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So listen here, I need to get this off my chest. Many of you know that Wonho is my ultimate bias and will always be but you probably also know that I love all Monsta X members for many different reasons. Right now I feel the need to express my love for Shownu. I absolutely adore the fucking fuck out of this awkward bean. He is the cutest smol trapped in a tol’s body ever okay? I constantly have the urge to squish his cheeks and protect him at all times. He is the backbone of MX and he has grown so much and is truly becoming an awesome leader. Over 2k16 we have seen him grow so much from the praise he earned on “Hit the Stage”, to him coming out of his shell and holding his own on “Lipstick Prince” where he doesn’t have his members to rely on and the cast loves him just as much as we do, not too mention is funny antics from the first two episodes of Monsta X-Ray (Shownu as mother-in-law/Omoni will forever breathe life into me. #Shomoni). He is dedicated to Monsta X and is so hard working and I admire the shit out of him. His eye smile adds years to my life and I am so ready to continue watching him and the rest of Monsta X grow.💜💜Please keep supporting and cheering for Shownu and Monsta X😊😊

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  • *outside Speedy's*
  • Molly: *approaching Mary* What's going on?
  • Mary: *grins* I found the father of your baby.
  • Molly: *wide-eyed* What? do you even know who the father is?
  • Mary: *digging in her purse* I believe this belongs to the father of your baby *removes the scarf*
  • Molly: *groans* Oh God...he’s in there right now?
  • Mary: Yup.
  • Molly: *sighs* Let's get this over with.
  • Molly & Mary: *enter Speedy's*
  • Tom: *waving* Hi, Molls.
  • Molly: ...
  • Tom: *looking between them* So, what’s up?
  • Mary: *nudging her forwards* Well, Molly has something that she wants to tell you *gestures the scarf* while we're on the subject, I believe that this is your scarf.
  • Tom: No... *unzips his coat* this is my scarf.
  • Mary: ...
  • Mary: *looks at the scarf in her hand* Ah. Could I get anyone a coffee or...poison? No? Just for me? Okay *hurries off*
  • Tom: *concerned* What’s going on?
  • Molly: *sits opposite him* Nothing. Mary just... sort of made a mistake.
  • Tom: *smiles* I’m pleased Mary called. I know we broke up because you thought we weren't compatible. I was thinking...does that matter?
  • Molly: *hesitates* Tom...
  • Tom: We were perfect together *holds her hand*
  • Molly: I’m pregnant.
  • Tom: Oh. *drops her hand*
  • Tom: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: You can go.
  • Tom: Thank you *runs off*
  • *John & Mary's*
  • Sherlock: *staring at the baby*
  • John & Mary: *enter the flat*
  • Mary: *smiles* Hi. How was she?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Fine.
  • John: *lifts his daughter* There's my girl. Were you good for your Uncle?
  • Sherlock: *sighs*
  • Mary: *smirks* You love her really. You're a natural.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I'm going to have to get used to it.
  • John: *nods* Yes, you are.
  • Sherlock: *winds the scarf around his neck; smiles a little*
  • Mary: *looks up; points* That's your scarf?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Yeeeeeees.
  • Mary: ...
  • Sherlock: *shrugs on his coat* Goodnight *leaves*
  • Mary: *squeals with happiness*

707 as PAPA   

707: Wheeeee♪ 
Seven seem has fun lol

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I’m really fun drawing this lolololololol
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I didnt design their kids yet..
Base on this 

  • Child: Daddy, why did you get married to Papa?
  • Karma: because I love him so much he is my life I couldn't imagine where I'd be without him omg I love him so much you have no idea I always have there was this one he fell on top of me during a fight it was great also have you seen him? he is so gorgeous look at his hAIR also his eyes shine so bright and he's super bloodlust but a teacher at the same time do you know how much competition there was to get him? Everyone loved him but he chose me I am forever grateful
  • Child: Papa, why did you marry Daddy?
  • Nagisa: I don't know.

raventaire  asked:

my favourite les mis hc is that grantaire's fantastic with babies and kids meaning i love everything involving r as a dad or favourite uncle or as a dance or boxing or art instructor or kindergarten teacher or honestly anything like that

Omg thanks I had so much fun writing this:

It’s no secret that Grantaire loves kids but only gavroche knows that he volunteers at the local orphanage every week, taking his group of kids out to museums and generally being their best friend (and father figure but don’t tell him that he’ll cry). He buys them treats and sketch little doodles for each of them. One day the meeting has to be moved to when he takes them out so he turns up with 6 children clinging to him and two toddlers carried on his hips. They collectively derail the meeting and treat it like a party, singing and dancing around the cafe with R
BONUS: As they grow older they befriend the other amis and “coincidently” always meet up with R on fathers day

Imagine a platonic riren au where Levi is a college art history professor and he’s taking care of little Eren, and he brings Eren along with him when he takes his class to an art museum. And he just holds Eren’s hand and leads him around, making sure he doesn’t wander off too far. Levi tries to teach him about different works, crouching down to his level and explaining everything in simple terms and smiling softly at the look of pure awe and wonder on Eren’s face. And imagine how surprised his students are when they see him behaving so sweet gently with Eren, not at all like the blunt and sarcastic teacher they all know and love. Not to mention all the attention Eren gets from his female students, and Levi watching amused at the way Eren basks in it.