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This person was my 4th noter.

(Y/n) had just gotten back from college, she was on her way driving to the bunkers second house. The moment her father’s, yes father’s two guys adopted her. Her dad Dean built a house next to his and his brothers unground bunker. That’s where papa Castiel and dad Dean moved into.
(Y/n) pulled into the drive way seeing the lights to the living room in which meant either both her father were home or just one was. (Y/n) parked her car which was similar to her father impala.
She turned her car off and walked around to the back popping open her trunk she grabbed her bag which held her belongings.
As she carried them toward the house she pulled out her sliver key and unlocked the door. “Dad, papa are you home!” She called out into the ‘empty’ house.
When she got no reply back she placed her bag down near the door before closing it. She leaned her head to the side, not seeing any one in the living room she made her way into the kitchen to get a drink only to see her parents kissing.

Papa Don’t Preach

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1531

Warnings: Angst, unplanned pregnancy, angry/hurt Dean

A/N: Hello all! This is my entry for @whispersandwhiskerburn ‘s MUCH ADO ABOUT SPN Challenge   I got the letter F and the Shakespeare quote  “What’s gone and what’s past help should be past grief” (Winter’s Tale III.2). I hope i did this justice and to be honest i had a great time writing it . 


Y/N brought her fingers to her mouth, absentmindedly chewing on the tips of her nails. It was an awful habit, that she knew. It wasn’t like she did it all the time, only when she was especially nervous, or stressed. And at this moment she was most certainly both.

She paced inside the small gas station bathroom. Reluctantly, she had decided this was the best place to complete her task. She couldn’t take this back to the bunker, not with the brothers breathing down her neck. They always worried too much.

Y/N jumped as the timer on her phone went off, signaling the end to five minutes. She shut the alarm off and returned the phone to her pocket. Closing her eyes, she took a few deep breaths, willing her heart to stop racing. She felt lightheaded and nauseous and so scared.

“Jesus Y/N, pull yourself together.” Y/n whispered to herself. She opened her eyes, finally picking up the first test from the sink. She flipped it over to reveal two lines. Her stomach flipped and she reached for a second one; two lines. She combed through the last four and they all gave her the same definitive answer.

She was pregnant.

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Story Time

Requested: sort of 

TW: dd/lg and fluff 

Summary: fluff inception 

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The bunker was quiet, way, way too quiet. Dean and Sam exchanged equal glances of concern and carefully approached their little’s room. “Pretty girl?” Dean asked opening the door so he could peek his head in. 

Seated on the bed you sniffled. Your wide eyes glared with tears at your tablet. Sam crossed the room in quick strides, nestling down beside you on your bed. “Tell Papa what’s wrong. Use your words baby. Be a big girl for Daddy and Papa.” 

Drawing a slow breath, you passed the I pad to him. “Captain America is going hydra!” You wailed crawling up into his lap. “So I went to tumblr and found a bucky and Steve bed time story but Bucky died!” 

Dean hid his smile  in your hair as he picked you up. “Well Papa can fix that while I fix this” his worn feelings attacked your sides preparing to pounce. 

Sam slipped out of the room and went to his bedroom. He turned on the printer and started to type. Pouring out a fantasy on both ends. 

Y/N and Steve had been together living the little girl lifestyle long before Bucky got involved. The sweet little girl eagerly accepted the long haired man into her life, blind to all the bad things he’d done. Her sweet lips often found his arm, giggling at how cool it was to the touch. She would spend hours on end playing with him, especially his hair. 

All the attention didn’t stop Bucky from feeling out of place. Steve was the only one to take her to bed. He should have known, really, why would the spritely little Y/N want to fuck him when she had the handsome poster boy?

His melancholy didn’t go unnoticed by Y/N who emerged looking out of little space. “Hey Buck, can we talk?” We implied two but Steve was there, arm around her waist, fingers dipping into the waist of her sweatpants.

The post coital glow radiated off of them, causing him to snap. “Yeah, I’vebeen thinking   the  same thing.” 

Y/N perked up visibly, perching herself up on the kitchen counter, right better his legs. “Good, so” 

Bucky shook his head. “I’ll leave. You guys don’t have to ask.” 

The pain in the eyes in front of him pained him. “No! Papa!” She jumped down, throwing herself at him. “No no no!”

His blue eyes flickered in confusion.”Baby girl” the coo was somewhere between question and pain. 

Steve removed his hand from Y/N and approached Bucky. “Buck, we need you. She needs you. I need you.” 

Her eyes reached out for his. “I wanted to spend the night with you. Start doing more with you.”

Bucky’s eyes focusesd in on the soft girl. “You mean that?” 

She nestled against him clawing at his chest. “Want you Papa. Love you.” 

Sam stopped typing, smut not being his forte. He called out to Dean who passed him a giggling little girl who wanted a snack. “Ice cream!” 

Sam clicked his tongue carrying you to the kitchen. “Baby girl you need to eat something with substance.” 

“Ice cream with rootbeer.” 

Dean rubbed his jaw, noticing the parallels to their life. He nodded, cracking his knuckles and started typing. 

Steve left the apartment, knowing time was needed between Buck and Y/N. 

Bucky adjusted Y/N’s weight against his body, carrying her back to his room. Her clothes were peeled back leaving her beautifully stark. He licked  his lips. "How could you want me?” The whispers were beautiful, soft, and tender. 

Sex for him typically was rough, dominating, controlling. Eventually he’d go there, eventually she’d beg for him. Tonight was not eventually. Tonight was love. 

His greasy long hair tickled her neck as his lips dipped into the valley between her breasts. Hot breath met cold skin and it mixed beautifully. She whined as his slender , metallic fingers peeled her thighs apart. “Papa” 

Dean grunted in frustration. He could watch porn, he could read it, but he sure as hel couldn’t write it. 

Sighing, he printed it, tying up the pages with the silk ribbon occasionally used for gagging and went to the kitchen. You were blowing bubbles into a rootbeer float and by Sam’s gentle scolds you were making a mess. 

“Hey baby, Daddy and Papa have something for you.” 

Your eyes widened at the package. “Really?” 

Dean picked you up in his lap, gruff voice reading you what they had wrote so far. The beginnings of a dampness slicked your thighs. “You guys can’t write a smut.” 

Sam chuckled, his lips coating your ears. “That’s why you’re going to finish it.” 

Baby Daddies - Destiel

Author’s Note- So a friend of mine (ItsSamWinchester) found the above picture on Instagram and I ran with the idea. This is also my first Destiel fic. So I hope it’s good. This is a one-shot for their birthday even though it was forever ago XD I hope you all enjoy! Especially my Sammy :P

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or the picture that gave me this idea. Just how I interpreted it.

It was a quiet day in the Men of Letters bunker. Sam was reading in the library while Dean and Castiel were curled together on the couch, napping. Well, Dean was napping. Cas was watching his hunter sleep. He always enjoyed watching Dean, but watching him sleep was Cas’ favorite in particular. It was one of the few times that Dean looked completely at peace. Sadly, that peace was suddenly shattered by a knock on the door of the bunker. Dean and Sam were immediately up and heading towards the door, guns raised. Dean slowly opened the door and dropped his gun. There was a baby carrier with a crying baby inside on their doorstep.

“What the hell?” Dean said, shoving his gun back into the back of his jeans. He stooped down and picked the baby up. He had a note stuck to the front of his onesie. “‘I can’t take care of him. If someone finds him, please give him a loving home or find someone who will.’ Son of a bitch…”

“What are we going to do with him?” Sam asked. The last time they’d suddenly ended up with a baby, he’d been soulless and the baby had been a shifter.

“Perhaps we could keep him,” Castiel suggested quietly. He wasn’t sure what had possessed him to say it but now that he had, he knew that he wanted to take care of the baby boy.

Dean blinked at his angel. They had never talked about having a family. Not with the life they lived. But if Cas wanted to try it, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

“We can try. And if we can’t give the little guy the home he deserves, we’ll find someone who can,” he said. Cas smiled at him while Sam frowned.

“Dean, have you really thought this through?” the younger Winchester asked.

“That’s why I’m saying we’re gonna try. Which is better than whoever droped him off. They basically left him to die,” Dean replied firmly. The baby had finally started to quiet down. “There we go. Atta boy.”

“We need to go to the store then,” Sam stated. Dean and Castiel nodded and the three men headed to the Impala.

“Cas, I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop running over my feet,” Dean said over his shoulder. Castiel stopped pushing the cart.

“I’m sorry, Dean. I was distracted by the baby,” the angel admitted. Dean turned and looked at his angel. Cas just kept smiling down at the sleeping baby. The hunter grinned. Cas was being pretty cute and he figured that keeping the baby was a good choice.

“Dean, what all do we need?” Sam asked.

“Gotta get diapers, powder, that butt cream stuff,” Dean mumbled. He started grabbing things off the shelves and putting them into the cart. Castiel stayed focused on the baby, not even paying attention to the stuff his boyfriend was grabbing. “Bottles, formula, a crib…” Sam was kind of amazed that his brother was getting so into this. But when Dean really wanted to do something right, he liked to put his all into it. Dean double checked to make sure they had everything.

“Do we have all the things we need?” Castiel asked.

“We need to get him some clothes,” Dean replied. He gently picked up the baby and checked the tag on his clothes. He headed to the clothing part of the baby section. He found a few outfits and tossed them in the car.

“What about toys?” Cas added. Dean nodded and picked out a some things.

“Now we have everything,” the older Winchester said with a smile.

They got back to the bunker and Sam helped Dean take everything to Dean and Cas’ room. Castiel followed with the baby and sat down on the bed to watch Sam and Dean put the crib together. He was excited that Dean had actually agreed to this and seemed enthusiastic. Being an angel, he’d never thought children of his own would be possible, even after he and Dean had started dating. But he was glad that it was happening now. He smiled when the crib was ready. Dean put some blankets in and turned to Cas.

“You can lay him down now.” Sam had just finished setting up the baby monitor for when they were out of the room.

“Okay.” Castiel laid the baby down and he and Dean smiled down at him. “He really does seem like a sweet child, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah. We only have one thing left to do,” Dean replied.

“What is that?”

“We gotta give him a name,” the hunter chuckled. Castiel thought for a moment.

“I have an idea. Henry Robert Winchester,” he said happily. Dean leaned over to press a quick kiss to his angel’s lips.

“I love it.”

-*A week later*-

Screaming and crying filled the bunker just like it had every night since the newest member of Team Free Will arrived. Castiel had been walking with Henry for over an hour and the baby still hadn’t stopped crying. Angels didn’t have to sleep but Castiel felt as if he needed it. Dean got up and yawned.

“Let me take him for a while,” he said, holding his arms out for the baby.

“He cries a lot,” Castiel stated. “Do you think he’s unhappy with us? Or maybe he’s sick?”

“Cas, wouldn’t you be able to tell if he was sick?” Dean asked.

“I suppose that’s true.” He watched as Dean walked and patted Henry’s back.

“It’s okay, baby boy. Let Daddy and Papa rest, yeah?” Dean said softly. Henry started to quiet down and his eyes closed.

“You’re so good with him, Dean. He’s definitely a Daddy’s boy,” Castiel said with a smile. His voice was filled with admiration. Dean’s face flushed

“I couldn’t do it without you. I’d lose my mind,” the hunter admitted. Castiel chuckled.

“I feel the same. We can do this together.” Dean grinned, excited for this new adventure with Cas and Henry.