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What do Rose and Jade do? Do you know them?

Dave: They’re our sisters.

Dave: They’re also dating.

John: Dave’s technically courting Jade, but she’s gone so often any of us hardly see her.

Dave: Even when she is around she and Rose are off in some corner.

John: Rose is a proper lady, Jade… not so much

so i'm doing a thing

and i need money for it because it’s probably going to be fairly expensive, so i’m thinking of opening commissions! (as if anyone would want my art ha) i’m thinking a chibi is $1, bust shot $5, full body $10, full + background $15, and more realistic $20, + $5 for each extra person? tell me if i’m overpricing these or anything, it’s the first time i’ve ever done this so i have no idea what i’m doing or if i’m even doing it aha