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im thin kin ishimaru got his bad habit of yelling/talking too loud from his dad bc theyre both rly enthusiastic and ishidad is even louder than his son when hes rly into something it scares ppl sometimes (ims rythisisdumb)

!!!! YES. YES PLEASE GOD BLESS THIS. Like i could see him trying to order food or something on the phone and he is just yelling through the phone like “YES I HEARD YOU HAVE WONDERFUL RICE I AM PLEASED TO HEAR THAT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!” and the guy on the other line doesn’t know if he is getting a complement or not because he is to scared to actually speak or comprehended anything


Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru 15sec CM!!! 

Preview of the OP sung by Kiyomitsu’s and Yasusada’s voice actors can be heard as well!! 

(Also Ishi-papa in the bath haha)