papa bears

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Ok, Picture Carla showing up to take Yui out on a date, only to be sat down by Reiji and Ruki who give him a laundry list of rules for dating their Innocent little Yui. Just these two being over protective papa bears to Yui.

awwwww!!! so cute

carla is like “I dont play by your vampire rules” and ruki gives him The Look and carla is like “o-okay I’ll have her home by 10″

I watch all these hockey babies at the ASG and honestly all I can think about is like the Zimbittle baby scoring a goal against Uncle Chowder at the ASG and having the cutest celly ever and like skating down the line of hockey players to get fist bumps while Bitty tweets furiously and takes pictures and Jack looks like a proud papa bear.

Imagine if you will, as the album starts, that you’re way out in space looking at the earth and, though it’s impossible to “fall” through space, you start a free fall anyway in the direction of the bright blue marble. For the next 75 minutes you plummet toward the earth, losing more and more perspective on what an abstract and impermanent place our planet is, how predictably we step on the same rakes, slip on the same banana peels over and over again through the ages, quickly becoming more and more immersed in the very messy business of being a human – the dubious privilege of being here, the elusiveness of meaning, true love and its habitual absence, random euphoria and the inexplicable misery of others, truth and its more alluring counterfeits, the sophistication of answers that don’t make any sense, the barbarism of our appetites, lucky breaks and injustice, faith and ignorance, crippling, mind-numbing boredom, and the terror of it all ending too soon. Before you know it, you’ve delicately crash-landed and find yourself lying on your back looking up at the stars. If you’re lucky, with someone you love; even if just for a day, a year, a lifetime. Though just an hour has passed you have no recollection of what the earth looked like from the far-flung reaches of space, nor how simple it all seemed a matter of minutes ago.
—  Father John Misty on his new album Pure Comedy