papa mako


  • Arms crossed
  • Grumpy face active 
  • His daughter is basically everything to him 
  • So if he mistreats her in any way shape or form he will have a huge target on his back 
  • His daughter begs him to tone down on the intimidation, Just for a second
  • He doesn't 


  • Forward he is very nice and caring, accepting 
  • On the inside he is writhing 
  • He wants so badly to make this kids ears bleed by ranting at him about how precious his daughter is and how he better treat her well 
  • He can do that later 
  • He will however talk to his daughter about how if he pulls anything shady that she knows how to kick his ass
  • Of course her papa would be more then happy to do it for her


  • The most judgmental stare of all time
  • He can point out every single flaw on her boyfriend 
  • Of course he will take them both out back to see just what this boy can do 
  • Test of strength in a way 
  • The poor kid was unprepared 
  • Got such a hard ass whooping he could not even go on the date
  • Hanzo’s daughter will probably give him the silent treatment for a while


  • He doesn’t like them 
  • Lowkey thinks they are to “Clean” 
  • Might ask him if he can help with something. Then hand him a lit stick of dynamite and see what he dose 
  • What he dose with it will determine weather or not he is liked by Junkrat
  • Even if he dose something good with it he is gonna hate him
  • Nobody touches his baby and escapes with there life!!!!!!


  • Won’t say a word 
  • Simple intimidation alone will due just fine 
  • Much to his daughters regret the mask ain’t coming off 
  • He will also have HIS arm around her protectively instead of letting him do it 
  • This junker values his daughter above literally all else 
  • If anyone even dared make a move on her that he didn’t approve of they would be dead in the hour 


  • He just thinks its so cute!
  • And yet he is sad his baby girl is all grown up. 
  • He is however, Very excided to meet the boy
  • Of course he is protective! its his daughter
  • But he wants to be nice to him, 
  • He will give the classic “Get her home by 9″ Talk. But he will try and be gentle about it 
  • Honestly if he comes off as intimidating it is by mistake
♥ Overwatch Papas w/children♥
He’s protective, but not overly soloves bouncing them on his knee to hear them gigglewill crawl around on the ground with them when they are babies
sometimes scares them with his glowing lights when he checks on them at night
but he gently lulls them back to sleep

OVERLY protectivelike if his kid even scrapes his knee he’s freaking outhe loves to hold them and rock them gently in his arms
he holds their hand as they cross the street or when they go out togetherwants to keep them safe, no matter what will teach them how to use a bow and arrow

“JAMISON PICK UP YOUR DETONATION SWITCHES!!”“AND DONT LEAVE YOUR BOMBS ALL OVER THE PLACE”but seriously, he freaks out if his child totters around his tinker stuff
will scoop them up and hold them above his headhe likes to run around with them on his backwill often get them into trouble
is a very good bad influence 

head ruffleslots of kisses and big hugsconfidence building 101
that child is the most important and precious thing in his world will teach them music if they want to learn
pulls them up on stage at his shows and shows them off to the crowdbrings them to fan events so his fans can meet them
will literally give them the word if he can

  • loves to hold them, will find any excuse to do so
  • lets them wear his hat and chuckles at how it falls over their eyes
  • will teach them to shoot with his revolver one their old enough
  • tells them all kinds of crazy stories from when he was in Blackwatch
  • (dumbed down though, he doesnt want to scare them)
  • loves to tease them
  • teaches them to play guitar 
will literally kill anyone who messes with his kidseriously, dont mess with them
if its a boy he will play wrestle with them
if its a girl yes he will braid their hairand wear matching flower crowns
hes not afraid to show his kid he loves them
but he is also very stern in his discipline but he adores them

will shower his child with gifts, hugs and kisses
will carry them around on his shoulders
takes them hiking and exploring
will try to help build legos but his hands are too bigis the BEST history teacher ever

teaches them how to camp
likes to carry them around on his shoulders or back letting them up high so they can see new thingswill teach them to hunt and take care of themselves in the outback
is a very quiet father but they never doubt his love for themhe gets insanely worried if they get sick or hurt
but seriously, if you hurt his child no one will find your body

nervous dad
wants to be a good dad but messes up a lothes anxious but he does his besthe teaches them everything he can
he adores his child and does everything with themincluding going to career day at school (where his kid brags about him)loves to scoop them up in his arms and hug them tight
he never wants to let them go

Bitch if you think I’m done talking about this new episode your sadly mistaken..



Haru’s Tsundere game is strong..


Then some other kawaii shit happens..

liek tHIS




But the main point of all of this is just








Haru and Makoto will forever be my gay babies and if you hurt them I will cut you downnn


Papa Mako more like Mama Mako reporting for baby duty.

Whenever Korra is away on her Avatar duties Mako has to be the stay home dad and take care of their bunch of crazy kids. Also he knows Naga is friendly but it doesn’t prevent him to have a mini heart attack every time she carry one of the kids on her mouth @w@”

Sorry for this crappy, stupid doodle also perspective being a bitch on the last one meh

Happy Fathers Day!!! (✿◠‿◠)

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papa!mako prompt: "Funny how the life he created was giving his own back."

Mako remembers his grandmother mentioning it once over new year’s dinner. The tradition is admittedly old fashioned, but deep in the heart that kept him connected to the roots of his family, it brought a sweltering nostalgia in reminding him that his mother and father probably did the same thing.

He had all the items. A pen. A yuan. A toy.

His daughter stopped her mid-afternoon singing and laughing, preferring to watch her father sit legs folded across from her, items balanced in his hands.

He set them in a semicircle, scooting back slightly.

Naoki looked up with big eyes, in a babble of syllables.

He tried to remember with the fondness that his grandmother had told him the story. How his father had picked the bottle caps (the closest thing they had to toys) in favor of the more symbolic wealth or business, and it had been how San led his life. (With his heart, Grandma Yin said.)

Quietly, with the smallest shred of curiosity, Mako wondered what she would pick.

It was so rare for Naoki to sit still. She was always crawling, clinging, loud from her bed or roused from an afternoon nap. She stumbled as she walked but kept moving. Her chubby, sticky fingers reached forward, nudging the pen, turning over the toy with a bump of her fist, and grazing the yuan.

In the end, her wide eyes met him, and with a smile, she pushed the items aside, and crawled into his lap.

Not since the day she was born (or maybe last week) had Mako cried so hard.  

[Translation] Otousanto! MakoHaru DJ (Part 1/2)

Finally got around to doing a rough translation of this cute makoharu dj I got from the event I went to a few weeks ago.

I make no profit from this. Please do not use my pictures or translations without permission. Support the author Harumitu whenever possible. I just want to spread the cuteness of makoharu <3

{Part 2}

Title: Together with Dad!

Page 5 (this is 1st page of manga)

Mako: Mama, Mama

M.mama: Um-? what is it Mako-chan?

M.mama: Weren’t you just playing with daddy?

M.papa: Umm… about that

Mako: I..I…with Haru-chan, I want to play with him you know..!

M.mama: Ah~.. papa you’ve been rejected

M.papa: Yup…

Page 6

Mako: (stare)

M.mama: Umm~ Mama is a bit busy right now ~ Papa, can you take Mako-chan to Nanase-san’s place?

M.papa: Sure, no problem.

M.mama: (what a face you’re making) <– about Mako-chan’s pouty face

M.mama: Honestly this boy, he really likes Haru-chan, doesn’t he?

M.papa: Hello, this is Tachibana ~

Mako: Haru-cha..n ~

Haru: Makoto?

Mako: Haru-chan!

M.papa: Oh..Haru-chan are you looking after the house?

Haru: Yup, with dad

Page 7

M.papa: Is that so ~  And where’s your dad? Wonder if he’s busy right now

Haru: Nope

Haru: He’s sleeping    (lol otou-san)

H.papa: (sniff sniff)

M.papa: (Wait, he’s crying right!?)

M.papa: Um..why are you crying in front of your kid?

H.papa: Because… my family has been mean to me…

Mako: [let’s play Haru-chan!]

~ 1 hour ago ~

H.mama: So, I’ll leave the house to you Dad!  
(Note: not sure it’s necessary but to those who’s not familiar, Asian families have a habit of calling each other Mum and Dad between couples when they have kids, so that kids follow their example)

H.papa: Ehhhhhhhh! You’re suddenly leaving me behind!?

H.mama: Of course we are ~ the only time men are useful to tag along when ladies go shopping is to carry heavy bags (<— lol)

Page 8

Haru: Me too.. I will stay at home with dad

H.mama: Eh!

H.papa: Haruka..(happy face)

Haru: Because — I’m a big boy you know. I don’t want to go shopping with girls.

H.papa: Ah..aa…umm, of course that’s his reason (<— poor otou-san lol)

H.papa: So, right! don’t you think they’re mean!? the way they treat me!

M.papa: Yeah, of course. (what a pain…)  XD

H.papa: Umm! Speaking of..where’s Haruka!?

M.papa: He’s playing with Makoto over there.

M.papa: Well.. playing? umm

H.papa: Yeah

M.papa: That’s..

H.papa: Yeah

Page 9

M.papa: That’s…can it even be called playing?

H.papa: Yeah…I wonder. Both of them looks happy and satisfied though..

[Haruka who is looking at a picture book about fish]

[Makoto who is looking at Haruka]  <— first word is not printed properly but it’s probably Haruka’s name in kanji

H.papa: That Haruka boy, even though a friend came to visit and he still ends up reading a book

H.papa: He really goes at his own pace

M.papa:  Well it’s so like Haruka-kun so nothing wrong with that!? In fact if you put it that way…

M.papa: I’m worried about Makoto, always clinging to Haruka-kun. He opens up to me and his mother, but always unassertive and quiet when it comes to strangers…so it makes me worry that he might get pushed around by others easily…

H.papa: That’s not ture, Makoto-kun will be okay.

M.papa: Eh?

Page 10

H.papa: What I’m trying to say is, it’s not that he just goes with the flow.

H.papa: It’s likely that Makoto-kun has an understanding of what’s going on.

Mako: (Ah..that fish-san looks really cool isn’t it!!)

H.papa: Makoto-kun can read the atmosphere and knows what Haruka wants Makoto-kun to do

H.papa: And because Haruka is a very quiet child

H.papa: The fact that there’s someone who can understand him exists is a very significant thing for Haruka, that’s what I think.

H.papa: And from now on, if there ever comes a time where Haruka hits a slump and can’t get out, I think Makoto-kun will be the one to realise it and extend a helping hand out. (although it’s mortifying [as a parent that I won’t be able to do that])

H.papa: That’s why…

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

That’s all I had time to do today, should have been working but got distracted trying to finish at least half of this dj lol >,<

{Part 2}

Here’s my translation {Master List} if you want to read other djs I’ve done so far :3

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Can you do a Mako and Rai training together

Papa Mako and Rai looking cool while sparing, but little do they know Mama Korra is coming in with the body slam kill. Her boys can’t be caught being too cool, that’s her job.

Colored version of this drawing I made as a response to an anon who asked if the makorra family celebrates Halloween or any holidays.

Mama Korra and her babies trying to get ready to enjoy a holiday which celebrates the spirits living among humans, but of course her kids wouldn’t stay put (imagine Papa Mako outside the picture trying to take the perfect shot of his family lol)

Miki dressed up as Naga (she loves her giant furry friend). Naoki and Daiki dressed up as their parents and are fighting over Scarfie 2.0. Just poor baby Kesuk isn’t too happy to be the Carrot Spirit…He’s too young to enjoy the festivities.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (∩。・o・。)っ.゚☆。’`


Mama!Mako again! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Mama Papa Mako and Mama Korra taking their little baby to visit Gran-Gran and Granpops at the Southern Water Tribe and Mako freaks out frequently a few times during the trip lol  (kinda part 2 for this one)

#I miss mama mako #mama!mako freaking out gives me life #is it too weird if i portray Korra wearing a skirt just like her mom #and is it too obvious i got too lazy to draw their faces in the last one

How I began to ship MakoHaru because of a handkerchief

I remember that I thought I’ll ship Rinharu when I watched Free! the first time because I like the conflictual relationships in anime.

And no, I didn’t ship Makoharu immediately after watching the 1st episode (unbelievable ! but I fell in love with Mako-chan XD).

But I saw the connection between them and I thought it was really cute but my mind kept repeating “Stay focused on RinHaru, stay focused on RinHaru…!!”

And then came the beginning of the 3rd episode and this happened :

I felt my heart “doki doki” just with this scene. And it’s funny because I remember all thoughts I had at this moment :

- How a scene with a guy who gives a handkerchief to another guy can make my heart beating like that ?

- How to give a handkerchief to someone can be done in a so tender way ?

- Why is he so close to Haru just to give a handkerchief ?


So I stopped listening to my mind and I decided to follow my heart ♥

Now, I’m a very strong MakoHaru shipper (I don’t realize it’s been several months now !) and I’ll never regret it =)