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161003 Ground Forces Festival - It’s really nice to see Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Shindong, Sungmin & Hyuk together ~

* Leeteuk came for the military band event as an MC today! 

* Teuk says he contacted the members and said he wants to help for the event so he is not receiving any fees for this. When teuk said he is not receiving any fees for this, seunggi was like you ate a lunchbox just now and teuk was like “yes a hamburger” HAHA

* Lee seunggi said hyukjae came up with the name armist , means ‘army + st(you know how people put ‘st’ for the best?)’ so its like the best in the army ^^,and was very satisfied HAHA and he said “hyukjaeist” XD

* Teuk and seunggi talked about how Shindong and Hyukjae did the cheorography for the dance team and how Sungmin did the production for the musical team.

Teuk: They ( shindong, hyukjae and sungmin )  keep making stuff kk

Seunggi: Yeah, they are like engineers!

* Shindong said when ryeowook comes into the army, he will get to sing the little prince 200 times~

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“A perfect life doesn’t exists. Unexpected accidents happen in life. And we make irreversible mistakes too. But every time we fall and get hurt in life, we definitely find ourselves changed in the midst of it. We realised others’ pain, or we find ourselves maturing.”- Emergency Couple ♥