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How would Mccree, Roadhog, and Reaper react to their SO being in the sun and their freckles popping out for once?


  • The cowboy never noticed his S/O’s freckles at first, but when they were out one day and the sun had brought them out, he saw them alright!

  • “Hey sweetpea, I never knew you had such cute freckles on your pretty face.” Jesse would comment as he smirks, watching their expression grow flustered.

  • Really though, Jesse thinks that the freckles just makes his S/O 100000000x more adorable like what?? How is this possible???

  • He’d totally want to go out more whenever it’s sunny outside, just to see those cute freckles on his S/O’s face come out again~


  • Mako doesn’t notice them at first, but when he turns to look at them about to tell them something, but that thought’s long gone as he sees the freckles pop out from the sunshine, and holy cow they’re so cute????

  • He’d tap on their shoulder, and when they turn their head to look at him, the junker would gently take hold of their chin and look at their face, which would probably cause them to fluster under his gaze.

  • “You’re looking very cute today.” He nonchalantly says as he lets go of their chin, chuckling just a bit as he sees them trying to cover their blush with their hands.

  • The junker would look at them just a little bit longer after a conversation’s over, smiling under his mask. He finds them just, extra cuter with the freckles~


  • He was on one of his days off, and he finally agreed on going out with his S/O for a few hours since it was so nice outside~

  • Gabriel doesn’t look at his S/O a lot on the ‘date’ until his S/O gets his attention, so he turns to look at them and WHAT WHY ARE THEY CUTER THAN BEFORE WHERE DID THOSE FRECKLES COME FROM????

  • Under his cool demeanor he’s actually freaking out on the inside like how is this possible they’re so cute with those freckles??? Did he never notice them before?

  • He then notices that he spaced out as they were literally poking him now. Reaper’s told that they want to go to the park to hang out, and he mutters an ‘ok’ and off he goes being dragged by them, as he’s still thinking about his S/O’s adorable face littered in freckles~

Omega: *petting one of the cats on one of the couches* *on the verge of falling asleep*

Papa: *comes into the room*

Papa: *walks out of the room*

Papa: *comes back in the room*

Papa: *walks out again*

Omega: *groans* Papaaaa, what are you doing?

Papa: eh sorry, it’s just….did you happen to see the ‘ting I was carrying around with me earlier today?

Omega: ….the what?

Papa: the 'ting! you know..

Omega: …what’s a 'ting?

Papa: ehhh like a 'ting! I don’t know it’s hard to explain. it’s like an object or know…

Omega: ..well..*chuckles*…I know what a THING is…but I have no fucking clue what a 'TINGGG is..

Papa: but I just told you what a 'ting i- WAIT A MINUTE-

Omega: *stifles a laugh*


Omega: I don’t know what you’re talking about

Papa: you are aren’t you????

Omega: it’s called a sense of humor sweetie. you could say…I have….a 'ting for it.