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  • *outside Speedy's*
  • Molly: *approaching Mary* What's going on?
  • Mary: *grins* I found the father of your baby.
  • Molly: *wide-eyed* What? do you even know who the father is?
  • Mary: *digging in her purse* I believe this belongs to the father of your baby *removes the scarf*
  • Molly: *groans* Oh God...he’s in there right now?
  • Mary: Yup.
  • Molly: *sighs* Let's get this over with.
  • Molly & Mary: *enter Speedy's*
  • Tom: *waving* Hi, Molls.
  • Molly: ...
  • Tom: *looking between them* So, what’s up?
  • Mary: *nudging her forwards* Well, Molly has something that she wants to tell you *gestures the scarf* while we're on the subject, I believe that this is your scarf.
  • Tom: No... *unzips his coat* this is my scarf.
  • Mary: ...
  • Mary: *looks at the scarf in her hand* Ah. Could I get anyone a coffee or...poison? No? Just for me? Okay *hurries off*
  • Tom: *concerned* What’s going on?
  • Molly: *sits opposite him* Nothing. Mary just... sort of made a mistake.
  • Tom: *smiles* I’m pleased Mary called. I know we broke up because you thought we weren't compatible. I was thinking...does that matter?
  • Molly: *hesitates* Tom...
  • Tom: We were perfect together *holds her hand*
  • Molly: I’m pregnant.
  • Tom: Oh. *drops her hand*
  • Tom: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: You can go.
  • Tom: Thank you *runs off*
  • *John & Mary's*
  • Sherlock: *staring at the baby*
  • John & Mary: *enter the flat*
  • Mary: *smiles* Hi. How was she?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Fine.
  • John: *lifts his daughter* There's my girl. Were you good for your Uncle?
  • Sherlock: *sighs*
  • Mary: *smirks* You love her really. You're a natural.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I'm going to have to get used to it.
  • John: *nods* Yes, you are.
  • Sherlock: *winds the scarf around his neck; smiles a little*
  • Mary: *looks up; points* That's your scarf?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Yeeeeeees.
  • Mary: ...
  • Sherlock: *shrugs on his coat* Goodnight *leaves*
  • Mary: *squeals with happiness*
A warm welcome.

the time for Papa III to hang up his robes and pass the torch is coming nearer. so he decides to show the fourth Papal leader his future home!

Papa III showing Papa IV the Ghost manor:

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leading him to the main room:

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introducing him to the Ghouls:

to Omega:

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to Alpha:

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to Earth:

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to Air and Water:

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telling IV that he must satisfy the Ghouls “needs” every once in a while:

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Papa III showing IV his office:

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sneakily showing him how to get into the weed/Zardoz drawer:

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showing IV the cats:

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showing him how to get into the recording studio: 

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explaining to him how shows/tours usually go:

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finally, III asks what IV thinks of it all, and if he can handle it:

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the Ghouls chime in with curiosity:

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Papa IV:


I have had this stuck in my head! It is so fucking good 😂😂😂

Okay but.

Have you ever considered…Nick Valentine and his relationship with children?

That he had been in Diamond City for so many years that he’s probably seen the citizens grow from little ones, into adults and then starting families with children of their own?

That he probably always smiles to himself when he hears the news of another member of Diamond City giving birth to a new bundle of joy, and knowing that even though the world is dangerous – that they now have a new little star to light their way in the darkness. (And later going to introduce himself to them and the happy parents, because babies always seem fascinated by his glowing eyes, and he loves their bubbling)

Or that Nick more than likely goes out of his way to learn the names of the children of Diamond City, and does his best to become a mentor to them and answer any and all questions that they have for him – because the children were never afraid of what he was – and are always overjoyed when “Cool Detective Nick” gives them extra attention when he’s not on a case.

“Why do ya smoke, Mista Valentine?”
“Cus it helps this ol’ noggin of mine feel relaxed, kid.”
“Can I smoke too?”
“Aw, I don’t think so, pal. You don’t wanna wind up a dusty old mess like me, do ya?”

Think about Nick bringing one of the kids from the School House in with him to his office after their classes, and Ellie rolling her eyes playfully.

“Another one? Nick, really?” She would say with a sweet giggle, and Nick would ruffle the kid’s head and lean down to their height to place his hat upon their head.

“Nah, but you don’t get it, Ellie,” He would say in response to her. “This here is my lucky partner for the day.”

Now, think about Nick picking the squealing, smiling kid up over his shoulders, and carrying them out to the market place. Telling them that he needs their help, and relying on their wits and detective skills to discover just what happened to Takahashi‘s last batch of Power Noodles.

“Great job, partner! Without’cha the city would’ve been starving tonight! How, how’bout we get a bowl or two to celebrate our detective work, huh?”

Think about Nick turning fiercely protective whenever one of them are bothered by rude people on the Upper Stands, calling them “urchins” or “snot nosed brats”, or someone from the outside that had the gall to try and injure them to prove that it isn’t all fun and games, and “This is what happens to kids out here in the real world.”

Think about Nick placing a hand on the kid’s shoulder and retorting with wisecracks of his own to get the rude person to back down, or worse…standing in front of them, shielding them from the raiders and firing a warning shot, before picking up the kid and tucking them safe under his neck as they travel back home together; telling them that it will be okay.

Just…Nick Valentine and kids, okay.

Because, even though the world is a post apocalyptic hell… Nick is going to do all that he’s able to make sure that the children around him are taken care of, and above all safe, even when they’re parents aren’t able to.

And if all he can do is buy one of the kids a round of noodles, or play detective with them, or watch over them when they’re scared and crying and keep them safe from the close-minded of the city, and the outside world…by goodness, he’s going to do that.

Because he knows what it’s like to be lost in world that is too big and too terrifying for one person to take in on their own. And he knows that to overcome that fear – you need to have hope. You need to have joy, and you need to have a childhood.

And Nick is going to do all he can to make sure that the kids out in the Commonwealth get just that, even if it’s from a weathered old Synth Detective like himself.s

I always see these really sweet soulmate AUs where tattoos appear on your body or you can see colors or something.

I want a really silly or awful soulmate AU where, when you meet your soulmate, something terrible happens to you, like your hair catches fire or your finger gets bitten off by a raccoon. 

People would be both excited and understandably terrified to meet their soulmates. 

There’d be a whole industry of Youtube videos and Vines of people meeting their soulmates for the first time. 

Your grandparents would have adorable stories about how Nana got her dress torn off after it got caught in a car door and Papa got his head stuck in a fence rail when he first saw her.

Online dating comes with a risk assessment. 

You can buy Soulmate insurance in addition to car and life insurance. 

“Love at first Disaster” Soulmate AU

the demigods favorite bands
  • Percy: all American rejects
  • Annabeth: Blink-182
  • Nico: Sleeping with Sirens/ Pierce the Veil
  • Jason: Eminem
  • Piper: Imagine dragons
  • Leo: Fall Out Boy
  • Hazel: Ed Sheeran
  • Frank: Papa roach
  • Reyna: Paramore
  • Will: Taylor Swift
Patater Parents and Puppy

Alexei stared, unimpressed, at the distaster of a dog sat in Kent’s lap.  It was small, part terrier, with wiry hair and huge bat-like ears.  Irina was crouched next to him, cooing like it was the cutest thing she’d ever seen, and knowing Irina and her strange taste in both people and animals, it probably was.

“It look little bit like goblin, from Labyrinth,” Alexei said.

Kent looked up at him with a quirked brow.  “Which one?”

“Dog goblin,” Alexei said.  “We can name Sir Didymus.”

Kent snorted, but Irina turned her face up and shook her head.  “No papa.  He already has a name.”

Alexei raised his brow.  “Oh yes?  Okay, what is name?”

She sat down, crossed her legs, and let the small terrier curl up in her lap.  “He’s being named after my favourite goalie!”

“Ah, Snow–” Alexei began, but Irina was too quick.


Kent and Alexei shared the same gasp of horror and betrayal.  “What?” Alexei said.

Irina went on, unfazed by her fathers’ faces.  “See, because all things called Fleury are amazing.”  She stroked the puppy and sighed.  “Flowers.  My favourite Shopkins.  And Marc-André.”

“I’m not…even sure I can be mad at that,” Kent said slowly.  He looked up at Alexei who was half-scowling.

“Fine,” Alexei said after a second.  “But you are tell Snowy when he come visit your new puppy, Irinochka.”

She gave her papa a blinding smile as she stood up, tucking the dog under her arm.  “That’s okay.  He won’t care.”  When she reached the doorway to the living room she turned.  “And anyway I totally saw a signed photo of Flower in his trophy room.”  With that, she bound out of the kitchen.

After a second, Kent grabbed Alexei’s hand, hauling himself up and tugging his husband close.  After a kiss, he sighed.  “She’s right you know.”

Alexei scowled again, but cupped Kent’s face.  “I’m know.  Was there when he got it.  He Fleury fanboy.”

“Who isn’t?” Kent added.  “I mean, I fucking hate the Pens on principal but…Fleury.”  He sighed.

At that, Alexei laughed, then kissed Kent as the puppy began to bark in the other room.  “Two puppies.  Cereal and Fleury.  She your daughter, Paroshka.”

Kent smirked and laid his face against Alexei’s chest.  “Yeah.  But I think I can live with it.”

I’m going to miss Papa III so much. He was my first Papa. As he was for many others. His charm, charisma, humorous perversion, and warmhearted presence that can never be replaced. 

Papa III has welcomed us new Ghost fans with open arms into the Clergy. I’ll never forget when I first saw him speak on the Grammy’s and I thought “who the hell is this guy? who are these guys?” But I have to say, truthfully, I’ve never gone back. My opinion is probably really biased due to my own personal circumstances. But Papa III will probably be my most favorite of all. He is the moonlight at night- a soft comforting light as company for those who find themselves alone. Gomez Addams in the flesh. 

“And if you find yourself alone, maybe you can find company from the voices inside your head" 

Papa IV has some big shoes to fill.


I’m totally down for the fact that Minekura is not into romantic stuff. But I also totally love seeing Goku and Konzen in adorable matching clothing and the fact that Konzen’s totally okay with it.