got quiet and turned back to their desk.  Ryland stood their looking down at his desk.  Maybe his Papa was right, maybe he should’ve waited another year.  Maybe he wasn’t ready.

           Mrs. Rowland sighed, “Please sit down Ryland.  I’m sorry for how they have acted towards you.”

           Ryland sat down slowly, but didn’t lift his head.  He was too nervous that he would see other auras.

           Mrs. Rowland, “Now, let’s continue please.”


           A few hours later, Ryland found himself in the music room with the other students.  The teacher there, Ms. Slayter was teaching the children how to use a recorder.  Ryland thought it was close enough to his dad’s flute and was happy.  She did a head count and promised that she would have recorders for each child by the second week.

After that, the students went off for lunch. Ryland ate for the most part alone, but he made a few friends.  There was the girl in his class that asked about is mom.  She was really nice and told funny jokes too.  Another kid in the class, a boy, wanted to know more about being an attorney, not that Ryland knew a whole lot.

Then there was recess.  Just when the day seemed to be going great, it started faltering again.  Ryland was playing on the swings by himself.  The girl from his class, Angie, went to play with the other girls and the boy, Ryan, went and played baseball.  It was alright though, Ryland was OK just relaxing alone.

Just as he was beginning to feel more comfortable with being in school, a group of three boys came up to him.  He recognized one of them as the boy that sat in front of him.  The other two he didn’t know.

           Ryland looked up at them, “Hi.” He said with a smile.

           The other two said small “hellos” but the kid from his class just stared.  Ryland wanted to look away, but thought that might be rude.

           “Did you guys want to play?”

           The kid from his class blinked, “You said that your dad didn’t forge evidence.”

           Ryland nodded, “It was a misunderstanding.”

           “Yeah, of course that’s what your dad would say.  Forging evidence is illegal, your dad broke the law.”

           Ryland glared at the kid, “No he didn’t!”

           The kid nodded like a know-it-all, “Yes he did!  My dad read about it in the newspaper!”

           Ryland stood up, “But he wasn’t there and he didn’t know the situation.  And you weren’t there either!”

           The boy pushed Ryland, “And neither were you!”

           The push made Ryland trip over the swing behind him and land backwards into the dirt, messing up the new clothes that his dad had bought him.

           The two other boys looked around nervously, not wanting to be there, but the one boy stood his ground, “Your dad is a criminal!”

           Ryland sniffled and got up, dusting off what he could.  Before he could retaliate, the teacher blew the whistle calling all the kids inside to get their backpacks.  Recess was the last thing that they did before going home.  After that they would wait in the entrance of the school for their names to be called when their parents arrived.  This system apparently helped with the crowd of parents picking up their children and kept things from being congested.

           When he looked at the one boy, he was hit with a shockwave of red aura.  It was overwhelming him, and worse, it was directed at him.  Growing up all this time he had never had such emotions pointed his way.  What made matters worse was he didn’t understand why. Why was he being picked on?  He hadn’t done anything wrong.

           The aura and the emotions were starting to take its toll on Ryland, he felt very weak and on the verge of tears.  His heart was beating rapidly and he couldn’t see straight.  He was trying his best to stand up tall so that he wouldn’t pass out on his first day of school.  Papa would never let him come back if he found out.  Then again, maybe Ryland didn’t want to come back.

           The boys started walking towards the door to the school, Ryland in tow but a good distance away. All the other kids excitedly ran to the door excited to see their parents and siblings again.  Ryland just wanted to go home and go to bed.  He was exhausted.


           Phoenix waited impatiently inside the school.  He was excited to see his baby after a full day worrying.  He paced for what seemed like hours.  Miles had gone off to work and Apollo was doing homework in the study. He had been so nervous that he didn’t even remember to tease and prod Apollo about spending the night at Klavier’s.

He was tapping his foot impatiently.  The woman next to him seemed to notice and smiled, laughing a little.  He looked over at her sheepishly.

“First day?”

Phoenix chuckled, “Yeah.  Sorry if I’m bothering you.  He’s just fragile.” Or maybe I’m the fragile one, he thought.

She laughed, “I was the same with my first child. I was jumping like a rabbit all day, didn’t know what to do with myself.”

Phoenix nodded, “I should be used to this.  I’ve got a daughter in tenth grade and a son in college.  Yet, I’m this panicky with my youngest.”

“You don’t look old enough to have children that age.”  She looked at him confused.

Phoenix rubbed the back of his neck, “My first two are adopted.  I took care of them after their parents passed on, so to speak.”

Her mouth made an O and she nodded, “That’s very kind of you.”


At that moment, the children started filing in. Phoenix stood up he was so anxious. He looked around, expecting his energetic little boy to come crashing into him.  Yet, no such thing happened.  One of the office aids came up to him and asked him for his son’s name. They called his name shortly and Phoenix saw movement.  He was hoping for a hug, but frowned when he saw that Ryland’s head was hanging down. Other kids were being called as well, so no one seemed to notice.

“Ryland?  Rye?”

When the boy didn’t answer, Phoenix held out his hand for his and the boy took it silently, being led out of the school.

Now Phoenix was really nervous.  He knelt down by his son as soon as they left the school grounds.

“Rye, what’s wrong?”

The boy didn’t answer or look up.


No response.

“Ryland E. Wright you answer me right now.”

Ryland sniffled, “Nothing.”

Phoenix shook his head, “I don’t believe it.  Was your teacher mean to you?”

He shook his head.

“Well, were you being picked on?”

No answer.

Phoenix sighed, “Oh Rye.  Don’t you listen to them.  Whatever ugly thing they said, they’re wrong.  You know that right.”  He put a hand on the young boy’s shoulder.

Phoenix’s heart just about stopped when he felt the shivering underneath his hand.  It was a warm day and here his son was shaking like a rattlesnake’s tail.  Then the sniffling started.

“I don’t want to go to school anymore…”


Ryland looked up, eyes watering and cheeks red, “Papa!”

The little boy jumped into Phoenix’s arms and cried.  Phoenix picked the little boy up, regardless if he was getting too big to be carried, “Shh.. Rye, it’s OK.  Let me call daddy to come pick us up.”

Ryland continued to cry in his arms while Phoenix dialed his husband.  He didn’t care how awkward he looked at the moment as he rocked the boy in his arms gently, “You’re going to be OK, baby.”


           On the ride home, Phoenix explained to Miles all that he knew.  Ryland wouldn’t say much more on the car ride, as he wasn’t feeling very well from all the stress.  He laid down in the back seat of the car, his head in his papa’s lap.

           Once home, Phoenix carried him inside and helped him to bed.  Miles went back to work to finish what else had left to do.  Apollo looked concerned as his papa entered the house with a sleeping Ryland.  Phoenix whispered that he would tell him later and took Ryland to his bedroom.

           As he tucked the boy in and prepared to leave the room, he heard a quite murmur.


           Phoenix returned to his son’s side, “Yes Rye?”

           Rye looked down at his sheets, “One of the kids said some bad things about you today.”

           Phoenix blinked and sat down on the bed, “He said that you’re a criminal.  That’s…that’s not true right?  You would tell me if you were, right?”

           Phoenix sighed and combed some of the hairs out of Ryland’s face, “No baby, I’m not a criminal. Something bad just happened to papa, that’s all.”

           Ryland continued to look down.

           Phoenix smiled, “Unconvinced?”

           Ryland didn’t say anything, just continued to look away upset.

           Phoenix smirked and reached over to grab the boys nose, “Hmm, you know what, I like that nose of yours. I think I’ll take it.”

           Ryland tried to hide a giggle.

           Phoenix continued to smile and placed a finger to his cheek, “I wonder.  You’ve got a nice nose, but maybe…” He quickly pulled the sheet off of his son and grabbed a foot, “I think I’ll take some toes instead.”

           Ryland let out a laugh, “Papa!  I’m too old for nose and toes!”

           Phoenix examined each little toe as the boy continued to laugh, “Wait!  Wait a minute!  Hold up!” he said in a serious tone, looking at Ryland questioningly, “I think you’re missing one.  Are you hiding a toe from me?”

           Ryland shook his head in giggles, “N-no Papa!”

           Phoenix raised an eyebrow, “No, no, I think you are.”  He began tickling the boy, checking him for a missing toe, “So where’s the toe?  Hmm?”

           “I’m not missing any toes!” Ryland said through laughter.

           After Phoenix checked his son over well and good, he gave in, “You know, I think you were telling the truth about that toe.”

           Ryland giggled looking at his papa, “You just like tickling me.”

           Phoenix feigned offense, “Who me?  Never!” He grinned down at the boy, who smiled back, “Still think I’m a criminal?”

           Ryland shook his head, “Nope!  Those kids don’t know what they’re talking about.”

           Phoenix pulled the boy into a hug, “Well, I’m glad you’ve changed your mind.  I might have had to tickle you again.”  He wiggled his fingers towards the child.

           Ryland giggled, “Did you ever tickle Apollo or Trucy?”

           Phoenix nodded, “Oh yeah. Your siblings are just as ticklish as you are.”  He winked.

           “What about dad?” Ryland asked.

           Phoenix shook his head, “Your dad’s not ticklish.  Or at least I haven’t been able to figure out where he’s ticklish.”

           Ryland giggled, “Maybe it’s his toes.”

           Phoenix grinned, “Maybe. I guess I’ll just have to try someday.”



           “I’m sorry that I got upset.  I tried really hard.”

           Phoenix sighed and stroked his sons cheek, “Ryland, there are some things in this life that we can’t let get us down.  Whenever things get you down, think really hard about what family you come from and who you are.”

           Ryland looked confused, “Like how?”

           “Ryland you come from a family of some very strong people that have had many hard and trying difficulties in their life.  Some of them you know and some of them you don’t.  Not yet anyway.  Me being disbarred is just one of those trials.  In fact, I’ve been on the stand as a defendant in the past.  So has your dad.”

           “Really?”  Ryland asked.

           Phoenix nodded, “Really. Apollo and Trucy have had their fair share as well.  Like when Apollo fractured his leg.  He couldn’t walk for a while and it was really hard on your brother, with how active he is.  But look at him now!  He’s active and out with his friends all the time.”

           “Huh…” Ryland said, “Did it scare you?”

           “When Apollo got hurt? Yeah.  I knew he would live, but seeing your brother in such a predicament scared me.  I was worried for my son.  Just like I was worried for you when you were upset today.”

           “I’m sorry.”

           “Hey,” Phoenix lifted his chin, “you’re OK, Rye.  You didn’t do anything bad or harmful.”

           Ryland smiled, “Thanks Papa.”

           Phoenix ruffled his hair, “Anytime kiddo.  Now you rest up and then we can talk about your day and whether you want to continue public school or not.”

           Ryland yawned, “Yeah, I will.”

           Phoenix kissed his head and then walked out of the room, shutting the door softly.

           Ryland curled up in his blanket smiling, for he knew that he was part of a strong family and that no matter what anyone else said, they were wrong.

           “Now, Apollo” he heard his Papa say, “let’s talk about your night with Klavier shall we?”

prompt: “my kid adores you and never stops talking about you and one day when you were helping them w homework they accidentally called you mom/dad”

all of my aa writings are happy clichés bc these sad children don’t deserve more trauma

also i wrote this yesterday on the bus ride home while hella dissociating so sorry if it sucks im trying my best..,


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