Request: how about connors kid talking its first words?

A sequel of sorts to this piece. :)

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Still messing around with new brushes and decided to paint Ziio, Connor’s awesome mama~  I feel like Connor inherited Ziio’s awesome cheekbones, and I love that he has his mother’s eyes (and glare!)  I feel like he takes after his mother a lot- just without the saucy-ness haha!  Values are still a bit messed up, but it feels good to paint again…!  And I’m putting Connor in there again because mother and son should stay together ;_____;   Perhaps I should paint Papa Kenway too?  >_>?

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Request: Could you write a drabble with Connor’s lover being pregnant, and as their walking down the streets of Boston/New York someone bumps into her, nearly making her fall and Connor’s temper lets loose?

Days at the manor were quiet and simple for the time being. Y/N was close to 8 months pregnant and it was clear, something Connor loved more than anything. He would spend hours, literally hours, talking to his unborn child. Sometimes it was in his native tongue, sometimes it was English. Y/N didn’t mind, even when upon hearing its father’s voice, they would start kicking and just about wouldn’t stop until Connor was done.

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Troye, Mama Mellet, Papa Mellet, Tyde

And Connor,
does it mean Connor is a part of the Mellet family? ;)

(And tbfh Sage is so freakin pretty and I know I have said this before but the Mellet family really has the perfect genes ever 😍)

  • me: *patiently waiting for Connor and Jude to have a kiss in the season premiere tho*
  • me: *patiently waiting for the fathers day episode mostly because i wanna know if adam stevens is invited to the fosters with connor or jude comes over to connors*
  • me: *patiently waitin' for someone to show deep interest in jude to create a jealous protective papa bear connor*
  • me: *why sophia gon beecome relevant in season 3 more*
  • me: jesus aint dead
  • me: *patiently waits for Jude and Connor to address being boyfriends/ a couple to each other*

This is for pi-on-a-skateboard who sent a lovely prompt. This is not exactly what you asked for but I tried. And I’m also very very sorry this is so late. Personal stuff got in the way. Hope you understand and enjoy and thanks for the prompt bby! You’re wonderful! xoxo

Connor thinks it’s the way the sunlight is streaming in through the courtroom windows. Or maybe it’s the glare coming off of the opposing counsel’s tablet. It could be that he missed his midmorning caffeinefix or hasn’t had a good night sleep in weeks. Whatever the cause, it doesn’treally matter; Connor can feel the migraine building behind his eyes and just knows it’s going to be a bad one. He digs into his briefcase to grab two of his pills but he can tell it’s too late. The drugs aren’t going to be able to stop it.

Forty minutes later, Connor can feel his heartbeat in his eyes and almost cries when the judge dismisses them for the day. He pulls out his phone to call Oliver on the way to his car. He already told his assistant that he was going home and not back to the office for the afternoon. Oliver picks up just as Connor’s getting in his car.

“Hello.” The word is clipped. Oliver’s got frustrated, de-coding, everyone I work with is an idiot voice going on. And Connor is about to make his afternoon much worse.

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Carry me, Raké:ni.

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed
Characters: Connor and his family

So I got super inspired after reading Hannah’s last fic and Papa!Connor is just too much not to write about! So here ya go have some more Connor being all dopey over his adorable daughter  (ノ◕ω◕)ノ*:・゚・゚✧

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and because i enjoyed writing christmas headcanons so much, have some married with a kid!Coliver christmastime headcanons:

  • the letter writing process to santa starts early in the year, probably around summertime because their daughter wants santa to know how much of a good girl she has been. (they both take turns writing back letters to her.)
  • she develops connor’s deep excitement for christmas morning and crawls onto her dads’ bed at five in the morning, every christmas. some years, oliver manages to coax her back to sleep with a “santa might take all the presents back if you don’t get more sleep” but that didn’t work anymore after connor tells her that santa would never be such a grinch. 
  • the first big snow of the year came on a weekend when their daughter was five. they spent the entire day outside, building snowmen, making snow angels, and having an impromptu snowball fight, daddy (oliver) and daughter vs. papa (connor).
  • they spoil her rotten with gifts and more importantly, love. making her know that whoever she is one day, she will be loved by the two of them no matter what. (something that connor occasionally didn’t feel enough as a child.)
  • their daughter always gets to put the star on top. connor hoists her up and she puts it on. it always makes her feel so important. they also let her decorate the tree with them. 
  • now when they go around to look at christmas decorations, like they used to when it was only the two of them, their little girl is the tie breaker. she doesn’t seem to have a preference in decorating styles like the two of them.
  • they own like every kid friendly christmas movie and starting from november 1st, they are on a constant loop on the living room tv. (and even occasionally in the summer because “Daddy! THE TV SAID IT WAS CHRISTMAS IN JULY!”)
  • cookie baking still turns into a flour fight. because connor’s baking skills have still not improved and oliver eggs on their daughter to tease him.
  • they support their daughter’s love of the arts. she does a christmas play christmas dance, or a christmas choir every year. they’re always in the front row, recording everything.

Coliver/Addie!Verse Easter egg hunt.
(And, to any followers who may celebrate, Happy Easter! Hope you have a wonderful day! -Jules xoxo)

“I founds another one!” Addie cries, holding the colored egg aloft as she runs to add the egg to her Easter basket between her fathers on the stairs. From their vantage point on the bottom steps, Connor and Oliver have a perfect view of their open first floor and are sipping coffee while enjoying their daughter’s search for her Easter eggs.

“Found,” Oliver corrects and reaches down to brush her hair back when she stops to look at all the brightly colored eggs in the basket. “How many did you find so far?” They bend over the basket, counting together as Addie points to each one.

“…Eight. Nine.” Addie looks up, her gaze darting between her fathers. “Any more?”

“Well, the Easter Bunny hid fifteen and you found nine so that means there are six left.” Connor places his coffee cup a step behind him and holds up one hand and the other thumb. “This is six.” He counts out each number, bobbing each finger in time to help demonstrate. “There are this many left.”

Addie processes this, taking a moment to look at Connor’s fingers and then at the eggs in her basket. “Okay,” she says, turning back to the living room with a determined look in her eye. “Six.”

Oliver smiles, leaning back on his elbows. “Where’d you hide the other ones?”

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can u imagine connor having a bunch of kids? all born close together so his household is just chaos 24/7? little tots running around and connor chasing them and scooping them up with his big bear arms and hes constantly trying to chorale them and uhhg… just papa connor with a million kids dangling off his arms and holding onto his legs as he walks and sitting on his shoulders and his wifey is just “aw connor pls”


I apologize for the blurry-ness,tried fixing it but I promise if you view the images in another tab they clear up and you can zoom in.

And now more papa!Connor feels all around! ʘ‿ʘ 

Connor needs to work on his play skills srly,giving a kid a heart attack is not cool.