papa and daddy ;u;

Request: how about connors kid talking its first words?

A sequel of sorts to this piece. :)

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Aaaww look how Alice is clutching onto Gil…

Shes looking at Oz with the expression of “u baby” since he’s crying but then shes holding onto Gil like that…

Now I think about maybe Gil was like a father figure to Alice as he took care of her, fed her, gave her pats on the head for encouragement. Aw now I sad Gil was a daddy figure to Alice x’(

“who u callin papa?”

Okay, remind me again why some fans commented that the English cast were terrible? I think the English voices are, well SPOTS ON!

Before I begin my rant, first some commentary about things I observed while watching this first episode that I NEED to remark about:

The English version of the Miraculous theme song. Or should I say my new ring tone! My number is 555-L-A-D-Y-N-O-I-R. That’s MY JAM right thar!

Miraculous-es? Ehhh? Okay, gonna take some getting used to that, I guess. I’m so used to the term being simply Miraculous to describe both Ladybug’s earrings and Chat’s ring that hearing a definded plural form of the word, makes it sound weird on the ears? Anyone else tilted their heads when Hawkmoth said miraculous-es?

Time to De-Evilize! Pffffffffffft! Typical. It wouldn’t be an English dub without a marketable catchphrase. I have to laugh about this because…I’m sorry, it reminds me of Power Rangers with ‘it’s morphing time’ or the Ninja Turles with ‘it’s ninja time’ or ‘turtle power’. Everybody got themselves a catchy catchphrase and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon, we’ll be hearing the term, de-evilize with the little kids as much as Booyacashaw! Y’know it’s coming.

The little boy who is being dragged in the park by his dad who says he has to do chores. I’m sorry but chores? Isn’t that kid like 4 or 6 years old? Maybe it’s just me but why would you give a 4 or 6 year old…chores? I dunno that dub sounded odd to me. That’s just my puzzlement.

All the ‘off the changs’ and ‘cramping my styles’! What, no cracka-lacking? Or my homies? Pffffffft! Oooh the slang of today’s youth…in cartoons. I’m sorry I have no problem with this dub dialogue but I found this too amusing to not comment about.

Ladybug didn’t call Chloe a vixen. If I remembered correctly from the fan subs for Miraculous, in the party scene where Chloe is dancing with Adrien and tries to kiss him, I think Lady remarked calling Chloe, a vixen or a leech or another creative synonym for thirsty girl. Anyways I remember her calling her that kind of word so I was actually looking to see if they might use it in the dub but…sadly they didn’t. Booo! 

Adrien calling his dad ‘father’.Adrien, y u no call him daddy? Even papa would’ve sounded better. ‘Father’ sounds so…formal which I guess…suits given their strained father-son relationship. Just weird hearing it in English. Then again it’s probably me.

 Is that all? Yeah I think that’s all. Alright. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, time to really talk about how I felt about the voices. Keep reading if you wanna know my thoughts. As usual, my miraculous musings are long so you may wanna grab yourself a snack.

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