terms of endearment.

Papa I: the moon shines brightest for those courageous enough. the path shows itself, only to those who are willing to endure. these old bones have seen many hardships, and dark times. I shall cradle your hand and body alike. where lightest meets darkest, and darkest meets lightest. you need not prove yourself to me, as I already know your beautiful truth.

Papa II: gallows are reserved for the weakest of men. they grovel and weep as they succumb to their inevitable demise. the threads that bind those closest to me, are woven ever so tightly. follow me, and you shall feast among the Gods. betray me, and the demons’ howls will ring forever in your ears. my love is not a token or a prize, but a treasure. a treasure that you must dig through the shit of the soil and rot to find. come with me, and I will give you evenings, your mind and body will never forget.

Papa III: u want sum fuk?