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Heyo!Can I have some HCs for le assassins when their S/O is babysitting?~

You’ll be the end of me,Kimiko Jones…

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad 

  • Appears cold and intimidating In reality,he has no idea what to do,so he’d rather watch his S/O first 
  • Observe,then act 
  • What do children even like?Fighting?Violence? 
  • -Altair,No- 
  • Okay,S/O stays on the floor,playing with plushies with the kid 
  • Very effective 
  • “Miss S/O,does Mr. Altair want to play with us?” 
  • -Altair,Yes- 
  • He’d bring more blankets and pillows for them to be comfy and hesitently sit down next to his S/O 
  • “We can play house!Miss S/O is mummy and Mr.Altair is daddy!” 
  • S/O giggles when they see his flustered face 
  • He attracts all the kids involuntarily,much to his desmay

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Connor Murphy x Waitress!Reader Pt. 2

(a.n. ok so I’m stumped atm for an actual fic but I have like hundreds of headcanons ?? so enjoy ?? warning: a bmc crossover and cheesy as funk. also like 95% this is ooc but would it really be one of my headcanons if it werent?)


• “Babe! I have a great idea for a new pie”

• “ For the laST TIME CONNOR, this is a family diner, we can’t put weed in the pie”

• “and why not, (y/n)?”

• “oh I don’t know? Maybe because it’s 100% against store policy to sell marijuana infused desserts?”

• ofc the logical thing to do when you can’t have your way in the workplace is to buy your own establishment

• y’all open up a weed shop and a diner right by each other (The Baked Sale is where the devils lettuce is sold, and when those people get the munchies they head to The Bakery to get a cure for their seemingly incurable hunger)

• one time connor tried to help you in the kitchen but all that led to was flour everywhere and an intense make out in the dry ingredient storage room ooops

• your two stores are really a genius marketing scheme

• your child’s college savings are out the roof

• one day this tall kid with giant headphones and a red hoodie walks in (clearly having visited your boyfriend’s weed shop beforehand)

•“let me guess, a large slice of pie?”

• “do you happen to have a slushee machine?”

• “no, but we do have pie, pie, satanic rituals on saturdays, and pie”

• “I guess Ill have a slice of cherry pie then”

• “Ok, one slice of cherry pie coming up for…”

• “Michael”

• “coming right up!”

• since Connor and you don’t wanna leave your daughter at home all the time while y’all work, you have her stay with you at the diner

• she’s mesmerized by Michael’s headphones and immediately runs over to play with them

• Michael doesn’t mind at all, and being high made the event all the more amusing

• you come back over to his table with the pie and

• “honey what did we say about playing with customers?”

• “to not to” she says solemnly

• “I don’t mind at all, your daughters actually quite adorable” Michael pleas

• “just let me know if she becomes too much” you say, slightly thankful for the impromptu babysitter

• Michael actually enjoys babysitting your daughter and comes in practically every day you’re open to help out with her

• and he starts to bring more children along, such as his boyf Jeremy

• and suddenly you and Connor become parents to an entire village of children

• both you and Connor had been working nonstop at your jobs, so y’all decide a date night is definitely something that needs to happen

• “are you excited to stay the night with Uncle Jared and Auntie Alana?” Connor asks your daughter

• “yes dada!”

BOOM heart melted then and there

• even though Connor wasn’t her biological father, you were more than happy that he was the father figure she had

• y’all arrive at Jared and Alana’s apartment and give them the rundown

• “She needs dinner at 6 and be in bed by 8 at the latest” you say, “And Jared? No more dank memes please. I don’t need my child discussing the fundamentals of communism with my customers anymore”

• “Hey, no promises!” Jared winks

• “Jared, I will kill you. Literally kill you.”

• papa bear Connor mode initiated

• “Take it away Alana!” Jared says as he races into the house

• “I’ll make sure nothing too crazy happens, now go have fun kids!” Alana promised

• such a good Aunt

• you and Connor arrive at a quaint little restaurant on the more lavish side of town

• when you’re seated, you see a beautiful view of the skyline

• you’re so caught up in the view that you don’t notice Connor kneeling on the ground next to you

• “connor wtf”

• “(y/n), from the first time I saw you in the diner, I knew I would do whatever it would take to be with you. You got me out of one of the darkest places in my life and I could never repay you enough for that. You and your daughter (fgs does this child even have a name) have been the best thing to ever happen to me. So I just have one thing to say.”

• “420 blaze it? More like 420 engage it!”

• “Connor we’re not even married yet but just for that joke I’m already signing the divorce papers”

• :(

• jk you give him the biggest smooch of a lifetime • “of course I’ll marry you”

• suddenly you’re really happy he stumbled in your diner all that time ago

• the end

Request: how about connors kid talking its first words?

A sequel of sorts to this piece. :)

Your name: submit What is this?

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Still messing around with new brushes and decided to paint Ziio, Connor’s awesome mama~  I feel like Connor inherited Ziio’s awesome cheekbones, and I love that he has his mother’s eyes (and glare!)  I feel like he takes after his mother a lot- just without the saucy-ness haha!  Values are still a bit messed up, but it feels good to paint again…!  And I’m putting Connor in there again because mother and son should stay together ;_____;   Perhaps I should paint Papa Kenway too?  >_>?

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Request: Could you write a drabble with Connor’s lover being pregnant, and as their walking down the streets of Boston/New York someone bumps into her, nearly making her fall and Connor’s temper lets loose?

Days at the manor were quiet and simple for the time being. Y/N was close to 8 months pregnant and it was clear, something Connor loved more than anything. He would spend hours, literally hours, talking to his unborn child. Sometimes it was in his native tongue, sometimes it was English. Y/N didn’t mind, even when upon hearing its father’s voice, they would start kicking and just about wouldn’t stop until Connor was done.

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Troye, Mama Mellet, Papa Mellet, Tyde

And Connor,
does it mean Connor is a part of the Mellet family? ;)

(And tbfh Sage is so freakin pretty and I know I have said this before but the Mellet family really has the perfect genes ever 😍)

  • me: *patiently waiting for Connor and Jude to have a kiss in the season premiere tho*
  • me: *patiently waiting for the fathers day episode mostly because i wanna know if adam stevens is invited to the fosters with connor or jude comes over to connors*
  • me: *patiently waitin' for someone to show deep interest in jude to create a jealous protective papa bear connor*
  • me: *why sophia gon beecome relevant in season 3 more*
  • me: jesus aint dead
  • me: *patiently waits for Jude and Connor to address being boyfriends/ a couple to each other*

This is for pi-on-a-skateboard who sent a lovely prompt. This is not exactly what you asked for but I tried. And I’m also very very sorry this is so late. Personal stuff got in the way. Hope you understand and enjoy and thanks for the prompt bby! You’re wonderful! xoxo

Connor thinks it’s the way the sunlight is streaming in through the courtroom windows. Or maybe it’s the glare coming off of the opposing counsel’s tablet. It could be that he missed his midmorning caffeinefix or hasn’t had a good night sleep in weeks. Whatever the cause, it doesn’treally matter; Connor can feel the migraine building behind his eyes and just knows it’s going to be a bad one. He digs into his briefcase to grab two of his pills but he can tell it’s too late. The drugs aren’t going to be able to stop it.

Forty minutes later, Connor can feel his heartbeat in his eyes and almost cries when the judge dismisses them for the day. He pulls out his phone to call Oliver on the way to his car. He already told his assistant that he was going home and not back to the office for the afternoon. Oliver picks up just as Connor’s getting in his car.

“Hello.” The word is clipped. Oliver’s got frustrated, de-coding, everyone I work with is an idiot voice going on. And Connor is about to make his afternoon much worse.

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Carry me, Raké:ni.

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed
Characters: Connor and his family

So I got super inspired after reading Hannah’s last fic and Papa!Connor is just too much not to write about! So here ya go have some more Connor being all dopey over his adorable daughter  (ノ◕ω◕)ノ*:・゚・゚✧

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