I’m going to make the assumption that the back-to-back shows in LA may be what’s going to be released as a live dvd along side the crew/backstage documentary, since a preview for the doc and the LA shows were advertised together. However, (and I think I’ve already said this) I’m somewhat bummed that what can potentially be the first, and maybe only, live dvd will be done with this line-up. Like a lot of other fans I’m definitely partial to Omega, since he’s not just a founding member of the band and one of the main songwriters, but also a tremendous personality on and off the stage. Ideally, just to satisfy my own desires, I would love to have a live dvd with him performing. I love the band and the music regardless of who’s in it, without a doubt, and I’ll gladly take whatever they release and surely love it as well… Still, a part of me would like that “ideal” scenario with Omega on stage… C'est la vie.