papa bolin

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Headcanon: Papa Bolin would dote on his kids the way Maes Hughes does

This is the most accurate headcanon about Papa Bolin I have ever seen. Of course he’d act like Hughes! He loves his babies so much! His wallet only has a few yuans in the back pocket; the rest is usually stuffed full of pictures of his kids.

Bolin: Makooooo! Look at these new pictures! They’re all so cute!

Mako: Yes, Bro, they’re very cute. Now I have to get back to work-

Bolin: Aren’t they the sweetest? They’re so beautiful! Of course they get most of it from their mother, but I think they picked up some of my good looks too. Look at them again!

Mako: Bolin, I don’t need to see them again. They’re my nieces and nephews. They play with my kids; I know what they look like.

Bolin: But they’re always growing! Time’s just gonna fly by and then they’ll be all grown up, you won’t recognize them!

Mako: I have dinner at your house every week! I see them all the time!

Bolin: Oh look! Here’s one of San on his tricycle…