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You've lived alone in a forest with your father your whole life. You have two jobs, housework and pregnancy. He loves to knock you up as big as he can and you complain but you love it. His second favorite thing to do is bring home male wild creatures to fill you with their litters. You have too many young to count but you're currently contracting around a set of twin fawns, a sibling or three, and a litter of fox kits. Your papa fucks you full as you try to push them out between his thrusts.

Isabelle and Nick are relaxing in the living room. Nick playing Candy Bash on his phone (trying to beat Judy’s score) and Isabelle drawing happily on the floor.

Isa: Papa, where do kits come from? *she asks oh so innocently, without batting an eye or looking at Nick*

Nick: *His eyes widen and his ears fly down* Uhhhhhhhhhhh *error, please shut down and restart your Fox*

*Nick blinks and puts his phone down turning to Isabelle*

Nick: I’m sorry say that again? *Nick asks honestly confused*

Isabelle: where do kits come from? *she turns to Nick*

Nick sits up and takes a deep breath…

Nick: Okay…so…uh…you see Isabelle-

Judy: When two mammals love each other very very much *popping her head through the hallway* like mommy and daddy, the mommy will get a kit in her tummy. And after a few months the kit *with her hands* pops! Out to be with her parents.

Judy says giving a slight tap on Isas nose

Isa: Really! They just pop out?!

Judy: Mhm, absolutely! Now why don’t you go and get your room tidied, Renne should be here soon.

Isabelle: Okay, Mama! *jumps up and runs to her room*

Nick: *eyes still wide, he looks over at judy*

Judy: You, are welcome Slick *glances at him slyly with a cocky smile*

Post-S3 Hollstein Headcanon #1

Carm being a complete baby as she adjusts to her lower (much… much… lower….) pain threshold

Like Laura’s in the kitchen baking cookies and she hears a loud bang on the wall so she rushes into the living room to check on Carm, and the useless lesbian is sitting on the couch babying her hand like an injured kitty.  And Laura goes over to see whats wrong and Carm holds out her hand and shows her girlfriend the tiniest of paper cuts on her pinky finger and Laura almost bursts out laughing but keeps it in because Carm just looks so damn hurt and vulnerable but also very annoyed at the book she threw at the wall for cutting her.  And so Laura just goes and gets her first aid kit that Papa Hollis gave her and wraps Carm’s finger in a kitten-covered band-aid and Laura kisses it and makes it all better and Carm just makes the littlest, most adorable smile which instantly makes Laura fall in love with her all over again and all she can do is thank the goddess of Death for returning her to this world to be with the love of her life.


The Zipline Experience

Mash & Stefan (Part 1)