papa guk

  • Daehyun: Going up the stairs on all four is amazing!
  • Himchan: Try going down on all fours.
  • Yongguk: Stop trying to kill him.

Well it’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally made it to 1000+ followers! *ahem* …actually it happened about 3 weeks ago but it took me forever to get the motivation to make an edit OTL

(special mention to exotic-exotic, my 1000th follower!! *throws confetti* *balloons rain down from the sky*)

Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me up until now. I know that I’m not always dependable with my irregular posting schedule and my blog is really nothing special, but it’s important to me so it means a lot that you liked it enough to stick around.

Anyway, I wish I could do something bigger, but unfortunately I’m an unimaginative butthole. So I’m just going to take this opportunity to make my 2nd follow forever~

These are the blogs that always put a smile on my face, and they’re all really amazing people so go check them out! (especially my lovely mutuals (´ε` )♡ ~) Thank you all so much for making my experience on this site so much fun! 

bolded are senpais and italicized are mutual follows

A-G: b1a4-syndrome; b1ap; bangtaning; bapls; bbomb; bl0ckb1a4; blockb2uty; blockbeats; bombtan; brighter-smile; chakyeonie; chaootic; cheeejiburger; cokerich; cuteseoks; daeggyu; daeups;deahyun; deeps-wisdomderpchann; draygonproof; dumbchan; everydayhephap; ewbangtan; exelp; foreverpoopisbanaforjinyoung; foreverspazzing

H-N: hakyeons; halmaes; han-sanghyuk; happinessisalwaysnear; happysugarmuffin/happyexomuffin; harnychannie; harryaches; himbang; hobikiu; hyosong; hyuk-; imblaq; jackiela; jajauma; jelliedae; jinhyosang; jinkclit; jungdeul; junghwaan; jungjh0pe; kaiwaiian; kugayoshi; leo-latte; loveintokio; mariko-g; moonjongups; mustard-warrior; papa-guk

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U-Z:  van-hae15; vyonce; wonnshik; yongguq; yoonginme; zelosy; zelow

I follow so many amazing people, so I’m really sorry if I forgot any of you ( ;´Д`)


Hi everyone! I’ve never done a follow forever before but I just thought it was necessary since I just hit 300 followers recently (and Tumblr sent me an e-mail saying my blog had turned four this year! I didn’t even know). I don’t usually talk much to my followers and blogs that I adore but I thought maybe I’d make this as a token of appreciation. Thank you so much to my followers for being with me throughout this four years. Whether you’re new or had followed me since the beginning and gone through my changes, the rise and the falls, I truly appreciate it and hope we can continue sharing the world together through this website.

So with no further ado, here are my favourite blogs in alphabetical order;

[ Tumblr Crushes ]

26days-of | chyeahbabyzjaejaepapi | jongup-why | pandasbecray | sorasshineeworldat2pmthebackstabber | yeobli | z1c

[ RLF ]

appyspeg | bibli0philecomeonandsmile | exoisblackpearlflowerbanana | jellyfishsama | wickedunderpants 

[ KPOP ]

aono-sekaibiseori | by-guk | dajukja-yessirhimchanoidhimechans | hyunkookiejunhaengluderp | m-jups | minyoongi | myvillageidiotspapa-guksouthkoreans | squishymyungt1gster | upjongvanillatokki | vvhope | vyoncewoojaes | worldofblue | x-i-h-eyghws | zelo-tomato

[ MIXED ] approx 50% KPOP

1lac | aquafire | b0ji | dae-hyuun | doyeolhearmefuriouslymasturbatinggobaekhimsojin | ichikiyujonghyun-ahkaiwaiian | kamiirakonnichiwamybitches | lecomtedemagoria | luhannukkah | nanazumirapflo | ren-oppa | sexoyeolshakkuri | seung-young | scaryoppa | vanillajaeyixingno | zimins

[ GENERAL / OTHERS ] might have a bit of KPOP

abittersweetfarewell | akbarazmanallstatsmaxed | angelanthemcyberpunk-kidsdiscoloreevensilencehurtss | forbearancegehsekkiichooseyou-dao-star | joonhwa | keiimiwoyoo-um | remilia-needs2weewee

Thank you so much!

- Lynn -