papa and child

Okay but imagine Steve actually babysitting the kids after season two. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler go out for the night, Nancy’s out with Jonathon, and they call Steve over to watch the kids. He tries to cook dinner, but he burns everything and orders pizza, making them promise not to tell Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler. They beg him to take them to arcade, and he reluctantly gives in, and they teach him how to play all the different games. Then they stop at the video store on the way home and rent an R-rated movie, again swearing not to tell their parents. Steve burns the popcorn too, so they give up and just snack on Eggos. After the movie, Steve makes them go downstairs to the basement and get ready for bed. He helps them set up their sleeping bags (insisting that Mike keeps his at least three feet away from Eleven) and then he tucks them all into bed. He stays down there with them, telling them he’s just making sure they go to bed instead of talking. But really he just wants to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe, after everything that’s happened. The Wheelers come home to find the kids asleep, and Steve snoring softly in his chair, with the nail bat in his hands.


I finished some sketches for Sans and Red’s small child. Their name is “Sirius A” because as much as I like font names, Sans and Red are giant space nerds so of course they would name their kid after the brightest star visible from earth.

Sirius A is kind like Sans, but also sort of an asshole like Red, so they throw a lot of tantrums when they’re a kid.

Absolutely loves puns, but is somehow really bad at coming up with their own. Its painful to watch.

They also really love space and science like their Dads and plans to be an astronaut one day. Red didnt cry when they told him, he was simply leaking liquid happiness.

Im really bad at making character sheets, so they will probably never have one. Either way, feel free to use them if you want???


Sirius A is non binary. I don’t think I actually said that they were? So they go by they/them


I didn’t expect this to happen even at the gala lmao!!!

But I’m just so glad to witness such a pure friendship. Pooh is definitely his senyuu, his companion in battles. It is moments like this that warm my heart (also take me by surprise and make me go lol by how much of a child this 22-year-old man is inside).

i just love how calm touka chan is here and how kaneki is just watching her

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Headcanons for papa saeran

Let’s see~


  • The words “I’m pregnant” are something he takes a looooot of time to proceed with. He never even though about being a parent. Damn, he literally forgot that you may get pregnant if you have sex! 
  • So you’re pregnant. You’re gonna give a birth. To a child. Your child. His child. He’s gonna have a child. Which means. Which means? Means he’s gonna be- … FUCK HE’S GONNA BE A FATH- *faints*
  • He’s in shock. He doesn’t know what to say. His thoughts are racing, like, is it real? Is he gonna be a father? He’s going to be a PARENT. An actual parent. He’ll have to take care of a child. Of a human being. A little, weak human being. He’ll need to protect it. He already has to. He had to protect you before, and now… Now a little child? Will he manage to do that? What if he hurts it? By accident? Or on purpose…? What is he turns out to be like his mother? He doesn’t want to be like this, he’s scared. This child doesn’t deserve this damn excuse of a father-
  • “Saeran. It’ll be okay. You’ll do well. You’re a strong and good person. I believe in you.”
  • Well that’s great because even he doesn’t believe in himself at this point
  • Your words give him a lot of motivation. He trusts you. He still panics, but he wants to do his best. If you say he’ll manage, then there’s no way it’ll be different.
  • During your pregnacy, he’s clearly overprotective. He doesn’t really know how to take care of you, so he just does what he can. He’ll never let you carry heavy things, you won’t even have to go out of the bed. Secretly, he’ll search into all the articles about how he should behave. He’ll try to awkwardly ask Jaehee about it, but no one else. He’ll never listen to his brother nor any other man in the group. If there’s anyone he feels okay with asking for advice, it’s Jaehee.
  • He decides to actually find a job, which is a bit awkward at first. He wants to be as independ as he can and he really thinks that living on your own - like, without Saeyoung around - is a good idea. He wants to start over, find his own way. Make his family safe, because for the first time in his life he actually feels like he has a place he belongs in. He wants to work to make it better.
  • He has a thing for hand-made furniture. He really wants to make a bed for his child and Saeyoung - who secretly watched his search history all along - offers his help. However, they’re both bad at it. But they try. And they learn quickly. So after long time of struggling, they manage to make the damn bed. It looks weird and creaks every time you touch it, but it’s filled with their love~
  • When the time comes, he’s the most nervous being you’d imagine. You literally have to calm him down or he’ll either break something or hurt himself. He tries to be as supportive as possible, but it’s just too much for him. Eventually, Saeyoung has to take him out of the room because he’s yelling at the nurses and it’s clearly not good for you. He’s literally more scared/nervous/emotional than you. Don’t blame him, he’s never gone through this before (?)
  • This little thing… It’s crying, it’s loud… It’s vulnerable… and it caused a lot of pain to you…. He cannot help but stare at the child, just not believing that it’s… it’s actually his child.
  • He’s hyper. Secretly still scared, but happy. Is with you 24/7, literally crushing you two with affection. And he cannot help but compare this little being to the both of you. The hair, the eyes… everything is so similar. How is it even possible? This little human is like a mix of the both of you. It’s as if you two were one person he kinda freaks out at the thought
  • Saeran doesn’t really know how to take care of a little human, but his common sense tells him to keep it away from Saeyoung. Saeyoung is not happy because he wants to play with his nephew/niece. Everyone recalls the photo of Saeyoung “playing” with another little being (Elly). Vanderwood tases Saeyoung and ties him to a chair. Everyone sighs with relief.
  • But seriously, Saeran has no idea what to do. But he listens to everything you say, not being afraid of asking someone else for help as well. His pride means nothing when it comes to you two. He’s careful like the kid is literally made of glass. He quickly remembers what to do and when, but his skills aren’t great to be honest. Putting clothes on the little human is probably the worst. Vanderwood turns out to be quite useful these times. 
  • The kid is probably a bit afraid of him, which makes him panic. Literally, when the child will start to cry, Saeran starts to cry too. Congratulations. You have two panicking kids now. The little one is probably easier to calm down though -_-
  • Every time Saeran does something wrong, he thinks of it for a few days or even longer, filled with regrets even if it was something trivial. He really wants to be a good father, but something inside his head keeps telling him that he’ll be just like his mother. He cannot forgive himself being vulnerable in moments like this. Every time you have to do something because he can’t, he’s already tearing up.
  • So many sleepless nights. Even when it’s your turn to take care of the child or if you let someone else take it for a while, he’s never been so stressed in his whole life. He’s scared of telling you how much it pressures him so he ends up crying alone, as far from everyone as possible. He knows how much you’re going through too so he doesn’t want to add any more troubles. But it’s more than obvious that he’s just not okay at these moments and you’ll, sooner or later, make him talk to you about it.
  • And he really needed this talk. You had to reassure him a lot until he finally calmed down, and you both ended up crying. But in the end, he understood that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you’re here to help him out just like he’s always been here to help you when you needed this.
  • He still does his best. Still makes a lot of mistakes. Just like you do. But you’re never alone and that’s what makes it just simple. It’s still not easy, but you know it’ll be okay.
  • At some point though, he knows everything better than you. He’s surprisingly good at those weird recipes. He knows how to make the kid actually eat its food. He’s patient and quite stubborn, but that’s clearly what your child needs. As soon as he feels more confident in what to do, he makes you rest more since you get tired faster than he does. He can go on for a week without a coffee. But please, make him stop. It’s not healthy.
  • As the child grows up, it’s more attached to Saeran than you. They’re so similar to be honest! Two quiet beings not letting go of each other even for a second. They’ll take naps together, and the day when the Little Version™ is introduced to ice cream will be probably the happiest moment of your lives.
  • Saeran loves to go to various places with thte kid: zoo, aquarium, theatres… He’s never experienced it as a child and even though he wants to give everything he can to his kid, he’ll secretly enjoy it just as if he was the baby here. Please, let him try the cotton candy, whatever it is, it looks like clouds and it’s sweet. He wants it. O-oh, yeah, buy one for the kid too.
  • He feels weird when he has to leave the kid in a school. When the time comes, they’re both just as nervous. Though even if the little one gets over it fairly quickly, you spend the whole day reassuring Saeran that no nothing will eat it there’s no monsters in the school and no the teachers aren’t a part of some cult dammit honey-
  • You actually start to wonder because you’re pretty sure some of your old teachers praised Satan, but that’s a completely different story
  • He’s this kind of parent who will try to not be nosy, but the way he glances at his kid until they spare him some information about what’s up is more than obvious. He’ll try not to ask too many questions, but he won’t feel at ease until he actually hears from them.
  • Incredibly sensitive to any mood changes. Will try to convince the kid to talk to him, but never force them. Wants them to know it’s okay to ask for help, because he himself also needed this lesson a while ago. 
  • Wants the kid to be independent, but cannot refuse if they ask him for help, even if it’s something trivial. If the child is in danger/need/anything, he’ll literally drop everything and run to the rescue.
  • He knows how to cook. Go aside, MC, you’re gonna ruin his ravioli. In this house we eat only homemade food. No chips, no soda, it’s unhealthy don’t be like Saeyoung please. Ice cream? Ice cream is very healthy, fuck off.
  • No, uncle Saeyoung won’t visit us today. Please don’t say this name ever again. Stay away from him. It’s so-called bad influence.
  • No, we’re not gonna get a pup- *the kid shows him a very cute puppy and makes a face even cuter than the puppy’s* …Ooo… kaay… Leeeet… *still not convinced* …it be a puuuuppy…
  • Can’t get over the growing up process. W-wait what do you mean you… you date?! You cannot date! You’re too young for dating!
  • “Dad, I’m 18.”
  • It’s been so little just a while ago… why is it… why is it moving out now?! Why?! It’s been here always! What is he gonna do now?! Why is it leaving?!
  • “MC, we need a second child.”
A Good Thing

“Bobby, you can’t keep doing that to him.”
Bob raises his eyebrows, putting down his fork. “Doing what, Alicia? Corralling our son into talking about his crush?”

Or, A fic about Bob and Alicia noticing Jack’s feelings for Bitty before even he does.

Bob Zimmermann is kind of messy, only a bit of a smart ass, and just a tad hard of hearing. Yet even without perfect hearing Bob can’t miss the affection in his son’s voice when talking about a certain line-mate.

Bob Zimmermann is many things, but he is no idiot.

“Did you get that paper done for your…what was it again- american pie class?”

Bob looks over his shoulder just in time to see Alicia send an appraising look from the couch. He catches a hint of a smile.

He winks back and she rolls her eyes in return.

Bob turns again to the large window, the white light blinding him for a moment. The large expanse of grass is still littered with snow, lining the way down to their lake. A blank sky hugs the horizon.

“Women, food, and American culture, Papa.”

“Right. So how’d you do on the paper? Did Eric help you out?”

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  • Child: Daddy, why did you get married to Papa?
  • Viktor: because I love him so much he is my life I couldn't imagine where I'd be without him omg I love him so much you have no idea he drank 16 glasses of champagne at the banquet and did the poses with Chris at the pole and danced with me it was great also have you seen him? he is so gorgeous look at his hAIR also his eYES shine so bright and he's so precious and cute but a delicius pork cutlet bowl at the same time do you know how much competition there was to get him at the banquet? Everyone loved him but he chose me I am forever grateful
  • Child: Papa, why did you marry Daddy?
  • Yuri: I don't know.


an au in which solas finds out lavellan *has a child in trespasser, and it’s his. solas lets lavellan and their child live longer and postpones destroying the world because he can’t stand the thought of destroying the very life he made with the one he loves. 

meanwhile, this angry love-child hunts down his long lost father and gives him the good slap into reality like “lol i know all about ur evil plans and ur a terrible dad and on top of that ur a terrible person but i lowkey still have faith that you’ll change bc mamae never gave up on you

…do i hear your hearts shattering yet?


*edit: Lavellan had a child AFTER the events of da:i / a year pre-trespasser.


another teacher au!
what if there are some things mura hasnt changed about and, given enough persuasion, will revert back (eventho he tries his best to be an adult lol)

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How do you describe your parents?
  • Himawari: Papa and Mama are the best! Papa is a-
  • Boruto: *interrupts* BAKA! Who needs a stupid old man when you have a beautiful strong mama!
  • Hinata: Boruto! That's not nice to say about your father.
  • Naruto: Don't worry Hinata! It's fine..
  • Boruto: I hope the Ramen shop gets shut down.
  • Naruto: Take it back child!
  • _______________________________
  • Sarada: Mama is always there for me and whenever I'm ill, she lays beside me. Whereas, papa will protect no matter what!
  • Sakura: Aw that's nice to say.
  • Sasuke: I will protect here no matter what! Even from that little pikachu banana shaped head brat!
  • Sarada: That's not nice to say about Boruto... I mean....
  • Sasuke: Oh no...he has got into you. Don't worry, my child, I will erase those feelings and let you become free.
  • Sarada: Papa?!!! No, I don't have any feelings for Boruto.
  • Sasuke: Not even one bit?
  • Sarada: I....
  • Sasuke: *activates sharingan* I'm coming for you Uzumaki brat!
  • Sakura: Darling...calm down
  • _______________________________
  • Mitsuki: My papa......let's just say that I have a parent.
  • Orochimaru: *smiles* Im his parent.
  • Mitsuki: My parent has trained me and taken care of me and feeded me and...I'm not sure if I should my parent my mama or my's confusing...
  • Orochimaru: I'm just an amazing parent. *flicks his hair*
  • _______________________________
  • Shikadai: My dad is an hardworking man and he is always here for dinner.
  • Boruto: *interrupts*
  • Shikadai: Buzz off Boruto....
  • Boruto: *fades away*
  • Shikadai: anyways, my mother is......erm...
  • Temari: *gives a scary look to Shikadai*
  • Shikadai: is an amazing woman. I love her to bits. She is so strong with her wind fan. I love my mama...
  • Temari: Hmph *smiles*
  • Shikadai: What a drag.....
  • Temari: You just thought 'What a drag' didn't you, Shikadai?
  • Shikadai: you.....know?
  • Temari: No dinner for you!
  • Shikadai: *cries inside*
  • ___________________________
  • Inojin: My mother is so beautiful and that's how I got these looks
  • Ino: Aw my cute child.
  • Inojin: Papa is so happy to see me all the time. We go shopping and training together.
  • Sai: That's right!
  • Inojin: ...and he always tells me his jokes about mama!
  • Ino: Jokes?! What kind of jokes?
  • Sai: ....
  • Inojin: *whispers to Ino*
  • Ino: *blushes* SAIIIIIIII!!!!!
  • Sai: I should run....
  • ___________________________
  • Chocho: Mama shows me how I am strong and beautiful in every way. My mama tells me that I'm not fat. It's just my curves and I love her home made food. Papa and me always get along. We go to restaurants and eat, we go to parks and eat. We even go to shopping eat. And buy most things from the shop! Even his card got declined!
  • Karui: Are you serious?
  • Choji: Hehe....
  • Chocho: I love them both!
  • ____________________________
  • Kiba's child: Mama is so nice to me. She will always be there to kiss me to sleep and wake me up in the morning. She makes nice breakfast and a warm hug. Me and mama are always studying and training together and my grades are doing very well and my strength
  • Tamaki: I'm glad you like it, my kitten.
  • Kiba's child: Papa is so fun! We go to the park and he lets me ride on Akamaru and we jump from cliff to cliff!
  • Tamaki: Wait, what?!
  • Kiba's child: There was even a time when me, Boruto and papa jumped from the Hokage's faces and we landed on soft bouncy mattress.
  • Tamaki: WHAT?! KIBA?!!!!
  • Kiba: ...gotta go *sprints away*
  • ________________________
  • Metal Lee: Papa and I are always training because we both do it for youth and mama makes me warm and happy. Even when I get nervous!
  • Lee: That's my boy!
  • Metal's Lee mother: My little cute dragon.

02/10 - “Dear baby Eijun,  What’s bedtime like?“ from nightmarelady77

For the record… I don’t even know who Sawako is (and I don’t care. I don’t read shoujo. OTL) Also, I hate doing backgrounds. What is perspective??

I should have the next up by tomorrow, but I’m not sure. Might be busy since it’s father’s day. We’ll see.

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titus drautos // first child hcs

a little surprise for  @louisvuittontrashbags to sate her until i can finish my fics. i hope you like it.

content warning for child birth and pregnancy // SFW

  • it had taken a long time to get to this point with titus
  • not a man of intimacy, the captain of the glaives was a hard-won prize
  • all grit and muscle and hard edges
  • so when he found out you were pregnant, you expected confusion, panic, maybe even anger
  • you did not expect how he pushed all of those frantic emotions aside and fell into careful reverence, your body treated like spun sugar under his large, battle worn hands
  • you were still his girl, his wicked, little goddess, the only woman who knew how to take him down a peg
  • but the life growing inside you simultaneously softened him and heightened his protective nature
  • throughout the pregnancy, drautos fawned over you
  • not the type to pamper, but he definitely didn’t pass up the opportunity to scoop you up into his chiseled chest so you didn’t have to walk up and down large staircases and hills
  • visiting altissia a trip, you ended up soaking in a bubble bath in the nicest suite titus could reserve after dealing with those damn stairs everywhere
  • he didn’t join you this time, opting to lather up your hair and back, muttering baby name ideas and making snippy comments about how you touched his thigh
  • “Y/N, you need to rest.”
  • “I need you.” 
  • he wanted you just as badly, carnal delights not lost on him, but his touch wasn’t as starved, his mouth not as territorial
  • many intense conversations were had in the middle of the night
  • “i’m not ready. i can’t do this, Y/N!” 
  • “titus, you have to,” you retort, placing his hand on your swollen belly
  • “i fight, that’s what i do. how do i have any business rearing an entire human being?” 
  • “that’s why you have me, you big lug.” 
  • when you went into labor, he was at the grocery store
  • a carton of milk left behind in a flurry after the phone call to end all phone calls, he came for you, taking up the entire doorway before dropping to his knees beside you
  • “are you all right, my love?” he croons with newfound sentiment, his hands unsure of where to land 
  • you nod, doubled over, counting the time between contractions
  • “why didn’t you tell me when they began, Y/N?”
  • “titus, you damned fool, i am not ready to have this baby in the middle of our living room, get me to the damn hospital!” 
  • drautos springs into action, driving like a bat outta hell, only slowing down when you needed to squeeze one of his hands
  • he knew you would chastise him later
  • you clawed at his arm, even though nurses were trying to push him aside to get to their equipment
  • none of his training prepared him for the absolute heartache that was listening to his girl in pain with no sign of relief
  • a flash of dread and anxiety drove him out of the room, just long enough to stifle how overwhelmed he was becoming
  • she’s waiting
  • “okay, titus, get it together,” he grumbled to himself, exhaling slowly
  • drautos marched back into your room, taking in the scene
  • you, trying to contort yourself into whatever position would offer you the most relief, snapping at a nurse about how she placed the iv port, wild eyes searching for your hulking protector
  • he hated seeing these strangers touching you, but he knew they were only doing their job
  • still, he had no problem shouldering his way into the fray, clutching your hand with both of his monstrous palms 
  • “i’m here.” drautos’ mantra
  • when it was time to push, he glowed with pride at how you bared your teeth, steely determination alight within you
  • glistening with sweat, white knuckling his fist, you fought to bring your creation into this strange, beautiful world
  • “that’s my girl,” he whispered
  • “would you like to help?” the doctor smiled, handing him a smock
  • drautos balks for the first time in his life, gingerly taking the smock
  • he took his place, paling as you giggled through the pain, the smock too tight for his large frame
  • and then there they were
  • “push, darling, push.” 
  • first the head, the arms, and then they were in his outstretched hands, wriggling, red blotchy skin and all ten fingers and toes
  • everything blurred around drautos as the nurses cleaned up the newborn until he heard its first cries
  • you had the baby in a deathgrip against your chest, weeping softly
  • “come here, titus. come meet your little one,” you said with a gentle smile
  • “my…” he couldn’t move at first, eyes locked on the squirming infant
  • “titus.”
  • his gaze shifts and all his worries melt away when he sees your face
  • he walks over, trembling hands giving him away
  • “you did it.” the words left his lips with such grace and pride, it could have knocked you over had you been standing. “my beautiful enchantress.”
  • all of his roughness, his hard lines, were nowhere to be found as he took the bundle of pink and lavender from you
  • “i’m going to crush him,” he hissed as the weight of the baby registered in his hands. 
  • “no, you won’t,” you laughed, smoothing your finger over the baby’s cheek before titus straightened up
  • “so… so tiny,” he breathed, baby nestled in the crook of his arm
  • titus really was a sight, hunched over the little one, massive shoulders bunched, head bowed 
  • “how can something ever be so tiny…” 
  • “look at you,” you murmur, beaming. “you’re doing it.” 
  • titus’ eyes were brimming with complete and utter adoration when he placed a delicate kiss on your forehead. 
  • “i am going to love you as the stars love the moon,” he crooned to the sleepy babe before passing them back to you
  • titus wormed his way onto the too small bed, curling around you and the tiny treasure
  • you remember him mumbling about liking the name “rowan” before succumbing to exhaustion
  • Child: Daddy, why did you get married to Papa?
  • Karma: because I love him so much he is my life I couldn't imagine where I'd be without him omg I love him so much you have no idea I always have there was this one he fell on top of me during a fight it was great also have you seen him? he is so gorgeous look at his hAIR also his eyes shine so bright and he's super bloodlust but a teacher at the same time do you know how much competition there was to get him? Everyone loved him but he chose me I am forever grateful
  • Child: Papa, why did you marry Daddy?
  • Nagisa: I don't know.

Papa Hollis: “And this might be so shoking to you, but murderous vampire wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!”

This. Never. Gets. Old. 

Happy Carmilla Is Out in 15 Days Day!! ;) Happy Coming Out Day*!!

*and remember, coming out is not and never will be a requirement, an obligation or even a necessity. Not coming out does not mean not being out. Being closeted because you are not safe or not ready or not needing to be out doesn’t make you less queer and magical. Just because society is painfully patriarchal and heteronromative and wants to set rules and little boxes, doesn’t mean we should follow them. We’re here, we’re queer and we FUCKING ROCK!