I brought myself to draw something after who knows how long, to thank @underfellfangame​​​ about the fact that I’m going to be the one responsible of translating the game into Spanish.

Seriously though, I’m so happy that my work as a translator was recognized! And I really can’t thank you guys enough, to be honest ;;

But uh, yeah, just take this!

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You ever wish a certain character wasn't this smart? You ever wish a certain character didn't use their smartness for hiding things? It was going not bad until Sans suddenly cut it with the "mystery solved" thing. Like, wait what? Seriously, I'm just-aauuugh! And still, Paps is not SEEing it like us, just hearing. This is not good. Too much hiding. So many questions. So many uncovered stufffffffff!

Do you guys remember when you thought Sans was about to sit down and tell Pap everything?

Do you hear that sound?

That’s the sound of everyone’s expectations and hopes shattering.

If things were that easy we wouldn’t have much of a story.

And some things take time and effort and understanding before there’s real progress.

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i'm baffled by the like. just ruthless amounts of hate and annoyance at danielle like... she is the tamest beard he's ever had? she posts pictures hinting they're together but doesn't seem to be around as much as eleanor and lbr no one is more disgusting than brianna? like i keep seeing people be like "she'll do ANYTHING to get attention from the fandom" and like... yeah? that's her job rn??

The primary issue is there is no other current topics to focus on. With both Eleanor and even Briana they were still on tour and there were myriad topics to discuss and it was very easy to avoid discussion of associated women.

Now though, we’re in a deep 1D drought and our choices are rehashing old stuff, examining every new fan/pap photo six ways to Sunday, watching for press or keeping an eye on stunts. The stunts are really the only thing actually happening right now.

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Oh my goodness now i can only imagine Papy's Gaster blasters having classic goofy cat personalities. Box/bag obsessed one, One that naps in the most impossable places. The one that chatters it jaw when it sees somthing interesting (and its quite scary actually but harmless) The derpy one who all of the sudden out of the blue goes hyper and flies into walls. The one who sleeps in the sink all the time, and they ALL go after laser pointers

And then there’s the one that’s just a smarmy asshole who knocks things off shelves, trips you up, and leaves terrible things on the doorstep.

Only Pap isn’t really aware of the jackass behavior.

But Sans is. Oh boy, is Sans.