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Makoto Tachibana and Izumi Nase

Humanity’s Strongest Family AU! + Free!= WOW!!

by Elvendashears

Inspired by some post of them I saw waaay back before i went on hiatus !! XD

and i stil can’t get the idea off my head! specially when i saw this T-shirt at the mall with the “10 rules for Dating my Daughter” along with the lil chat i had with fuku-shuu! XD


Hope you guys like it!!

Imagine a platonic riren au where Levi is a college art history professor and he’s taking care of little Eren, and he brings Eren along with him when he takes his class to an art museum. And he just holds Eren’s hand and leads him around, making sure he doesn’t wander off too far. Levi tries to teach him about different works, crouching down to his level and explaining everything in simple terms and smiling softly at the look of pure awe and wonder on Eren’s face. And imagine how surprised his students are when they see him behaving so sweet gently with Eren, not at all like the blunt and sarcastic teacher they all know and love. Not to mention all the attention Eren gets from his female students, and Levi watching amused at the way Eren basks in it.

can we just appreciate the survey corps parents moments in chapter 73

like on how survey corps mama hanji protected her precious little survey corps babies

and on how survey corps papa levi scolded survey corps baby eren, papa cares (lol)

and on how the levihan finished each other sentences like wtf is this the new frozen but still levihan moment yay

and we could not seriously forgot on how levi and hanji  the levihans are protecting each others back like omfg look on how they protect each other and i can’t stop from smiling *muffled screaming*

this ship seriously might be the cause of my death, ain’t kidding at all

I’m trying to imagine Levi raising tiny kid!Eren, and it’s kind of funny.

Levi makes a fatal mistake and passes the toy section after picking up some orange juice at the supermarket, and Eren rushes to the toy section at a speed unheard of for a three year old. Levi tries to get Eren out of the toy section because they have to go home and eat lunch, but Eren is a stubborn little kid and refuses to go.

Levi is about to carry him off, but Eren lies flat out on the ground and cries loudly so that Levi can’t take him away from the toy section. Of course, Levi is embarrassed and frustrated, especially since passersby stare at him in pity and annoyance and can’t you control your kid? It’s a shitty day, and raising Eren by himself sucks, and he’s not good with this what the hell is he doing?

Finally Levi says some things in anger, and Eren cries even harder, although Levi does manage to lift Eren off the ground. Levi refuses to buy Eren a toy to placate Eren because everyone tells him that he spoils Eren too much, the old people at the check-out line are muttering of young ones these days can’t discipline their kids, and thanks to his work he had only a few hours of sleep the day before and is not in a good mood as a result. 

The day is shitty.

They make it to the car, and Eren’s sobs die out into soft hiccups now. But his eyes and cheeks are still red with tears and sadness, and just when Levi tries to wipe Eren’s face with a tissue, Eren mumbles, “You hate me,” and resumes crying again. 

Levi realizes that since his harsh words in the store, Eren wasn’t crying because of the toys but because he thought Levi hated him. Suddenly others’ criticisms and all the little annoyances leave Levi because he understands this isn’t about him. 

So he pulls Eren into a hug and then kisses the top of Eren’s head. “Hey, I don’t hate you. I can never, ever hate you.”

And this is one of those moments when Levi realizes that he’s not raising Eren to please other people, not for his friends’ approval or the passerby at the store or the old people at the check-out line, but for Eren to be happy.

He still doesn’t buy Eren a toy that day, but he does buy Eren one when Eren brings home an excellent certificate from kindergarten. 

Papa Levi helping Eren get dressed for his first day of school but Eren tells him “No papa, I can do it, I’m a big boy now”
So Levi goes and takes pictures and laughs because Eren struggles to put his shirt on correctly and decides to just wear it inside out but Levi helps him put it on correctly and sends him off to school an hour later.

A continuation of the Single Dad Au. Living next door Levi and his little gaggle of children is the widower Erwin and his son Armin.

Unlike Eren- who’s overwhelmingly curious, energetic, and reckless- or Mikasa- who, due to neglect in her previous family, tends to be quiet, a rule follower, and weary of being separated from her brother and Daddy- Armin is immensely well mannered, clever and creative. Armin doesn’t mind being “girlie” because he doesn’t see anything wrong with it and Erwin tries to be as supportive of him as possible.

Though Levi loves his little snots, he is often a little jealous that Erwin’s child is easy to manage.

I really need some parental ereri fics/art

I want Eren trying to discipline the children but hating to do it, and them not taking him seriously because they can just sense his reluctance to be “mean.”

And I want Levi grudgingly playing make-believe with them because even though he feels like an idiot, he likes making them happy and hearing them laugh more than anything.

I just need the cuteness that is daddy Eren and papa Levi 💕💕