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All these people asking sub Pap. What about dom Pap? Better yet, what about UF edgy queen Pap lording over our friendly neighborhood weedbag? ;)

It is a beautiful day outside bird sing flower bloom why don’t I maybe try draw my first dom Pap in my lif-



Well… I guess…… I better draw some… Fell Pap and Swap Pap… yuri the shit out of each other later then……

I find it super interesting that on July 7th Josh got stopped by the paps and was asked questions by the same guy who stopped and asked him questions on August 30.

Nice little bookends for the 7 week publicity tour for PL Italy.

Work is over Josh, go enjoy some time off with your lady.

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Underswap Pap

Send Me A Character

First impression: A Papyrus with Sans’ personality, so cool, must be the topest of the top like Tale Sans.

Impression now: FUCKING HOT BITCH-ASS WEEDBAG WAIFU WHICH IS ACTUALLY A PRETTY GOOD BOTTOM PLEASE DELIVER MORE KAJFJADHFKDAFDJNFAHDFKNJ (I believe Eli’s slutty quotes sweater art chain is the last straw that turn me into this phase)

Favorite moment: I don’t think he has a “canon” moment so I don’t know. More like I like lots of moments on him and I can’t pick bruh.

Idea for a story: I will be slained if I ever tell you pals……  “Use a honey bottle to masturbate but then oopssss stuck-up accidenttttttttt”………

Unpopular opinion: Errrr… I always have a feeling that my version of Swap Pap is… way more mild/tender then how most of people protray him?… Because I still want him to hold some personality of the original Papyrus. Maybe just my illusion, heh.

Favorite relationship: NEED! MORE! BLUEBERRY! GIVING LOVE! TO HIM!!! Yeah right now I am really looking for Berryhoney wink wink Swapcest.

Favorite headcanon: The point that he can be into both smoking and eating sugary really gives me life.

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(About medical stuff and dysphoria) so I'm DFABulous and my mom brought up getting a Pap Smear a while ago and my dysphoria gets really bad just thinking about it, and I was wondering if she had the power to force me to go? Idk I don't want anyone going near my pap anyway let alone smearing it…

Kii says:

Well, if you’re a minor, then your medical decisions are still up to your parents, so I would say yes, she has the power to force you to go. However, if you’re under 21, even if you’ve been sexually active, there is no reason for you to get a pap smear unless there is a suspicion of cervical cancer. (source, tw cissexism:

Lee says:

If you do end up having to go, I’d recommend listening to your fav music during it, and maybe asking a friend to text you funny things as a distraction.

pizza (blurb)

but just imagine you and shawn waiting for pizza, when you turn and see a few paps taking photos of the two of you. you’d mumble his name, nodding towards the people outside and then he’d look down at you and grin. he’d say something like "let’s give them something to write about" and then wrap his arms around your back and pull you in for a kiss. you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing as he pulls you close to him, and starts to dance with you in the deserted pizza shop. you’d tell him you love him and then he’d melt your fucking heart by replying with "i love you too, lil pizza buddy" before kissing your nose. and then the next morning there would be photos of the two of you plastered over social media, dancing in a pizza shop, making the world go into complete meltdown mode at how cute you both are AWH MY GAWD I WANT THIS SO BAD MEHH

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Sherri - google the The Pap of Glencoe and have a look at the pictures. This is south of Inverness and looks identical to your photo

YAAAAAY!!!!!!  That is it!!!!!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have saved what was left of my sanity!

Isn’t it beautiful?

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The website being gone at the same time as harry finished filming Dunkirk is because he'll start 'officially' working on the music side now. Announce everything, more articles, etc. We'll start seeing more and more of him working on music, papped again with jeff, the song he wrote with megan trainor for bublè will be out in october so we'll hear about that, basically full guns blazing. Can't tell you if they'll actually announce an album or just some songs but that's what I know.

No offense, Anon, but I don’t think you know anything. I think you’re guessing based on what little information is out there.

Harry is ONE CLIENT of Full Stop, him being done with Dunkirk should have less than no effect on whether Full Stop’s website is up. Even if he’s one of the owners, taking down the minimal amount of information that they had up because Harry is about to start doing the rock star thing is absurd. Especially when Meghan Trainor and Lukas Graham are already doing the rock star thing.

The fact that the two things are happening at the same time is absolutely notable, but correlation =/= causation.

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How uf Papyrus react when he notice his Sans is gone ?

The day Sans disappeared Papyrus heard the rumor of a brawl in the woods where his brother was involved. He reached home expecting to find him resting there, Paps is used to treat his wounds. He did felt a bit odd when he found the house empty, but he didn’t go to search Sans immediately.

The next day he began to feel bothered by Sans’ absence. He went to look in his regular places, the sentry posts, Grillby’s, MTT Resort. Nothing. Time to search for the last monsters that had seen him.

After some “polite” interrogation, Paps only gets the painful truth “He disappeared in the middle of the fight”, that’s it. No more information of where he was or what was he doing. Not even a speck of dust.

As i wrote before, Papyrus doesn’t consider death as an option, so he just waits. His brother is strong, he would come back eventually. He has to. He would never leave him.

What… what if he doesn’t come back?

What if he doesn’t want to come back?

Papyrus has no one to ask. Did he do something wrong? Maybe he yells a lot. Maybe he is rough to Sans. Maybe he asks too much of him. But… how is he going to apologize if Sans isn’t there?

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Oh god i love this paps and real like the idea of pap for once be the one that stop a geno run instead of sans and oh god all the feelings also to have a already correpted chara just keep on picking on frisk for there action is a quite nice idea!!!

*Thank you! The mod is glad that everyone seems to enjoy Papyrus so much.

*Hopefully the other characters will prove to be just as likeable, once they get to have more of a chance in the spotlight. (Poor Undyne. You’re really not seeing her at her best right now.)

*Also… the mod really



*can’t wait until they can introduce Chara properly. (: