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harryshumjr So my dad is pretty new to smartphones and just figured out how to use FaceTime. It has been amazing to communicate with him. But today, he sent me a video attachment for the first time and I was so proud of him. But this video had me 😂😂🤣🤣 tho. He couldn’t send me a cake IRL so he sent me a video of different cakes with HBD song in three different languages. 😂😂

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do u think harry fall in love with mitch? and now they are together. after louis had his baby?

Oh yes. Harry and Mitch fell in love in Jamaica. Since Louis had a one-night stand with Briana, the Larry relationship got strained. Louis tried to reassure Harry that he forgot he was gay for 1 night, after the Sun took pics of him and Briana. But Harry didn’t forgive him, he couldn’t. Then he met Mitch during a pizza delivery and fell in love. 

When he told this to Nick Grimshaw, Nick was heartbroken too, coz secretly Nick loved Harry, very very much. Then Louis bumped into Nick in Paris, while they were both getting over Harry. After hanging out with Nick, Louis realized that this is the first time he didn’t take Oli on his dates. And that’s how Louis knew he was in love again. Nick felt the same and now Tomlinshaw became real. 

This hurt Harry very much, because 2 of his best friends betrayed him. But Harry is happy with Mitch. That is until, he realizes that Mitch has been using Harry to get closer to the Pizza king Papa Johns. And then Harry and Mitch will break up. Harry will almost hook up with Xander but the moment Xander undresses, Harry with look at the stubby slimy dick and remember how Xander used Harry’s friendship to hook up with fans and Harry will leave. 

Meanwhile Tomlinshaw are happy and in love. That is until 1D reunites and Louis and Harry are in the same space all the time. Cue jealous Nick, return of old feelings and strained friendships. What will happen now? Is Tomlinshaw strong enough? Or will Larry reunite? Will Harry choose Nick and Gryles become real? Maybe Stylinshaw will happen. The three of them living happily ever after? Watch this space for more.

Harry and Draco's kid--
  • Kid: Papa, how did you know you were in love with Dad?
  • Draco: Oh, we've known each other since we were eleven. When someone's been in your life that long... *sigh* you just know when it's right.
  • Kid: Wow. Dad, when did you fall in love with Papa?
  • Harry: When your Papa ordered me to.
  • Kid: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Harry: And then he instructed me to pick him at eight and bring him flowers.
ok but the Potter-Malfoy children tho

When Harry began lamenting not being able to have children, Hermione explained that by transfigurating a sperm into an egg long enough for it to merge with a sperm, Draco and Harry could have children, as long as someone gave birth do them.

Luna told Harry she’d gladly give birth to their children and Harry, who had expected not having children at all, began daydreaming non-stop about it.

So you can imagine Harry going CRAZY with the idea of his and Draco’s children.

Which means there was a lot of begging and pleading, but since Draco wasn’t up for it, Harry let go of the idea for a while. Although he really wanted children. But then Draco gifted him with a pair of baby-shoes on their third anniversary.

Just imagine Harry James Potter looking up in surprise at his partner and going… “really? you will?” and Draco nodding, then having an amazingly happy Potter kiss every part of his body for the rest of the night.

Harry clearly won the naming bet with their first-born and Draco went along with it because he wasn’t interested in having children at all in the beginning… but he wasn’t happy about it.

At first, Harry had proposed using the Malfoy name, only because he knew Draco wasn’t really that excited about having children. But Draco was adamant that they use both.

And even though Harry was the one obsessing over having children, Draco is the one going up in the middle of the night to see their newborn child sleep because he’s afraid he will stop breathing. So Harry has to get up and convince him to go back to bed because “he will wake us up in half an hour anyway and he’s breathing, he’s fine, come back to bed, Draco.” but this happens with all their children.

James Sirius Potter-Malfoy, their first-born. With Harry’s black hair and Draco’s gray eyes. Surprising the Weasleys when he calls Draco Papa because, other than Harry and his mother, none of them knew that French is Draco’s first language.

Really, not even Fleur knew. It wasn’t until they got children that Draco started hanging out more with the Weasley’s and they got to know him better.

And a couple of years later, when Draco was proudly showing his child to anyone that came close enough, Harry managed to convince him to go for a second one…

Then came the twins, that wasn’t planned! Scorpius Hyperion Potter-Malfoy, because Harry had already named their first-born. And then Albus Severus Potter-Malfoy… They decided to go 50/50 on that one.

Draco didn’t want to name the child Albus at all, but he still felt guilty for everything during sixth year and finally went along with it. As for Severus… His godfather DID take good care of him, after all. It was only fair.

In the beginning, Draco probably felt that three children was more than enough. But Harry wanted a lot more and when the twins came he was ECSTATIC. Scorpius took after Draco and Albus after Harry.

Albus was daddy’s boy and would throw tantrums everyday when Harry had to leave for work. Scorpius was obsessed with “Mama Molly” and spent more time running after Molly and “helping” her in the kitchen than any of the other Potter-Malfoy children.

Right after the twins were born, Harry asked his husband if he would like to try once more, because he really was hoping for a daughter…

To which Draco surprisingly said “alright Potter, but this is the last” and that was how Lily Luna Potter-Malfoy was planned.

Lily Luna with her blonde hair and enormous green eyes became the obsession of everyone… And she clung to Draco SO MUCH. Honestly. She probably spent 60% of her baby years in Draco’s arms, 30% in Harry’s and the rest in everyone else’s.

She didn’t like speaking English, although she understood it perfectly well. She’d answer people through Draco, Fleur, Victoire, Dominique or Louis instead. Fleur was enamoured with Lily Luna, since her own children preferred speaking English.

Everyone close to Harry began to finally see Draco in a new light. When the two of them had started dating, they had surprised everybody. Especially since Draco didn’t really show the same side he showed Harry to everyone else…

…But people began seeing him through his children. James Sirius seeking comfort from his Papa when he’d fallen from his broom. Draco nervously following the twins when they had just began taking their first steps and not daring to let them out of his sight.

TBH he was worst when James began walking. If the boy was about to fall, he would levitate him and then Harry would try to convince him to stop it. “Draco he needs to do this on his own” “What, so you want our child to get hurt?” “No, but-” “So then he won’t if I keep an I eye on him!” “He will be fine!” “Potter! What if he hits his head?”

…but Harry did the exact same thing when Lily Luna started walking.

But everyone saw how much he cared about their children and although it was still a bit weird that he and Harry were together and EVEN HAD CHILDREN… they realized they liked him.

OK but listen! Draco kept calling Harry “Potter” for as long as everyone knew them (in public) and once, Ginny had asked Albus to go get Harry and Albus had run over to Harry in his unsteady toddler legs and screamed “POTTAAHH” making everyone laugh until they cried.

Took them at least a month to get Albus to call Harry “daddy” instead.

All their children’s first words were Papa.

Imagine how amazingly proud Narcissa is of her grandchildren speaking French. Imagine how much money she burns on those little cretins. And she probably melts every time they say Mémé.

Just imagine sleepy Lily Luna going to her Daddy and asking him “quand nous allons visiter Mémé Cissy?” and Harry sighing deeply and replying “honey, I cannot understand a word of what you’re saying” because, although he knew Narcissa and Draco spoke French to each other, he never knew this would become such a big part of his children’s lives.

But then James Sirius probably enters a phase during his teens in which he doesn’t want to speak French at all and stops doing it for years, although he still knows it since Draco speaks and writes to all his children in French. Just as his mother did to him.

All in all, Harry feels a bit left-out. So he gets two pet snakes and speaks Parseltongue to them every time his children forget he doesn’t speak French at the dinner table.

And his husband happens to have the same reaction Harry got when he first heard Draco speak French… interesting.

They love their children. But the year James Sirius gets his Hogwarts letter, both Harry and Draco sigh in happiness at the thought of all of their children starting school.

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gahhh i love harry and his relationship with his parents! whenever they make it into a video or interview comment it brightens my day <3

i love the way you think, mel, cause this!!!! also how dare you because now i’m crying (obviously it’s good crying but still). but really his parents, his upbringing, his childhood? all make me a weeping mess if i have to be honest.

(also i absolutely adore this snap with his parents and shelby

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wanna make me (good) cry about how wonderful harry is?

Apple Pie and a Little Break

(Image not mine.)

Warnings: None! Just cute stuff.

Word Count: 1421

Imagine: You and Harry having a baby, and surprising him with the sex of the child…as well as the fact that you’re having twins.


The morning was crisp, the fresh dew from spring blanketing the windows in your small room. The night had been filled with talk of the future, names, cribs, even nursery themes, as it so happened that you were going to have a baby, and that baby’s father was Harry.

You and Harry had been together for almost three years, married for one already. You had met on a day very similar to the way the weather was outside. You were sitting in a small diner in the middle of London, eating a muffin and typing away on your computer. You were in your last year of university, and finals were coming up. Your fingers started to hurt from the way they were furiously typing away on the computer, so you stopped, wrapping your hands around your mug of tea, hoping the heat would soothe your tired hands.

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They say having a child is a huge responsibly. So imagine if you have four, how difficult it can be. Sure, having kids brings happiness in a home. A home feels home because of there giggles and laughter. But when those four kids become teenagers, hell breaks loose.

MUMMA, TELL ALEC TO GET OUT OF MY BATHROOM NOW!” Zara yells from her room. You are in the middle of enjoying a tea but apparently it’s too much to ask.

YOU USE TOO MUCH OF MAKE UP ANYWAY! WILL IS USING OURS SO DON”T GET YOUR PANTIES IN A TWIST!” He yells back. The loud noise causes Mila your youngest to tear up. You close your eyes and let out a sigh.

Stop bickering like two little five year old! Zara, you can use our bathroom, and please tell papa to come downstairs for breakfast.” You exclaim as you try to sooth Mila.

No need to send anyone, my love. Papa is right here.” Harry coos at you and Mila as he extends his hand forward to take your little baby girl from you. You pass her to him and walk away to get him his tea.

You look tense, baby. You okay?” he asks as he passes you a concerned look. You stare back at him with an exhausted expression.

I have been thinking about something for the past few days. I think we should discuss it together.” You tell him as you pass him his tea. He walks up to you and cradle your face with one hand.

What is it?” He asks.

“Honey, I think you should get a vasectomy done.” You tell him. he drops his hand from your face and takes a step back.

Why..Why would you want that?” he asks incredulously.

Well…” You rub your forehead, “Don’t you think we have enough kids? Like.. we don’t plan on having anymore, right? so it’s a safe option.” You try to explain it to him. He shakes his head.

I don’t want to get a vasectomy, YN. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.” he tells you as he puts Mila back on the floor so she can go and play with he blocks before coming back towards you.

“But Harry, it’s the safest option! Kids are such a huge responsibility. We can’t afford an accident pregnancy!” You exclaim.

Why are you so adamant on this?! Even if we do get pregnant again, would it be that bad? Kids are always a blessing!” He says in a grumpy tone.

You don’t have to carry a baby in your stomach for nine months, H! I’m not as young as I used to be. We have four kids together. I think it’s time to stop!” you don’t know why you are reacting this way. Maybe it was the work load on your shoulders and the yelling of two teen kids wasn’t helping this case.

Baby, listen to me-

You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.” You snap at him. He looks at you with wide eyes, having never seen such behaviour from you.

It’s my body, I’ll do what I please with it.” he replies right back at you.

Harry-” you start but he cuts you off.

Well have this discussion later once you’ve calmed down, babe.” he kisses your forehead just when the kids walk into the kitchen.

Meet the Artists: Andre Manguba

NAME: Andre Manguba 

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A comparison picture of how much he has improved, followed by his oldest drawings (from newest to oldest).

So make sure to follow this amazing artist, who will do only but improve and keep surprising people with his talent!

reading this made me laugh so i’m going to share it with you. i wrote this maybe two? years ago, after I watched Sleepless in Seattle to avoid studying. It doesn’t feel like my writing or me at all lol.

It’s called “Wandering in WolverHampton” lol and this is all that I wrote (I would end it the way I did and never start back up lmao) 


“Hello this is The Sound of London, you are live with Dr. Zee Javaad. What’s your name?”

“Lia Karen.”

Zayn stares at the mic for a moment, hesitating before he readjusts his head set to hear better. “Hello there, Lia. You sound much younger than our normal callers. How old are you?”

“Eight,” Lia says without skipping a beat.

Zayn bites his tongue around a ‘I’m not Santa, kid.’ He’s been doing this gig part-time for about three years now, and he’s not sure he’s ever gotten a phone from anyone under the age of forty. “Well, Lia. What’s your Christmas wish this year?”

“It’s not for me, Dr. Zee. It’s for my Papa. My wish is that he finds a wife.”

“A wife?” Zayn repeats. He bites around a smile, hoping to hide the fact that his words kind of came out as an amused chuckle more so than anything else. “D’you not like the one he has?”

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